Daily Immigration News Clips – April 24, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on April 24, 2018


CNN Justice report's findings clash with Sessions' actions
By Tal Kopan

Texas Tribune Migrant caravan prompts Trump administration to send more attorneys, judges to border
By Julian Aguilar

AP Remnants of Mexico migrant caravan closer to US border

Reuters Migrant 'caravan' that angers Trump nears U.S.-Mexico border
By Edgard Garrido

Politico Trump vows to bar 'caravans' of asylum-seeking migrants from entering U.S.
By Cristiano Lima

The Hill Trump orders DHS not to let immigrant caravans into US
By Brett Samuels

HuffPost Greyhound Is Choosing To Let Border Patrol Demand Its Passengers' Papers
By Elise Foley

AP Pence prominent in Indiana GOP primary races for US House
By Aileen Chuang

New York Times 'I Was Trump Before Trump Was Trump'
By Jeremy W. Peters

CNN Democrats test strength in deep-red Arizona special election
By Dan Merica

FiveThirtyEight.com Republicans And Democrats Should Be Worried About 2020
By Perry Bacon Jr. and Dhrumil Mehta

The Washington Post Sanctuary cities don't 'breed crime.' They encourage people to report crime.
By Tom K. Wong

NBC News This Florida county voted for Trump. But it's a lot like the sanctuary cities he loathes.
By Jane C. Timm

CNN Supreme Court hears from all corners of the country ahead of travel ban case
By Ariane De Vogue

By Debbie Nathan

AP Prosecutors mull retrial for Border Patrol agent
By Jacques Billeaud and Anita Snow

Reuters Trump says may tie Mexican immigration control to NAFTA
By Doina Chiacu

The Washington Post Trump renews threat to tie border crossings to new NAFTA deal
By John Wagner and David J. Lynch

The Washington Post White House press secretary pressed to explain what Trump meant by a 'breeding concept'
By John Wagner

New York Times (Editorial) Will the Court Stand Up to Donald Trump?

Wall Street Journal (Editorial) Trump at the Supreme Court

New York Times (Op-Ed) Republicans to the Court: Strike Down the Travel Ban
By Thomas H. Kean, John Danforth and Carter Phillips

The Washington Post (Opinion) GOP candidates are now mimicking Trump's authoritarianism. That's ominous.
By Greg Sargent

The Washington Post (Opinion) ICE has become Trump's personal bullying squad
By Michael Gerson

The Washington Post (Op-Ed) Why I sued President Trump over the travel ban
By Mana Kharazzi

The Hill (Op-Ed) Census citizenship question should not be a way to intimidate immigrants
By Josephine Lopez Paul

New Yorker (Opinion) The Renegade Sheriffs
By Ashley Powers


KPCC Lawyers say recommended fixes to immigration courts going unheeded by Trump admin
By Leslie Berestein Rojas

Texas Monthly Successful Immigration Program to End April 30
By Bob Moore

WHYY Amid licensing limbo, immigration advocates push to shut down Pa. detention center
By Laura Benshoff

Cape Cod Times Case Involving Martha's Vineyard Immigrant Goes Before Supreme Court

Reading Eagle Berks County employers say tough immigration policy shrinks their workforces
By Anthony Orozco

Detroit News Melvindale immigration arrests threaten to split family
By Oralandar Brand-Williams

Arizona Daily Star Jury finds border agent not guilty of 2nd-degree murder, deadlocks on lesser charges
By Perla Trevino

Cleveland Plain Dealer (Ohio) Ohio's 513,592 immigrants sustain state's population, economy: CSU report
By Janet H. Cho

Houston Public Media (Texas) Report: Over 30 Percent Of Texas Children Have An Immigrant Parent
By Elizabeth Trovall

Crain's Cleveland Business (Ohio) Northeast Ohio embraces immigrants in new economy
By Douglas J. Guth

Star-Ledger (Editorial) Will this N.J. teacher be deported by ICE, then hanged?

Citizen Times (Editorial) ICE tactics leave terror, not safety, in their wake

San Antonio Express News (Opinion) Silly politicians, troops are for war
By Ruben Navarrette Jr.

Wooster Weekly News (LTE) Reader opposes citizen question on census
By Lupe Williams