Daily Immigration News Clips – August 2, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on August 2, 2017.


Bloomberg News: How the H-1B Program Is Holding Up Under Trump
By Polly Mosendz and Lance Lambert

The Hill Two GOP senators plan to propose skills-based immigration bill: report
By Brooke Siepel

Washington Examiner Exclusive: David Perdue, Tom Cotton to unveil skills-based immigration bill at White House Wednesday
By Anna Giaritelli

The Hill Dems call on Trump to defend DACA
By Rafael Bernal

Business Insider ICE is partnering with 18 more sheriff's departments to ramp up its deportation machine
By Michelle Mark

Reuters U.S. to Ease Environment Laws for Mexico Border Near San Diego By Julia Edwards Ainsley

Wall Street Journal DHS to Waive Rules to Speed Rebuilding of San Diego Border Wall
By Jim Carlton

NBC Trump Administration Moves to Build Border Wall Around Environmental Regulations
By James Rainey

NPR Homeland Security To Waive Environmental Rules On Border Wall Projects
By Colin Dwyer

Huffington Post ICE's 'Targeted Enforcement Operation' Mostly Arrests Immigrants It Wasn't Targeting
By Elise Foley

Daily Kos 70 percent of the immigrants arrested in ICE's massive 'targeted' operation weren't targets
By Gabe Ortiz

Associated Press Kelly wins praise across the aisle, but bigger task is ahead
By Vivian Salama and Jill Colvin?

Politico Two big questions after John Kelly's first day

Politico White House quashes Sessions-to-DHS scenario
By Ted Hesson

Talking Points Memo Senate Dems: Next DHS Nom Likely To Face Tougher Confirmation Than Kelly
By Cameron Joseph

Daily Kos Forget 'plainspoken disciplinarian,' John Kelly has been a mass deportation accomplice
By Gabe Ortiz

Reuters Civil Rights Group Questions Immigration Detention of New York Teens
By Joseph Ax

Wall Street Journal Immigration Operation Arrests 650, Including Child Migrants
By Laura Meckler

NBC Dreams Deferred: Young Soccer Star, Brother Set for Deportation
By Dorean K. Collins

Slate Aggressive on Immigration
By Jacob Weisberg

Associated Press Kobach tries to avoid answering questions under oath
By Roxanna Hegeman

Associated Press Joe Arpaio's troubled legacy lingers despite his conviction
By Jacques Billeaud and Astrid Galvan

Reuters Senate Democrat Ron Wyden Demands Justice Dept Release New Crime Reduction Policies
By Sarrah N. Lynch

New York Times Border Agents Test Facial Scans to Track Those Overstaying Visas
By Ron Nixon

New York Times Sessions Steers Clear of Trump's 'Joke' About Police Use of Force

New York Times America's Competitors Angle for Silicon Valley's Business
By Kirk Semple and Ian Austen

Washington Post An anti-immigrant group mistook empty bus seats for women wearing burqas
By Adam Taylor

Politico Flake makes waves with Trump takedown
By Seung Min Kim and Elana Schor

NPR U.S. Citizen Who Was Held By ICE For 3 Years Denied Compensation By Appeals Court
By Camila Domonoske

The Hill Federal border agents test facial scanning to use on undocumented immigrants
By Olivia Beavers

The Hill Dem calls on Sessions to release violent crime task force guidance
By Lydia Wheeler

RSF Journal Illegality: A Contemporary Portrait of Immigration
By Roberto G. Gonzalez and Steven Raphael

Rasmussen Reports Voters Say Trump No Better Than Obama On Immigration

Wall Street Journal (Editorial) The Body Count at the Border

Arizona Republic (Editorial) Change the law that charges dreamers higher tuition

Washington Post (Opinion) The GOP's 'tremendous powers of denial': Breaking down Sen. Jeff Flake's case against Trump
By Amber Phillips

