Daily Immigration News Clips – April 5, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on April 5, 2018


Bloomberg Lawyers See Immigration Court as Trump 'Deportation Machine'
By Kartikay Mehotra

Seattle Times As Trump orders judges to hurry up, look inside immigration court's 'alternate legal universe'
By Nina Shapiro

NPR Justice Department Rolls Out Quotas for Immigration Judges
By Joel Rose

Mother Jones Jeff Sessions Wants to Impose Quotas on Immigration Judges. Here's Why That's a Bad Idea.
By Samantha Michaels

San Diego Union-Tribune New performance metrics for immigration judges focus on higher volume, speedier decisions
By Kate Morrissey

Texas Tribune Immigration judge says quota mandate will do more harm than good to an already clogged system
By Julian Aguilar

Daily Beast Want Asylum in America? Get Ready for Hell.
By Betsy Woodruff

AP Lawsuit: Immigration detainees have inadequate lawyer access
By Kate Brumback

Wall Street Journal Trump Administration Unveils Plans to Send National Guard Troops, Build Base Walls Near U.S.-Mexico Border
By Laura Meckler, Gordon Lubold, and Alicia A. Caldwell

The Hill Trump to deploy National Guard to southern border
By Jordan Fabian

AP 'A point of crisis': Trump directs troops deployed to border
By Jill Colvin

New York Times 'All It Takes Is One Mistake': Worries Over Plan to Send National Guard to Border
By Helene Cooper

Wall Street Journal Trump Administration to Ask Military to Build Walls for Base on U.S.-Mexico Border
By Gordon Lubold

Politico Trump teases impending 'strong action' on border security
By Louis Nelson

CNN Presidential whiplash stokes immigration crisis to justify troop surge
By Stephen Collinson

CNN Attempted border crossings surged in March
By Tal Kopan

The Hill DHS chief: Replacing current wall would count as new wall for Trump
By Luis Sanchez

The Hill Trump: Dems 'stand in our way' on stronger border
By Julia Manchester

Vox Trump is mobilizing the National Guard to the US-Mexico border for literally no good reason
By Dara Lind

Quartz Trump's push to militarize the US-Mexico border could repeat a costly Obama failure
By Heather Timmons

Texas Observer Courts: Police Can Shoot and Kill People As Long They Are Across the Border
By Michael Barajas

KJZZ Border Sheriffs Concerned About Trump's Plan To Militarize Border
By Claire Caulfield

AP Mexico starts giving caravan migrants transit visas
By Christopher Sherman

Reuters Central American 'caravan' to end in Mexico City, migrants defiant
By Delphine Schrank

New York Times Inside an Immigrant Caravan: Women and Children, Fleeing Violence
By Kirk Semple

New York Times 'You Hate America!': How the 'Caravan' Story Exploded on the Right
By Jeremy W. Peters

Wall Street Journal Caravan in Trump's Crosshairs Stalls Far From Border
By Juan Montes

The Washington Post The migrant caravan denounced by Trump will end in Mexico City, but some people vow to go on alone
By Joshua Partlow

The Hill Sessions credits Trump with stopping migrant caravan
By Josh Delk

The Hill Top Trump officials huddling on immigration
By Josh Delk

The Hill GOP rep: 'I still believe there is a deal to be had' on DACA
By Mallory Shelbourne

AP Dems, GOP using immigration in House races, but differently
By Alan Fram

Wall Street Journal Missouri Senator's Reelection Quest Reflects Democratic Test in 2018
By Siobhan Hughes

FiveThirtyEight.com Be Skeptical Of Anyone Who Tells You They Know How Democrats Can Win In November
By Nathaniel Rakich

Washington Monthly The Untapped Potential of the Asian Voter
By Saahil Desai

AP Iowa advances immigration bill banning 'sanctuary cities'
By Barbara Rodriguez and Scott Stewart

Washington Times Anti-sanctuary city activists split cities in battle over California immigration law
By Stephen Dinan

The Washington Post ICE is moving to deport a veteran after Mattis assured that would not happen
By Alex Horton

New Yorker The Bureaucratic Nightmare of Fighting Deportation
By Masha Geesen

Dallas Morning News Update: Salvadoran man deported despite protest at immigration agency
By Dianne Solis

Arizona Republic ICE arrests aimed at silencing immigrant-rights activists, critics say
By Daniel Gonzalez

The Washington Post Trump's quixotic quest to bash immigration
By Ishaan Tharoor

CNN How Trump's policies could worsen the migration issue he says he wants to solve
By Tal Kopan

CNN Donald Trump has changed his immigration rhetoric in one very important way
By Z. Byron Wolf

The Atlantic The Gap Between Trump's Tweets and Reality
By David A. Graham

CNN In Trump era, Cubs manager welcomes immigrants in his hometown
By David Axelrod

Esquire Job No. 1 for a Democratic Congress: Investigate ICE
By Charles Pierce

By Julissa Arce

New York Times (Editorial) Trump's Irrational Border Plan

The Washington Post (Opinion) Trump tried going big on DACA. Now he should go small.
By Marc A. Thiessen

The Washington Post (Opinion) The 'caravan' of migrants is not a threat. But Trump would rather ignore real crises.
By Max Boot

The Washington Post (Opinion) First a parade, now border control: Trump is abusing the military
By Jennifer Rubin

CNN (Op-Ed) Without immigration, our economy is in big trouble
By Dennis E. Nixon

The Hill (Op-Ed) How Trump can build the wall today - and make Mexico pay for it
By Rachel Bovard

The Hill (Op-Ed) Trump plays to his base on Central American migrant caravan - few will ever reach the US
By Elizabeth Oglesby

The Hill (Op-Ed) Immigration judge quotas will not eliminate the backlog crisis
By Nolan Rappaport


WABE (Georgia) Will New Quotas for Immigration Judges Reduce Case Backlog?
By Martha Dalton

AP (Arizona) Arizona governor embraces Trump plan for Guard on border
By Bob Christie

Texas Observer (Op-Ed) Militarization of Texas-Mexico Border a Sign of Complacency, but Not From Border Residents
By Dani Marrero Hi, Lissette Castillo, and Sadie Hernandez

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