Daily Immigration News Clips – August 3, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on August 3, 2017


Associated Press Trump aide dismisses Statue of Liberty 'huddled masses' poem
By Russell Contreras

Associated Press The Latest: Sessions favors new immigration limits

Associated Press The Latest: Trump joins GOP senators on immigration changes

Associated Press AP FACT CHECK: Shaky assumptions in Trump immigration pitch
By Josh Boak and Astrid Galvan

Associated Press Trump joining with GOP senators to push immigration changes
By Ken Thomas and Jill Colvin

Reuters Trump, Senators Unveil Bill to Slash Legal Immigration to U.S.
By Roberta Rampton

New York Times Trump Supports Bill Basing Immigration on Skills and Employability
By Peter Baker

Washington Post The green card lottery was invented to help the Irish, but under Trump, its luck may have just run out
By Michael E. Miller

Washington Post Miller: 'Endless flow of unskilled workers' makes no sense

Washington Post Acosta versus Miller: A lurking ideological conflict about the Statue of Liberty
By Kyle Swenson

Washington Post Miller: Trump seeks a 'permanent change' to immigration system

Washington Post Watch Stephen Miller's heated exchange with CNN's Jim Acosta

Washington Post Trump calls for 'new immigration system'

Washington Post Trump, GOP senators to introduce bill to slash legal immigration levels
By David Nakamura

Washington Post It's a 'grave mistake' for Trump to cut legal immigration in half
By Heather Long

Wall Street Journal Trump Pushes Bill to Cut Legal Immigration in Half in 10 Years
By Laura Meckler and Ted Mann

TIME Here's How the White House Would Cut Legal Immigration in Half
By Emma Talkoff

Politico Will the immigration bill boost economic growth?

Politico Trump endorses bill to halve legal immigration
By Ted Hesson

Politico 45 After Dark: The 'Cosmopolitan Bias' Edition
By Henry C. Jackson

Politico Downsizing immigration
By Ted Hesson

Politico Trump promotes merit based immigration bill that 'favors' English speaking applicants

The Hill White House aide: Statue of liberty poem not the test for immigration policy
By Ben Kamisar

The Hill Graham opposes measure to cut legal immigration
By Rafael Bernal

The Hill DOJ, DHS endorse cuts to legal immigration
By John Bowden

The Hill Trump, GOP senators unveil measure to cut legal immigration
By Jordan Fabian and Jordain Carney

The Hill Watch Live: Trump makes immigration announcement with GOP senators

The Hill Immigration battle brewing in the GOP
By Jordain Carney

Huffington Post Donald Trump Goes All In On Slashing Legal Immigration
By Elise Foley

By Issie Lapowski

Washington Times Trump endorses new immigration bill to cut green-card limits, favor English speakers
By Dave Boyer and Stephen Dinan

Washington Post Trump plan to hire 15,000 border and immigration personnel isn't justified, federal watchdog says
By Lisa Rein

The Hill Homeland Security Dept cannot prove need for Trump's promised officer surge
By Max Greenwood

Associated Press The Latest: Protesters gather at Billings immigration office

Associated Press The Latest: Montana lawyer appeals plan to deport immigrant

Washington Post Van Hollen condemns planned deportations of Gaithersburg brothers to El Salvador
By Rachel Chason

Washington Post He went to ICE to tell agents he had gotten into college. Now he and his brother have been deported.
By Rachel Chason

USA Today Ohio city's Hispanic community on edge after mom's deportation
By John Bacoon

CBS After nearly 20 years in U.S., Ohio mother of 4 deported following traffic violation

By Ted Hesson

Los Angeles Times Immigration agents showed up at labor dispute proceedings. California wants to kick them out
By Natalie Kitroeff

The Independent US deportation raids under Trump lead to huge rise in arrests of immigrants without criminal records
By Clark Mindock

Vibe Upstanding Immigrant Mother Of Three Deported Without Warning
By Jessica McKinney

Associated Press Mexico: president didn't call Trump, praise migration policy
By Bradley Klapper

Associated Press Some Texas trailer survivors held in same lockup as driver
By Nomaan Merchant

Associated Press White House: Trump, Pena Nieto spoke in person, not by phone

Associated Press Trump's new top aide assures Sessions his job is safe
By Jonathan Lemire

New York Times Those Calls to Trump? White House Admits They Didn't Happen
By Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Washington Post A look at the second half, so far, of President Trump's first year in office

Washington Post Sessions's move to take on affirmative action energizes Trump's base
By Robert Costa and Sari Horwitz

Wall Street Journal Peña Nieto Never Praised Trump's Border Policies in Phone Call, Mexico Says
By Robbie Whelan

Wall Street Journal U.S. Attorney Subpoenas Kushner Cos. Over Investment-For-Visa Program
By Erica Orden, Aruna Viswanatha and Byron Tau

