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Get All the Practice Advice and Guidance in the 2017-18 Edition of AILA’s Immigration Practice Pointers

AILA's Immigration Practice Pointers includes over 1,400 pages of original articles with cutting-edge analyses of a broad range of advanced immigration law topics in a clear and concise format from some of the most experienced and well-known immigration law practitioners in the country.

Purchase Navigating the Fundamentals of Immigration Law

The 2017-18 edition of AILA's Navigating the Fundamentals of Immigration Law includes over 500 pages of advice and guidance along with descriptions of the most common visa classifications. This book also offers updates to timeless articles covering a broad range of immigration law topics.

The Indispensable Reference for a Practical Overview of U.S. Immigration Law

Essentials of Immigration Law will provide the foundation every attorney, law student, and law office staff member needs to build his or her understanding of U.S. immigration laws—from the passage of the first immigration-related statute to the current state of affairs. Purchase today.

Build an Understanding of the Complex World of Immigration Waivers

The 2nd edition of The Waivers Book provides the foundation necessary to understand the elements of various immigration waivers, with a focus on practical pointers, recent substantive developments, and useful legal strategies. Order your copy today!

An Update on the New Framework for National Interest Waivers

To hear the latest on Matter of Dhanasar and national interest waivers (NIWs), attend an upcoming AILA web seminar on 9/7/17. The panelists will give practical tips on how to prepare successful NIW petitions under the new framework.

Tips for Working with Defense Counsel on the Perfect Plea Bargain

A plea bargain can make or break a case. Attend the 8/22/17 audio seminar, The Perfect Plea Bargain: What Defense Counsel Wants You to Know, for crucial tips on fashioning the perfect plea for your client. Register now, or order the recording!

Download Practical Advice and Tools Necessary for Successful Litigation

AILA's Immigration Litigation Toolbox is a resource every immigration attorney should have in his or her litigation arsenal. The practical tools included in this resource will help you develop the procedures necessary to build a complete record for litigation. Download yours today!

Download the Best Practice Management Tool Money Can Buy

The fifth edition of AILA's Immigration Practice Toolbox gives you essential documents for running your law practice. It compiles tips and procedures for organizing and managing your office and the necessary documents needed to help you accomplish daily tasks. Download yours today!

Now Available: AILA Podcast on Form I-864, Affidavit of Support

Listen to this AILA podcast, free to members, on avoiding ethical pitfalls when filing Form I-864. Preparing affidavits of support on behalf of intending family immigrant clients presents many ethical issues. Learn how to overcome common risks, identify your duties, and avoid ethical dangers.

Straightforward Guidance Addressing the Complexities of Family-Based Immigration

With family-based immigration law becoming a serious subspecialty, Immigration Law and the Family is an indispensable resource for family immigration practitioners as well as business immigration practitioners who come across family-based issues. Order yours today!

Join Us for the Late-Breaking Seminar: Responding to H-1B RFEs Raising “Level 1 Wage” Issues

Panelists of the late-breaking seminar, Responding to H-1B RFEs Raising “Level 1” Wage Issues, will dissect the issues and strategize on responding to RFEs and NOIDs, as well as discuss best practices for preparing petitions. Special price for AILA members: $99. Register today!

Coming Soon: Litigating Immigration Cases in Federal Court, 4th Ed.

The fourth edition of Litigating Immigration Cases in Federal Court provides “how to” guidance for filing immigration lawsuits in federal court with an easy-to-use overview of the basic principles that are relevant in immigration cases. Available for pre-order now!

Seats at the Business Immigration Litigation Conference are Filling Up Fast!

Space is limited for the Business Litigation Conference to be held on 9/15/17 in Portland, OR. This conference aims to demystify the process of challenging denials of business-related petitions in federal court. Register before the early-bird discount ends on 8/17/17 and save $100.

AILA Podcast: Does Prosecutorial Discretion Still Exist?

The Trump administration has rescinded all existing conflicting guidance regarding the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws and priorities for removal, issuing its own guidance instead. Our expert panelists will discuss the impact of the new guidance and what it means for prosecutorial discretion.

Audio Seminar: Responding to H-1B RFEs Raising “Level 1 Wage” Issues

As USCIS ramps up adjudication of FY2018 H-1B cap cases, AILA members are reporting the receipt of numerous RFEs raising issues where a Level 1 wage is indicated on the LCA. Join us for this late-breaking seminar on 8/31/17 for a discussion of this recent development. Special member price of $99.

Early-Bird Discount for AILA’s 2017 Fall Conferences Ending Soon!

For proven strategies to tackle today’s removal issues or to develop the skills to effectively litigate business immigration cases in federal court, attend AILA’s 2017 Fall Conferences on Fearless Lawyering: Removal Issues or Business Immigration Litigation. Early-bird discount ends on 8/17/17.

Register for AILA’s New ACES Interest Group Today!

AILA is launching a new practice-oriented interest group for AILA members that are interested in immigration law issues related to athletics, culture, entertainment, and science. To register for the ACES Interest Group, please complete this form to be added to the listserve.

