Daily Immigration News Clips – August 7, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on August 7, 2017


NPR Does Data Back Trump Administration Plan To Cut Legal Immigration In Half?
By Stacey Vanek Smith

New York Times At Statue of Liberty, Words That Resonate Even if They're Unfamiliar
By Elizabeth Tarbell

The Hill Trump triggers debate on impact of immigrants
By Niv Elis

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel House Speaker Paul Ryan casts doubt on President Donald Trump's plan to cut legal immigration
By Mary Spicuzza and Jason Stein

NPR Immigrant Advocates Prepare For Threats Against DACA Program
By Vanessa Romo

Reuters Immigrants Denied Credit by Wells Fargo May Sue Bank, Judge Says
By Alexia Garamfalvi and Steve Orlofsky

Associated Press Chicago to Sue US Justice Department Over Funding Threat

Reuters Chicago to Sue Trump Administration Over Sanctuary City Funding Threat
By Chris Kenning

Wall Street Journal 'Sanctuary City' Chicago to File Suit Against Trump Administration
By Valerie Bauerlien

Politico California governor endorses potential 'sanctuary cities' lawsuit
By Brent D. Griffiths

The Hill DOJ warns the media could be targeted in crackdown on leaks
By Jonathan Easley

Reuters Yemenis, Iranians Sue U.S. State Department, Ask for Visas to Be Processed
By Riham Alkousaa

The Hill Civil rights groups sue State over visas
By Lydia Wheeler

Mother Jones Will Texas' Immigration Crackdown Spark the Latino Uprising Democrats Have Been Waiting For?
By Tim Murphy

San Antonio Current Newest Immigration Law Could Cost Texas $13 Billion, Report Finds
By Sierra Juarez

NBC Grandmother Deported for Voter Fraud Leaves U.S. in Tears

Los Angeles Times Deportation looms for man arrested while dropping daughter off at L.A. school
By Andrea Castillo

Salt Lake Tribune Utah man detained and deported to Samoa, leaving family wondering why
By Tiffany Frandsen

CBS 4 Young cancer fighter could lose mother in new battle
By Claudia Tristan

Westword The Clock Is Ticking for DREAMers Like Denver Native LaLo Montoya
By David O. Williams

Associated Press Trump seeks communications chief, but he has final word
By Jonathan Lemire

Associated Press FBI: Explosive detonated at Minnesota mosque
By Jack Shafer

Associated Press Starbucks denies rumor of discounts for immigrants

Reuters Trump Eyes Top Policy Aide for Communications Director Role: Official
By Valerie Volcovici

New York Times Children's Authors Take On the Refugee Crisis
By Alexandra Alter

New York Times What Trump Says About Immigration

New York Times When Foreign Companies Are Making, Not Killing, U.S. Jobs
By Patricia Cohen

New York Times A Flawed Asylum System in Mexico, Strained Further by U.S. Changes
By Kirk Semple

New York Times They're Building a Trump-Centric Movement. But Don't Call It Trumpism.
By Jeremy W. Peters

Washington Post Trump's new chief of staff did work for company with federal contracts
By Drew Harwell

Washington Post Trump's border wall would slice through wildlife refuges and cut off U.S. territory in Texas
By Darryl Fears

Washington Post 'You are not going to let that word hurt you': Procter & Gamble ad taking on racism is met with praise - and outrage
By Tara Bahrampour

Washington Post Trump adviser Stephen Miller could expand White House role, but talks remain informal
By Robert Costa

Wall Street Journal Kelly's Rules for Trump's West Wing: Stop Bickering, Get in Early, Make an Appointment
By Michael C. Bender and Rebecca Ballhaus

Wall Street Journal Kushners' Partner in China Draws Scrutiny Over U.S. Visa Program
By James T. Areddy

Vox In the key 2018 battlegrounds, Trump's support is as high as ever
By Jeff Guo

Buzzfeed PayPal, GoFundMe, And Patreon Banned A Bunch Of People Associated With The Alt-Right. Here's Why.
By Blake Montgomery

The Hill White House warns 'potentially ambitious' Republicans about 2020
By Julia Manchester

The Hill Stephen Miller considered for White House communication director job: report
By Max Greenwood

New York Times (Editorial) Trump Embraces a Senseless Immigration Proposal

New York Times (Editorial) What's the Deal, Mr. Trump?