Wall Street Journal Top Senate Republican Pushes for High-Tech Border Solutions
By Laura Meckler

CBS Trump's approval rating slumps to new low
By Rebecca Shabard

Bloomberg Trump Is Considering Perry for Homeland Security Chief
By Jennifer A Dlouhy and Jennifer Jacobs

The Hill Mexico denies president called Trump to compliment immigration policy
By John Bowden

The Hill Outrage erupts over report DOJ will target affirmative action
By Lydia Wheeler

Daily Beast Border Patrol Ordered To Block Congressmen During Travel Ban
By Betsy Woodruff

Washington Post (Editorial) Trump's war on legal immigration would cripple the economy

New York Times (Op-Ed) First Encounters With Racism

New York Times (Opinion) Donald Trump Knows How to Push Our Buttons
By Thomas B. Edsall

New York Times (Opinion) Feasting on False and Fake
By Charles M. Blow

Washington Post (Opinion) Of course the Trump Justice Department wants to target affirmative action
By Philip Bump

Washington Post (Op-Ed) Don't use Asian Americans to justify anti-affirmative action politics
By Nancy Leong and Erwin Chemerinsky

Washington Post (Op-Ed) Trump's slow pace of appointments is hurting government - and his own agenda
By David Lewis

Washington Post (Op-Ed) 'Cheap slaves': Trump, immigration and the ugly history of the Chinese Exclusion Act
By Scott S. Greenberger

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump doesn't care about affirmative action. So why restart the war?
By Charles Lane

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump adviser Stephen Miller was right about the Statue of Liberty's famous inscription
By Theresa Vargas

Washington Post (Opinion) How Trump could lose his base
By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Washington Post (Opinion) A crass play to xenophobes will go nowhere
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion) More signs that Trump's base is increasingly dissatisfied with his presidency
By Philip Bump

Washington Post (Opinion) Actually, we still need affirmative action for African Americans in college admissions. Here's why.
By Valerie Strauss

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump says the Boy Scouts head told him his speech was the 'greatest.' He appears to have imagined this.
By Aaron Blake

Washington Post (Op-Ed) Trump says the proposed immigration bill will raise wages for Americans. It won't.
By Jeremy Robbins

Washington Post (Opinion) What can Jeff Flake do now?
By Jennifer Rubin

Boston Globe (Opinion) What's worse - tearing a family apart, or not letting a man see his newborn son?
By Kevin Cullen

Vox (Opinion) What John Kelly's final ICE raid tells us about Trump's new chief of staff
By Dara Lind

The Hill (Op-Ed) President Trump's wall won't stop human trafficking
By Melysa Sperber

The Hill (Op-Ed) Eliminating DACA program will only clog immigration enforcement
By John Sandweg

Jewish Journal (Opinion) Stephen Miller, meet your immigrant great-grandfather
By Rob Esham

FOX (Op-Ed) Texas Attorney General Paxton: We must phase out DACA and return to the rule of law
By Ken Paxton


KERA Fort Worth Is The Largest City In Texas Not Opposing SB4
By Christopher Connelly

CBS DFW Demonstrators Call On Fort Worth To Sue State Over New Law
By Ken Molestina

Star-Telegram 'It's scary:' Hundreds protest Fort Worth's failure to join SB4 lawsuit
By Ryan Osborne

Hays Free Press Area civic groups stand against SB4
By Timothy Stuckey

ABC Deported soccer player 'one of the best in the country,' according to coach
By Michael Edison Hayden

Dallas Morning News Nation's top immigration cop says employers should worry about a crackdown
By Dianne Solis

WAMU Bethesda Soccer Players Rally To Save Undocumented Teammate Who's Set To Be Deported
By Martin Austermuhle

FOX 2 Ann Arbor mother of three deported despite community support
By Ryan Ermanni

MLive Mayor tells deported woman 'you'll always belong here in Ann Arbor'
By Ryan Stanton

MLive Washtenaw officials voice objections to 'extreme' deportation policies
By Ryan Stanton

Detroit Patch Mom, 20-Year Model Citizen With No Rap Sheet, Deported In Michigan
By Beth Dalbey

Cleveland Plain Dealer Painesville couple reunited in dangerous Mexican city after wife's deportation
By Michael Sangiacomo

WENY Painesville Catholic church sees seven church members deported in six months
By James Gherardi

Normangee Star Immigrations and Customs Enforcement announces 287 (g) partnership with Smith County
By Madeline Patrick

Voices of NY A DACA Chef in Astoria

Orlando Sentinel (Editorial) Pass bipartisan bill to protect Dreamers from deportation and bolster U.S. economy

Post and Courier (Editorial) Path forward for immigrants

Corpus Christi Caller-Times (Editorial) Attack on DACA is an affront to what Texas means