Daily Immigration News Clips – January 2, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on January 2, 2018


The Intercept One Year of Immigration Under Trump
By Maryam Saleh

Daily Beast Trump Administration Is Set to Add Another Burden on Immigrants
By Betsy Woodruff

Vice How Trump Went After Immigrants in 2017
By Meredith Hoffman

NPR Asylum-Seekers Locked In Limbo At Backed-Up U.S.-Mexico Border

McClatchy DHS weighs major change to H-1B foreign tech worker visa program
By Franco Ordonez

Vice News Dreamers don't trust Democrats to fix DACA in 2018
By David Noriega

The Washington Post Trump calls for border wall funding in any DACA deal, but Democrats are skeptical
By David Weigel

Politico Bipartisan DACA, spending talks set to commence with White House
By Kyle Cheney

The Nation Why Numbers Alone Obscure the Real Deportation Story
By Julianne Hing

Roll Call Democratic Members to DHS: Investigate Sexual Abuse in Immigration Centers
By Eric Garcia

The Hill Federal judge partially lifts Trump ban on refugees
By Jesse Byrnes and Julia Manchester

Vox What "chain migration" really means - and why Donald Trump hates it so much
By Dara Lind

Pro Publica Trump Justice Department Pushes for Citizenship Question on Census, Alarming Experts
By Justin Elliot

U.S. News and World Report Advocates Fear Trump's Rhetoric Harms Kids From Immigrant Families
By Ruben Castaneda

New York Times (Op-Ed) Tom Brokaw: You Can Find the Entire World Inside Your Hospital
By Tom Brokaw

Forbes (Op-Ed) Here's What To Expect On Immigration In 2018
By Stuart Anderson

USA Today (Op-Ed) On immigration, Trump is positioned to do what Obama and Bush couldn't
By Ali Noorani

HuffPost (Op-Ed) Congress Should Delink Passage of the DREAM Act from Additional Enforcement Spending
By Donald Kerwin

The Hill (Op-Ed) Separating immigrant families is unconstitutional
By Sara Ramey

The Hill (Op-Ed) Without a Trump-Democrat trade, the DREAM Act is just a dream
By Nolan Rappaport


Commercial Appeal (Tennessee) Visit of immigration agents to Memphis court draws concerns from lawyer
Daniel Connolly

Las Vegas Review Journal North Las Vegas family fears immigration ruling will divide them
By Jessie Bekker

WBUR How 4 Key Elements Of Immigration Policy Changed In 2017
By Shannon Dooling

KUOW He came face to face with ICE and stopped an arrest
By Liz Jones

Chicago Tribune Pace of Chicago immigration court slows to a crawl as record numbers navigate system
By Jeff Coen

San Diego Union Tribune Immigration judges getting new performance metrics
By Kate Morrissey

Miami New Times Boca Private-Prison Giant Sued Again Over "Forced Labor" Claims at ICE Detention Centers
By Jerry Ianelli

The Alliance Review (Ohio) Worker killed in Canton plant was non-U.S. citizen using false name
By Lori Steineck

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) Somali refugee passes bar exam, runs for Ohio House
By Jim Siegel

Houston Chronicle (Texas) Her husband murdered, her son taken away, a mother seeking asylum tells a judge, 'I have lost everything'
By Lomi Kriel

San Antonio Express News (Editorial)Don't make cruelty a centerpiece of immigration policy

Salt Lake Tribune (Editorial) Tribune Editorial: Limiting services for legal immigrants is a bad idea

Des Moines Register (LTE) Immigrant students are a gift, not a burden
By Denny Coon

Akron Beacon-Journal (Op-Ed) Kathy Ress: Our year of cherished values turned into action
By Kathy Ress