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AILA's free items for members for December are now available. AILA is providing a list of the top ten resources from 2017, that are free to members. Happy holidays and download these resources today.

Check out these free resources for AILA members:

  1. Introduction to Removal Proceedings (.PDF)
    This practice pointer provides a basic overview of removal proceedings under INA ยง240 and a select number of related issues.
  2. Trial Skills in Immigration Court (.PDF)
    It is critical that a good attorney successfully communicate his or her client's story in a manner that affects the adjudicator on a basic, human level. Every client has a story that moves beyond legal labels such as "extreme hardship" and "favorable exercise of discretion." This practice pointer covers some key trial advocacy tools attorneys can use to better tell a client's story in immigration court.
  3. I-864 Affidavits of Support: Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls (Podcast)
    Preparing affidavits of support on behalf of your intending family immigrant clients presents many ethical issues. Learn how to overcome common risks, identify your duties, and avoid an ethical complaint.
  4. Mastering the Mechanics of a Removal Hearing - The Practical Trial Plan (.PDF)
    An attorney can dramatically increase a client's chances of avoiding removal and remaining lawfully in the United States by having an effective trial plan. This practice pointer provides guidance on how to develop an effective plan.
  5. Crimmigration 101: A Primer For Criminal Attorneys Representing Foreign-Born Defendants (.PDF)
    Crimmigration-the intertwining of criminal and immigration law-can affect the noncitizen during every stage of his or her immigration status. This practice advisory discusses how to identify, analyze, and minimize the effect of a criminal conviction on your noncitizen client.
  6. A Brief Overview of Forms of Relief in Removal Proceedings (.PDF)
    This practice pointer provides a broad overview of the removal process and forms of possible relief for those seeking to avoid removal from the United States..
  7. Effective Lawyering Under the Trump Administration - Recording (.MP3)
    If the Trump Administration follows through on its campaign promises, the practice of immigration law could change significantly in the years ahead. Panelists discuss strategies and best practices for improving your lawyering skills and increasing your clients' likelihood of success in this uncertain climate. This discussion is followed by an open Q&A forum to address participants' pressing questions.
  8. Trial Prep in Immigration Court: Direct and Cross Examination (Podcast)
    Trial preparation for immigration court hearings requires extensive planning. The testimonies of your client and witnesses are crucial opportunities to present your client's story to the immigration judge. This podcast is aimed at both new and experienced practitioners. Our speakers will provide tips on preparing your client and witnesses for direct and cross examination, and handling issues that may arise during testimony.
  9. Advanced Adjustment of Status Versus Consular Processing (.PDF)
    To counsel your employee clients effectively on whether to remain in the United States and pursue adjustment of status, or depart and process through a U.S. consulate abroad, first presumes that the applicant is indeed eligible for both. This advisory addresses the pros and cons of each option. In addition, preparation of the I-140 and tips, best practices, and troubleshooting for the desired outcome are discussed.
  10. Ethics of Filing for Asylum to Apply for Cancellation of Removal (Podcast)
    The practice of affirmatively filing an application for asylum with the end goal of applying for cancellation of removal has become a widespread practice. Some attorneys seek relief for clients with exceptional cases. And other attorneys exploit clients with misleading promises such as a "10-year green card" or a work permit for a "hardship case." Many attorneys have struggled to decide whether this strategy can ever be appropriate for their clients. How do they counsel their clients? How do they balance their roles as both advocate and officer of the court? What are the ethical considerations and the relevant rules? What is the possibility of discipline? The speakers will identify the relevant issues and help lawyers work through these difficult questions.

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