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AILA's free items for members for September are now available. This month, our resources are focused on PERM and BALCA issues. Listen to a free recording on the top seven PERM issues for 2017 and read an article on notable BALCA decisions issued in 2017. Check them out today!

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  • Top Seven PERM Issues for 2017 - Recording
    Prior to the implementation of the new PERM regulations, practitioners still need to navigate issues arising with the current PERM program. Our expert panelists will address the top issues that PERM practitioners may encounter with the current PERM program in 2017.

    Featured Topics

    • Denials by Surprise
    • What Is a Reasonable Period of On-the-Job Training?
    • Recruitment: What Can, Should, and Should Not Be Included?
    • The New Audit Format: Can I Really Leave That Information Out?
    • Prevailing Wage (PW) Strategies: Challenging Occupations, All Other Category, and Acceptable Independent PW Surveys
    • Processing Times: The Good (PERM Adjudications), the Bad (PW Adjudications), and the Ugly (BALCA Reviews)
    • To Refile or Appeal (Both PW and PERM)
  • Notable BALCA Decisions Issued in 2017 and What They Mean for PERM Processing – Article
    The U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) is the source of many of the “hot topics” associated with the PERM labor certification process. Practitioners must carefully monitor audit rates, processing times, FAQs, and shifting adjudication standards to ensure that cases are handled in a way that ensures the greatest chance of approval. With Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals (BALCA) backlogs of three years or more, developments from BALCA may not seem like a “hot topic.” To the contrary, decisions from BALCA just since the beginning of 2017 have been the source of substantial developments in the PERM process, and have provided clarity on issues that have been the source of multiple PERM denials. This article will review some of the most notable of those decisions

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