Summer Special—Save 20 Percent on the 2017 INA/CFR Combo

Get 20% off the 2017 INA/CFR Combo including the essential primary sources: Immigration & Nationality Act (INA) and Immigration Regulations (CFR). Enter SS17INACFR during checkout on AILA Agora. Offer excludes previous/existing orders and cannot be combined. Ends 8/13/17.

Guidance to Help You Prepare for Any Immigration Court Proceeding

The 4th edition of Representing Clients in Immigration Court is completely revamped, rewritten, and expanded, and full of tips, strategies, and practical advice for a successful defense case. Purchase your copy today to become an immigration court pro!

Annual Conference 2017 "Green Screen" Photos Now Available

If you had a “green screen” photo taken during the 2017 Annual Conference at the Presidents Reception at the House of Blues, you can download it now. Photos are for good memories and personal use only. Photos will be available for 30 days.

The Perfect Plea Bargain: What Defense Counsel Wants You to Know

Register for the 8/22/17 audio seminar to receive insight and tips on coordinating the plea process with defense counsel. In light of recent U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings, a well-structured plea bargain can make all the difference to your immigration case.

Set Yourself Up for Success with These Essential Resources

Create a bundle and save up to 20% when you purchase all three of these essential AILA toolboxes: the Immigration Forms Toolbox, the Immigration Practice Toolbox, and the Immigration Litigation Toolbox.

Free AILA Recording: Empowering Most Vulnerable—Ethics Of Representing Those Who Lack Capacity

Noncitizens with capacity issues related to mental incompetence and age have special protections under immigration law and policy. Listen to a free recording for members where the ethics of representing those requiring special protection is discussed, including working with guardians and families.

Attend the 2017 AILA Fall Conferences for Essential Lawyering Tips

For the tools, strategies, and hands-on guidance you need to fearlessly defend your removal and business clients, attend the 2017 Fall Conferences—Fearless Lawyering: Mobilizing in the New Era of Removal and the AILA/AIC’s Business Immigration Litigation Conference. Register now.

Building a Solid Understanding of U.S. Immigration Law

Essentials of Immigration Law is an indispensable reference that provides the foundation every attorney, law student, and law office staff member needs for an understanding of everything immigration. Order yours today!

Notice of Upcoming Purge of Message Center Posts

Due to the overwhelming response from Message Center users, AILA has reconsider its approach and decided not to do a wholescale purge of old data. Instead, AILA will be investigating other methods for managing the volume of the material to better provide accurate search results.

Save the Date: Citizenship Day 2017

AILA is pleased to announce that it will sponsor “Citizenship Day 2017” on September 23, 2017. This nation-wide workshop will assist lawful permanent residents eligible for naturalization. Stay tuned for more details.

Purchase Topical Track Bundles of 2017 Annual Conference Recordings

Even if you didn’t attend the AILA Annual Conference, you can still benefit from the knowledge and wisdom provided there. Get up to speed on an area of immigration law by purchasing tracks on topics such as removal, business, asylum, family, practice management, and more. Check them out today.

Upcoming Web and Audio Seminars

Check out AILA’s upcoming web and audio seminars. Get your CLE requirements from the convenience of your desk. Included with registration, participants in the live seminar will receive a free downloadable recording of the seminar. Topics vary widely, so find a seminar that fits your schedule!

Check Out AILA’s Self-Care Center

There are so many tasks to do every day and it can feel impossible to step away from it all and incorporate self-care practices into our daily routines. Life won’t slow down, but you can. We want you to make self-care practices a priority, even if for a small fraction of your day!

Check Out Recent AILA Recordings

AILA offers recordings of recent web and audio seminars that are available whenever you are! Check out the recordings today and stay current on the trends, topics, and issues that affect your clients and practice. CLE credit is also available for many of these recordings.
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Quickly Build a Comprehensive Immigration Law Library With AILALink

Obtaining all the resources you need to practice successfully can be an expensive task. AILALink can help you save and provide you with an affordable and comprehensive immigration law library at the same time. Sign up for the next free training on August 9, 2017, or subscribe today!

A New Challenge for AILA and the Communities We Serve

AILA’s message to members on the election results and how “AILA will continue to fight for a just and fair system using every tool at our disposal…we must carry this message of unity and perseverance to the immigration agencies, to Congress, and to the courts.”
AILA Doc. No. 16110931

Member Benefit: Free This Month on Agora

AILA's free items for members for July are now available. In today’s immigration enforcement environment, removal defense is more important than ever. Check out AILA’s free resources on this issue and freshen up your removal defense skills.
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Get Involved—Build Your AILA Presence and Community

The AILA New Members Division and the AILA Diversity and Inclusion Committee collaborated recently on a podcast about developing reputation, relationships, and skills to navigate AILA and the immigration law community.
AILA Doc. No. 15120402

What’s Happening!

Have news you want to share with the AILA community? It might be a professional announcement, an award you’ve won, or news of a wedding or a new addition to your family. Send a 500- to 700-character blurb to AILA today. Then check back to this page to see updates from your fellow members.
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Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the INA

AILA celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Immigration & Nationality Act with 15% off the 2015 edition of the INA. Enter INA50ANN during checkout on AILA Agora. This offer excludes previous/existing orders. Cannot be combined with other offers. Expires October 13, 2015.

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