Daily Immigration News Clips – April 13, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on April 13, 2017


New York Times: Detained Immigrants May Face Harsher Conditions Under Trump
By Caitlin Dickerson

Inside Higher Ed: The Evolving Visa and Border Regime
By Elizabeth Redden

Buzzfeed: Few Complaints Of Sexual Abuse Inside Immigrant Detention Centers Are Investigated, Report Finds
By Adolfo Flores

Mother Jones: Jeff Sessions Announces a New Crackdown on Immigrants and "Filth"
By Bryan Schatz

Washington Times: Trump's Justice Department to end 'catch and release' immigration policy
By Andrea Noble

New York Times: To Detain More Immigrants, Trump Administration to Speed Border Hiring
By Vivian Yee and Ron Nixon

Washington Post: Trump administration moving quickly to build up nationwide deportation force
By David Nakamura

Washington Post: Planning for Trump's deportation force

Huffington Post: ICE May Deport More People With U.S. Ties If Border Crossings Keep Dropping
By Roque Planas

Associated Press: 1,470 economists send Trump a letter to support immigrants
By Josh Boak

CNN: 1,500 economists to Trump: Immigrants are good for the U.S. economy
By Octavio Blanco

Associated Press: Tough Texas 'sanctuary cities' bill moves closer to approval
By Will Weissert and Meredith Hoffman

Washington Post: Last week Lansing, Mich., proudly became a 'sanctuary city.' This week it changed its mind.
By Fred Barbash

Washington Post: Michigan capital reconsiders the word 'sanctuary'
By Jeff Karoub and David Eggert

Reuters: Civil Liberties Groups Sue U.S., Seek Details on Travel Ban
By Scott Malone

Associated Press: US Sikhs launch ad campaign that seeks to push back on hate
By Steve Peoples

Associated Press: Trump doesn't hit Mexico hard but stirs up old resentments
By Mark Stevenson

Associated Press: Lawmakers try to keep town halls from getting out of control
By Nicholas Riccardi

Washington Post: Cuban migration at sea has plummeted since Obama ended 'wet-foot, dry-foot' policy, top Coast Guard officer says
By Dan Lamothe

Washington Post: Inside Bannon's struggle: From 'shadow president' to Trump's marked man
By Philip Rucker, Ashley Parker and Robert Costa

Washington Post: Latino political group turning attention from Washington to state capitals
By Ed O'Keefe

Politico: CEOs steering Trump away from Bannon's hardcore policies
By John Dawsey and Ben White

Daily Beast: Prosecutor: Jeff Sessions's New Immigration Plan Is 'F*cking Horrifying'
By Betsy Woodruff

The Hill: DHS hires incense immigration supporters
By Rafael Bernal

Southwest Farm Press: Immigration issues threaten agriculture's profitability
By Logan Hawkes

Washington Post (Editorial): It's time to clean up the visa mill for skilled guest workers

La Opinión (Editorial): Editorial: ICE "La Migra" Embarrasses Itself

Washington Post (Opinion): Donald Trump wants everything about America to be strong. He just announced one big exception.
By Max Ehrenfreund

USA Today (Op-Ed): My first deportation lesson was about skin color
By Jorge Reina Schement

NY Magazine (Opinion): Donald Trump's Race War
By Jonathan Chait

The Hill (Op-Ed): Trump can't win on immigration if he scraps climate change funds - here's why
By Filiz Garip and Amanda Rodewald

Stat (Opinion): Harsh immigration rhetoric and policies are a threat to our nation's health
By Colin Buzza


Tulsa World (Oklahoma): Immigration attorneys: Many local immigrants living in fear
By Adam Daigle

LA Times (California): Police departments say they don't enforce immigration laws. But their manuals say something different
By James Queally

Associated Press: Mexican mom with 4 US-born kids is held in federal detention

WCPO: Fairfield mother will be deported next Wednesday, according to Mexican Consulate
By Jay Warren

Cleveland Plain Dealer (Ohio): ACLU sues for records on President Donald Trump's travel ban
By Eric Heisig

Associated Press (Kansas): Kansas secretary of state prosecutes non-citizen for voting
By Roxana Hegeman

Chicago Tribune (Illinois): Army veteran pleads for pardon from govenor to halt deportation
By Manya Brachear Pashman

MassLive (Massachusetts): Hadley farmer says President Donald Trump's immigration crackdown having chilling effect on Western Mass. farms
By Diane Lederman

Asbury Park Press (New Jersey): 'What are my kids going to do?' Long Branch father faces deportation
By Steph Solis

Houston Observer (Texas): ACLU Urges Texas Sheriffs to Stay out of Costly Immigration Enforcement
By Gus Bova