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AILA's free items for members for July are now available. In today’s immigration enforcement environment, removal defense is more important than ever. Check out AILA’s free resources on this issue and freshen up your removal defense skills.

Check out these free resources for AILA members:

  • Unexpected Surprises at Trial
    Since the rules of evidence are relaxed in removal hearings, evidence that would be admissible in other settings is often admitted. This panel will discuss how to handle such evidence and how best to mitigate any damage. Key topics include:
    • What to Do with Police Reports and Uncharged Conduct
    • Use of Charging Affidavits— Is It Permissible?
    • Does It All Really Come in for Purposes of "Discretion"?
    • Rehabilitation When Faced with Surprises
  • ICYMI: Roadmap to Free AILA Removal Resources and Free AILA Litigation Resources
    Having the tools to zealously represent your clients is even more important than ever. Review a sampling of AILA’s free resources to get up to speed on removal defense and litigation. For a broader selection of AILA’s removal and litigation resources, see our full spectrum of publications, conferences, and other resources on Agora.

Don’t forget to also check out AILA Podcasts!

New free AILA podcasts are added to Agora each month. AILA podcasts are 30-40 minute audio files created especially for AILA members as a free member benefit and often qualify for CLE. Choose from a range of immigration and law practice management topics, download one or more podcasts to your computer, media player or smart phone, or subscribe to an RSS feed*, listen, and stay informed.

Check out these other free Agora resources available to members.

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