Daily Immigration News Clips – February 2, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on February 2, 2018


The Progressive WALLED IN: Immigration Detentions Are Way Up Under Trump
By James Goodman

ABC News Radio Conflicting Feelings About 'Chain Migration' At State Of The Union

InsideHigherEd A Year of Travel Bans
By Elizabeth Redden

Splinter ICE Deports Ohio Father Who Lived in the U.S. for 40 Years Even After House Committee Took Up His Case
By Rafi Schwartz

New York Times On Twitter, Trump Pressures Democrats to Bargain on DACA
By Eileen Sullivan

New York Times With DACA in Limbo, Teachers Protected by the Program Gird for the Worst
By Erica Green

Wall Street Journal Trump Is Willing to Walk From Immigration Talks if Democrats Don't Accept His Terms
By Laura Meckler, Kristina Peterson, and Siobhan Hughes

The Hill GOP leader: Congress may settle for pared-down immigration deal
By Alexander Bolton

HuffPost Trump Implores Senate To Vote On Hardline Immigration Bill
By Matt Fuller

Bloomberg Politics Six Senators to Watch in the Debate Over Young Immigrants
By Sahil Kapur

Politico Trump on 'Dreamers' label: 'Don't fall into that trap'
By Cristiano Lima

By Graham Lanktree

NBC News As politicians feud over immigration, TV writers' rooms find a teaching moment
By Traci G. Lee

Newsweek Trump Endangers the American Dream for Gay Immigrants
By Adam Eli

Sports Illustrated Abdulai Bundu Wants You to Know the Price and Payoff of an Immigration Success Story
By Dan Greene

Axios Why Democrats have moved left on immigration
By Shane Savitsky

Talking Points Memo LULAC Officially Rejects Its Leader's Support For Trump Immigration Plan
By Alice Ollstein

Catholic News Service Trump immigration plan's impact on family 'deeply troubling,' says bishop

The Washington Post (Op-Ed) The mediocre conservative argument for a grand bargain on immigration
By Daniel W Drezner

Time (Op-Ed) Dreamers Are Americans Too
By Lorella Praeli

The Atlantic (Opinion) Why Immigration Divides
By Derek Thompson

American Prospect Longform (Opinion) The Two Sides of Immigration Policy
By John Judis


San Antonio Express News DHS officials in San Antonio call for tighter asylum laws
By Jason Buch

VOA How Immigration Arrests Affect Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
By Bill Rodgers

ABC7 New concern after ICE agents hit 77 NorCal businesses
By Katie Marzullo

Chicago Tribune ICE detains man at traffic court after DACA status expires, then frees him after outcry
By Robert McCoppin and Brian L. Cox

Tampa Bay Times Family resolved that Plant City father of six is headed for deportation to Mexico(w/video)
By Juan Carlos Chavez

Colorado Public Radio ICE Says Enforcement Is Now Done By The Book, Immigration Advocates See It Differently
By Allison Sherry

WKBN Family says longtime Ohio businessman deported to Jordan

WKSU By Phone from Jordan, Adi Joins About 100 at a Pro-Immigration Rally in Cleveland
By ML. Schultze

Detroit News (Opinion) Column: Don't attack legal immigration
By Jonathan t. Weinberg