Daily Immigration News Clips – May 21, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on May 21, 2018


NBC News Financial raid: Some states cut off assistance for DACA students, while others rush to help
By Dartumorro Clark

Mother Jones How Trial by Skype Became the Norm in Immigration Court
By Lauren Markham

The Washington Post In major embarrassment to GOP, House fails to pass massive Farm Bill in face of conservative Republican showdown
By Erica Werner

CNN Republican leaders search for a path amid immigration civil war
By Tal Kopan

The Atlantic The House Republican Blockade on Immigration Finally Ruptures
By Russell Berman

AP Conservative revolt over immigration sinks House farm bill
By Andrew Taylor and Lisa Mascaro

New York Times House Farm Bill Collapses Amid Republican Disarray
By Glenn Thrush and Thomas Kaplan

Wall Street Journal Farm Bill's Defeat Marks Setback for Paul Ryan
By Siobhan Hughes, Janet Hook, and Joshua Jamerson

The Washington Post A Republican war breaks out over immigration, taking down the farm bill in the process
By Erica Werner and Mike DeBonis

Politico Republicans claw at each other over farm bill implosion
By Rachael Bade

The Hill Farm bill revolt could fuel Dreamer push
By Mike Lillis

Wall Street Journal Wider Net Cast in Illegal-Immigration Cases
By Laura Meckler

AP Immigration a fraught issue for GOP as midterms approach
By Alan Fram

CNN How Republicans can ride the blue wave
By Julian Zelizer

CNN Trump's top immigration critic could become the governor of a key border state
By Tal Kopan

HuffPost For Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer, It's All About That Base
By Daniel Morans

AP 'Animals'? Trump says he'll keep using term for gang members
By Jill Colvin

Politico Trump blames media for 'purposely' reporting his 'animals' comment incorrectly
By Louis Nelson and Eli Okun

The Atlantic The Real Risk of Trump's Dehumanization of Immigrants
By Vann R. Newkirk

AP Deportation arrests show increase under Trump

The Washington Post A Border Patrol agent detained two U.S. citizens at a gas station after hearing them speak Spanish
By Amy B. Wang

CNN Trump administration arresting noncriminal immigrants in increasing numbers, new figures show
By Catherine E. Shoichet and Tal Kopan

The Hill ICE arrests of immigrants with no criminal convictions rises: report
By John Bowden

Politifact Trump exaggerates MS-13 deportations
By Miriam Valverde

New York Times U.S. Pushes Plan to Make Mexico Handle Asylum Seekers
By Kirk Semple

CNN Oakland mayor fires back at Trump: 'I am not obstructing justice'
By Veronica Stracqualursi

The Hill Celebrity chef José Andrés says he confronted Trump in 2016 about 'disparaging immigrants'
By Max Greenwood

The Hill GOP revolts multiply against retiring Ryan
By Scott Wong and Melanie Zenona

The Hill Chuck Todd sides with Trump on 'animals' remark
By Aris Folley

The Hill Tomi Lahren rips lawyer who threatened Spanish-speakers: 'It's rude'
By John Bowden

Crooked For Trump, Immigration Enforcement is "Animal" Control
By Julissa Arce

New York Times (Editorial) The Cruelty of Breaking Up Immigrant Families

New York Times (Opinion) The Moral Rot That Threatens America
By Roger Cohen

Wall Street Journal (Column) An Immigration Debate Distinct From Economic Realities
By Gerald F. Seib

Forbes (Opinion) Will Congress Ever Solve The Long Wait For Green Cards?
By Stuart Anderson

The Hill (Opinion) Enforcing Trump's immigration plan will be harder than he thinks
By Nolan Rappaport

New York Times (Opinion) Trump, MS-13, and Fake News
By Brett Stephens

The Washington Post (Op-Ed) Why one of America's most diverse states is sitting out the immigration wars
By J.M. Opal

The Hill (Op-Ed) Media proves it is #FakeNews after twisting Trump's remarks on illegal immigrant criminals
By Jen Kerns

Vox (Op-Ed) It's not just rhetoric: Trump's policies treat immigrants like me as "animals"
By Juan Escalante


San Diego Union-Tribune Should asylum seekers heading to the U.S. stay in Mexico?
By Kate Morrissey

AP (Arizona) Arizona 'Dreamers' struggle after losing cheaper tuition
By Anita Snow

Politico (California) California rebukes Trump with health care push for immigrants
By Victoria Colliver

AP Democrats get giddy about a perennial target: Arizona
By Nicholas Riccardi and Bob Christie

AP Georgia GOP candidates stay focused on guns, immigration
By Ben Nadler

WABE Michael Williams Doesn't Plan To Use 'Deportation Bus' To Deport Anyone
By Johnny Kauffman

Politico Playbook Florida POLITICO Florida Playbook
By Marc Caputo

San Francisco Chronicle (Editorial) Trump's dangerous rants about immigrants as 'animals'

Houston Chronicle (Editorial) Salvadoran, Honduran and other long-term legal residents targeted

Star-Ledger (Editorial) First Trump puts immigrant kids in camps. Then he calls them animals.

Gainesville Times (Editorial) Candidate's bus stunt an insult to Gainesville, immigrants and truth

Newark Advocate (Opinion) Trump-Sessions immigration policies rip children from parents and shred American values
By Emily Schoenfeld

Herald Palladium (Opinion, MI) Guest column: Pass immigration reform for the sake of American farmers
By Fred Leitz