New York Times (Editorial) Hometown Boy Doesn't Make Good
August 04, 2017

Washington Post (Editorial) After six months of accomplishing nothing, can Congress pivot?

Wall Street Journal (Editorial) How to Increase Illegal Immigration

New York Times (Op-Ed) Ignorant Immigration Reform
By David J. Bier

New York Times (Opinion) Let's Make a Wall Deal
By Gail Collins

New York Times (Op-Ed) Why Trump Supporters Distrust Immigration and Diversity
By Frederick R. Lynch

New York Times (Op-Ed) Being a Refugee Isn't a Fashion Statement
By Tariro Mzezewa

New York Times (Op-Ed) An Elusive Immigration Compromise
By Ross Douthat

New York Times (Op-Ed) The Policies of White Resentment
By Carol Anderson

New York Times (Opinion) Jeff Sessions, Unbound
By David Leonhardt

New York Times (Opinion) Trump's Travel Ban Means Hope for Ammar's Family

New York Times (Op-Ed) The Meaning of 'Despacito' in the Age of Trump
By Moises Velasquez-Manoff

New York Times (Op-Ed) No Sanctuary for the Immigration Lawyer
By Francis X. Clines

Washington Post (Opinion) The White House claim that 1 in 4 Americans in prime working age aren't employed
By Glenn Kessler

Washington Post (Opinion) Why immigration proposal would have barred best teacher in America
By Jay Mathews

Washington Post (Opinion) Why a nation is not like a house or a club - and why the difference matters for debates over immigration
By Ilya Somin

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump and immigration exclusionists undermine economic goals
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Op-Ed) U.S. universities draw the brightest minds from across the world. Let's stop sending them home after they graduate.
By Peter McPherson

Washington Post (Opinion) Why we can't have a rational conversation about immigration
By Kathleen Parker

Washington Post (Opinion) Black people aren't keeping white Americans out of college. Rich people are.
By Christine Emba

Washington Post (Opinion) She was born on July Fourth to undocumented parents. Even now, they refuse to cower.
By Michael E. Miller

Washington Post (Opinion) Some of those hot-button issues of the Trump-backed immigration bill aren't so controversial to the public
By Emily Gaskin

Washington Post (Opinion) American citizen wrongly detained by immigration officers for three years won't be compensated
By Radley Balko

Washington Post (Opinion) How can Kelly tell Trump the truth when his entire presidency is built on lies?
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion) 'Give me your huddled MBAs': Stephen Colbert's alternative poem for the Statue of Liberty
By Callum Borchers

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump's reverse Midas touch
By Aaron Blake

Washington Post (LTE) These stories would not be possible under the Trump-endorsed immigration bill
By Jan Selbo

Wall Street Journal (Op-Ed) There's No Such Thing as an 'Illiberal'
By Yoram Hazony

Rolling Stone (Opinion) Trump Rejects the Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free
By Jesse Berney

Salon (Opinion) A radical new approach to the immigration "problem": Beyond left and right, Trumpism and neoliberalism
By Anis Shivani

The Hill (Op-Ed) Hey Trump, Lady Liberty's promise actually matters to immigration law
By Ryan J. Suto

The Hill (Op-Ed) Homeland Security Dept. is too important to leave without a leader

The Week (Opinion) The left's immigration problem
By Damon Linker


Cronkite News (Arizona) DHS may not have capacity to hire 15,000 officers Trump promised
By Brianna Stearns

Tallahassee Democrat 'Merit-based' proposal causes a stir among local immigrants
By Nada Hassanein

Los Angeles Times Proposal to limit legal immigration ripples through Somali families in San Diego
By John Wilkens

Associated Press Meetings Planned Across Connecticut to Support DACA Students

WLRN (Florida) Ralliers from District 26 to Rep. Curbelo: Protect Our Healthcare!
By Allison Light

By Oscar Margain

WTOP Gaithersburg graduate bound for college on soccer scholarship deported
By Kate Ryan

KRWG (Op-Ed) SB4 Is Already Damaging Public Safety in Texas

Akron Beacon Journal (Editorial) They don't take our jobs

Cleveland Plain Dealer (Editorial) Other viewpoints: Deportees deserve a safe arrival

Austin American Statesman (Op-Ed) Two Views: SB4 creates food insecurity in Texas' immigrant community
By Cassie Davis