Daily Immigration News Clips – April 10, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on April 10, 2017


Reuters: State Department Memo Shows Unconstitutionality of Trump Travel Ban: ACLU
By Dan Levine

Associated Press: States debate tuition break for students in US illegally
By Collin Binkley

Associated Press: Trump nominates new head of immigration agency

Associated Press: Syrian refugees see glimmer of hope in Trump's policy shift
By Balint Szlanko and Zeina Karam

New York Times: Mayor Says Indiana Man's Deportation 'Feels Like a Defeat for Our Community'
By Maya Salam

Washington Post: A House bill would ban ICE agents from identifying themselves as police officers
By Kristine Phillips

NBC: Chicago's 'Mexico of the Midwest' Fights Fallout From Fear of Trump
By Suzanne Gamboa

PRI: The World: How some immigrant student activists are tapping the civil rights playbook
By Sasha Aslanian

Buzzfeed: Here's How Undocumented Immigrants Are Living In The Shadow Of Border Patrol Deep Within The US
By Adolfo Flores

Fusion: ICE Seized a Mother of Special Needs Kids With No Criminal Record Before She Could Say Goodbye
By Carla Javier

CGTN: The World: Neena Dutta discusses U S immigration policies

New York Times: California Moves to Become 'Sanctuary State,' and Others Look to Follow
By Jennifer Medina and Jess Bidgood

The Hill: Battle over sanctuary cities escalating
By Reid Wilson

PRI: The World: Designs for Trump's border wall are here. They fall into 4 categories.
By Sarah Birnbaum

Miami Herald: Betsy DeVos Q&A: On undocumented students, Jeb Bush, bilingualism and other issues
By Kyra Gurney

The Hill: Trump touts visits with foreign leaders, immigration in weekly address
By Max Greenwood

The Hill: Sessions to tour US-Mexico border
By Nikita Vladimirov

New York Times (Editorial): The Extreme Foolishness in Extreme Vetting Proposals

New York Times (Editorial): Up Against the Wall

Washington Post (Editorial): Former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio is knocked down to size

New York Times (Opinion): The History of Racism I Didn't Want to Share
By Jane Madembo

Washington Post (Opinion): Trump will find success in dumping Bannon's populism
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion): The Anne Arundel county executive's hypocrisy on undocumented workers
By Victoria L. Bruce

The Hill (Opinion): Stiffening immigration enforcement is not the answer to reducing crime
By Nazgol Chandnoosh and Alex Nowrasteh

The Hill (Opinion): Public safety requires courthouses to be safe spaces for undocumented immigrants
By Sara Remey

The Hill (Opinion): How the travel ban ruling could change public education
By Robert G. Natelson

Tampa Bay Times (Opinion): Why sheriffs, feds are at odds on immigration
By Bob Gualtieri
April 06, 2017


San Diego Tribune (California): Why don't unauthorized immigrants become citizens? They can't.
By Kate Morrissey

Associated Press (New York): Famed NYC bakery's immigrant workers defy Trump
By Verena Dobnik

The Plain Dealer (Ohio): Lorain mom among undocumented immigrants facing tougher deportation action under Trump
By Michael Sangiacomo

Deseret News (Utah): Efforts to undo deportation of Draper mother fail
By Annie Knox

The Salt Lake Tribune (Utah): Mormon women, others gather at Salt Lake City airport to try 'last-minute save' for woman's deportation
By Mariah Noble

The Oregonian: 'Everyone is affected.' Immigration raids turn Oregon city into ghost town
By Casey Parks

Associated Press (North Carolina): North Carolina police investigate store attack as hate crime

New York Times (New York): New York Can Destroy Documents, Judge Rules in Municipal ID Case
By Liz Robbins

Associated Press: Thousands march for immigrant rights in Dallas

Dallas Morning News: Mega March for immigration rights has begun in downtown Dallas
By Claire Z. Cardona

CBS DFW: Organizers Expect Huge Turnout At Dallas Immigration March

Newsday: Activists, wife urge ICE to release detained Brentwood man
By Joie Tyrrell and Víctor Manuel Ramos

Cincinnati Inquirer: Archdiocese to hold vigil for undocumented mom who moved one step closer to deportation
By Chris Graves

Washington Post (Virginia): Farmers await Trump action on visas for temporary workers
By Patricia Sullivan

Politico (Florida): Scott mum on whether Syrian refugees welcomed in Fla. in wake of chemical attacks
By Daniel Ducassi

PBS Newshour (California): California cities show stark differences on immigration

Central Maine (Editorial): Our View: Immigration enforcement actions only make matters worse

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri): Messenger: Immigrants fearing deportation prepare for separation from their children
By Tony Messenger

Creative Loafing (Opinion, Georgia): In the shadows
By Joeff Davis