Daily Immigration News Clips – April 3, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on April 3, 2018


AP Justice Department imposes quotas on immigration judges
By Elliot Spagat

Daily Beast New Quotas for Immigration Judges Are 'Incredibly Concerning,' Critics Warn
By Betsy Woodruff

Wall Street Journal New Quotas for Immigration Judges as Trump Administration Seeks Faster Deportations
By Laura Meckler

CNN Justice Department rolls out case quotas for immigration judges
By Tal Kopan

BBC US immigration judges told to process 700 cases a year

The Washington Post Trump administration, seeking to speed deportations, to impose quotas on immigration judges
By Nick Miroff

Politico Justice Dept. to set quotas for judges to clear immigration cases
By Brent D. Griffiths

Slate Let John Oliver (and Some Adorable Toddlers) Teach You About Immigration Courts
By Lena Wilson

Vox Donald Trump is extremely mad about immigration, and also extremely confused
By Dara Lind

FiveThirtyEight.com There Is More At Stake In The Census's Citizenship Question Than Response Rates
By Galen Druke

Reuters Judge says undocumented teens in U.S. custody must have abortion access
By Jonathan Stempel

The Washington Post U.S. government ordered to allow abortion access to detained immigrant teens
By Ann E. Marimow , Spencer S. Hsu, and Maria Sacchetti

AP Buffett son criticizes President Donald Trump's border wall
By Josh Funk

New York Times Trump Begins Third Day of Twitter Attacks on 'Weak' Border Laws
By Eileen Sullivan

Reuters Trump says DACA deal for young immigrants is off
By Valerie Volcovici and Delphine Schrank

New York Times Trump Says DACA Is 'Dead,' and Calls on Mexico to Enforce Border Security
By Eileen Sullivan

Wall Street Journal Donald Trump Says DACA Is Dead Because Democrats 'Didn't Care'
By Andrew Ackerman and Rebecca Ballhaus

The Washington Post Why Trump's attempt to blame Democrats for ending DACA is falling flat
By Amber Phillips

CNN Republicans open a risky new front in the immigration wars
By Ronald Brownstein

CNN If Trump really wanted a DACA deal, there'd be a DACA deal
By Gregory Krieg

CNN Donald Trump's latest dog whistle on immigration is more like a scream
By Chris Cilizza

CNN Their journey north sparked a Trump tweetstorm
By Catherine E. Shoichet

CNN White House says new immigration push coming after Trump tweets
By Tal Kopan

The Hill Flake: 'Plenty' of lawmakers want to work with Trump on DACA
By Brett Samuels

The Hill Koch groups urge Trump to compromise on a DACA deal
By Luis Sanchez

The Hill Kasich rips Trump: A true leader offers hope, doesn't take it from innocent children
By Rebecca Savransky

The Hill Democrat: Trump has tried to 'gaslight' the country on his 'true position' on DACA
By Luis Sanchez

Bloomberg Politics How Failure of a 'Dreamer' Deal May Tip Control of Congress
By Sahil Kapur

The Washington Post Trump's latest DACA tweets are likely to hurt him - and the GOP - further with Latino voters
By Eugene Scott

Reuters Snubbing Trump DOJ, Big Law firms back Hawaii amici in SCOTUS travel ban case
By Alison Frankel

AP Mexican immigrant dad released from detention in California
By Haven Daley and Balsamo

AP Kansas vet fights to keep adopted child from deportation

New York Times A Border Patrol Agent (and Frequent Fox News Guest) Has Trump's Ear on Immigration
By Katie Rodgers and Ron Nixon

ProPublica A Betrayal
By Hannah Dreier

AP Trump administration seeks to close immigration 'loopholes'
By Jill Colvin

AP DHS proposal would penalize immigrants who use tax credit

New York Times Trump Transforms Immigrant Caravans in Mexico Into Cause Célèbre
By Kirk Semple

Politico Trump sounds off on illegal immigration and migrant 'caravans'
By Louis Nelson

Politico Families brave cold for egg roll, while Trump talks immigration
By Lorraine Woellert

CNN Trump threatens Honduras' foreign aid over migrant caravan
By Maegan Vazquez

CNN Activists say Mexico deports too many migrants, not too few
By Tal Kopan

CNN Mexico: We don't 'make immigration decisions for US'
By Susannah Cullinane

CNN Trump says 'our country is being stolen' due to illegal immigration
By Maegan Vazquez

CNN At Mar-a-Lago, Trump hears from immigration hardliners
By Kevin Liptak

Roll Call Fact-Checking Trump's Immigration Tweets
By Dean DeChiaro

Daily Beast Trump Puts Lou Dobbs on Speakerphone in Oval Office Meetings
By Maxwell Tani and Asawin Suebsaeng

New York Times Trump Returns to a Hard Line on Immigrants
By Julie Hirschfield Davis

The Washington Post (Opinion) Trump's incoherence on immigration ought to embarrass his supporters
By Jennifer Rubin

The Washington Post (Opinion) Trump's latest unhinged tweetstorm is worse than it appears
By Greg Sargent

The Washington Post (Opinion) There's nothing wrong with a census question about citizenship
By Marc A. Theissen

The Washington Post (Opinion) The Trump administration's plan to make people disappear
By Karen Tumulty

The Washington Post (Opinion) Beyond Trump's wall
By Nathan Gardels

The Washington Post (Op-Ed) The bitter lie behind the census's citizenship question
By Vanita Gupta

CNN (Opinion) Trump's ignorance about DACA is stunning
By Raul A. Reyes

The Hill (Op-Ed)) Dad's fight illustrates feds' lack of transparency on immigration
By Brian Lonergan

The Hill (Op-Ed) Trump's census controversy boils down to one thing: How citizenship data will be used
By Daniel Panneton


Detroit News Feds catch ex-Detroiter who dodged deportation flight
By George Hunter

AP (Georgia) Failed bills included immigration revamp, paper ballots
By RJ Rico and Ben Nadler

AP (California) California governor pardons 5 men facing deportation
By Paul Elias

CNN (California) Trump lashes out after California Gov. Jerry Brown pardons 5 immigrants under threat of deportation
By Jennifer Hansler

Cleveland Plain Dealer (Ohio) Congolese part of new tapestry of immigration to Cleveland
By Brian Albrecht

News Times (Connecticut) Bethel couple separated two months owing to immigration foulup
By Julia Perkins

Houston Chronicle (Editorial) A wall now divides Republicans from Reagan and Lincoln

Daily Herald (Editorial) What might we get if Romney is elected senator?

Santa Fe New Mexican (Opinion) As California goes, so goes the country?
By Tom Wright