Washington Post (Opinion) John Kelly cannot make Trump effective
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion) Who can save us from ourselves?
By Kathleen Parker

Washington Post (Op-Ed) President Trump's reference to 'paddy wagon' insults Irish Americans like me
By James Mulvaney

Washington Post (Opinion) Paul Ryan just can't wait to spend billions and billions on Trump's border wall. Really.
By Amber Phillips

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump's administration is way behind in appointments
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion) Want to know if Democrats can take back the House? Keep an eye on this Orange County race.
By Amber Phillips

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump, policing and the teenage brain
By Radley Balko

Washington Post (Op-Ed) Trump isn't changing the Republican Party. The Republican Party is changing Trump.
By Matt Grossmann and David A. Hopkins

The Hill (Op-Ed) We have to stop scapegoating trans people
By Wiktor Dynarski

The Hill (Op-Ed) What's in a name? Sessions harsh immigration language jibes with his policy
By Raul Reyes

New Republic (Opinion) Hold the Applause for Trump's New Chief of Staff
By Brian Beutler

Huffington Post (Op-Ed) The 'Good Immigrants,' The 'Bad Immigrants,' The Deported By Vanita Gupta and John C. Yang


Journal Constitution
Perdue's legal immigration overhaul to get White House rollout By Tamar Hallerman

Mercury News ICE shows up to apartment complex looking for undocumented Hayward man, arrests two others instead
By Tatiana Sanchez

Cleveland Plain Dealer Husband waits for his deported wife in Mexico, immigration officials refuse to say where she is
By Michael Sangiacomo

WUSA 2 local athletes facing deportation
By Stephanie Ramirez

MLive Mother's deportation means emotional goodbye for Ann Arbor family
By Ryan Stanton

ABC 5 Why don't undocumented immigrants just apply to be U.S. citizens? It's not that easy
By Mona KosarAbdi

Cleveland Scene Nine Days: The Deportation of Beatriz Casillas, from Painesville to Mexico, Follows a Routine Path for ICE Agents
By Eric Sandy

CT Mirror Immigrant youth face new threat of deportation
By Ana Radelat

CBS Philly 'Everything Has Been Shattered': Family Shares Immigration Struggle
By Alicia Nieves

KTSA Study: Dreamers At Higher Risk For "Mental Distress"
By Dan Morgan

KJZZ Republic Editorial Board Urges Stronger Protections For Dreamers
By Steve Goldstein

Chalkbeat Tennessee education group campaigns against new threats to DACA and undocumented immigrants
By Helen Carefoot

El Paso Times Border lawmakers call for Paxton to rescind DACA letter
By Madlin Mekelburg

Dallas Morning News 18 Texas sheriffs sign up to join forces with federal immigration officers
By Dianne Solis and Ray Leszcynski

Houston Public Media Full Show: SB4's Economic Impact, And Big Changes To The Farmer's Market
By Abner Fletcher

Texas Tribune Report: Texas could lose billions if new immigration enforcement law stands
By Julian Aguilar

Reuters (Massachusetts) Massachusetts Governor Proposes Bill to Stiffen Immigration Enforcement
By Scott Malone

USA Today (Ohio) After 17 years, Ohio mom of 4 faces deportation
By John Bacon

Washington Post (Minnesota) In Minneapolis, response to police shooting of white woman by Somali officer has been different
By Jannell Ross

Politico (Montana) Rosendale jumps into Montana Senate race
By Daniel Strauss

Boston Globe (Massachusetts) Baker files bill to allow local law enforcement to detain certain unauthorized immigrants
By Claire Parker

Slate (Massachusetts) Massachusetts Governor Sides With Trump Over State Supreme Court on Immigration
By Mark Joseph Stern

WBUR (Massachusetts) Baker Bill Would Allow Officers To Honor Certain ICE Detainers
By Shannon Dooling

KRWG (Op-Ed) Houston Chronicle: Hundreds of American citizens end up in deportation proceedings each year