Daily Immigration News Clips – March 14, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on March 14, 2017


Vice: Undocumented Spouses of US Citizens Are Desperately Applying for Green Cards Because of Trump
By Meredith Hoffman

NPR: In Their Search For Asylum, Central Americans Find The U.S. Is Closing Its Doors
By John Burnett

Wall Street Journal: H-1B Visas Keep Down U.S. Tech Wages, Study Shows
By John Simons

Associated Press: The Latest: US Disputes Hawaii's Travel Ban Lawsuit Claims

Reuters: Several States Jointly Sue to Block Trump's Revised Travel Ban
By Mica Rosenberg

Reuters: Obama Lawyers Move Fast to Join Fight Against Trump
By Kevin Drawbaugh and Mary Milliken

Politico: House Democrats to huddle with DHS chief Friday
By Heather Caygle

Washington Times: Democrats vow government shutdown over Trump border wall
By Stephen Dinan

New York Times: It's Democrats' Turn to Hint at a Shutdown, Over Border Wall Funding
By Alan Rappeport

Independent Journal Review: Senate Democrats Threaten Government Shutdown Over Border Wall
By Joe Perticone

Fox: 'Legal Cinderellas': Immigration judges drowning in sea of cases
By Casey Stegall

Daily Beast: Trump Making 'Nativist' Group's Wish List a Reality
By Betsy Woodruff

Reuters: U.S. Lawmaker's Controversial Tweet on Immigration Draws Fire

New York Times: Steve King, Hurling Insults at Immigrants, Is Rebuked by His Own Party
By Jennifer Steinhauer

Wall Street Journal: Rep. Steve King Draws Rebukes for Immigrant 'Babies' Putdown
By Natalie Andrews

The Hill: GOP rep challenges fellow Republican's 'somebody else's baby' tweet
By Cyra Master

The Hill: King defends controversial tweet: 'I meant exactly what I said'
By Mallory Shellbourne

The Hill: Jeb Bush: Steve King's comments don't 'reflect our shared history or values'
By Rafael Bernal

The Hill: GOP lawmaker challenges Rep. King's desire for 'homogeneous' America
By Cristina Marcos

The Hill: Lewis denounces King's 'bigoted and racist' tweet
By Paulina Firozi

Washington Post: Francisca Lino, mom of six, is about to be deported. Her congressman protested and was handcuffed.
By Katie Mettler

NBC: American Citizens: U.S. Border Agents Can Search Your Cellphone
By Cynthia McFadden, E.D. Cauchi, William M. Arkin, and Kevin Monahan

The Hill: Dems back body cameras for ICE agents
By Rafael Bernal

Associated Press: US Applications for New Zealand Citizenship Jump 70 Percent

Associated Press: Few clues on how a Justice Gorsuch would vote on immigration
By Holbrook Mohr and Sudhin Thanawala

Washington Post: Deaf, mute and accused of murder, an undocumented immigrant has been in legal limbo for 12 years
By Paul Duggan

Washington Post: White-supremacist signs posted at George Washington University
By Susan Svrluga

Politico: Espaillat: Trump has 'permeated this toxic environment'
By Edward-Isaac Dovere

Boston Globe: (Editorial) Mexican border policy on kids is harsh yet ineffective

Los Angeles Times: (Editorial) What is the government's word worth?

Washington Post: (Opinion) White supremacism is ready to roar
By Eugene Robinson

Washington Post: (Opinion) Trump Watch: More troubling deportations, tourism industry hurting, federal prosecutors instructed to be more aggressive
By Radley Balko

Washington Post: (Op-Ed) Indian Americans won't be safe as long as the White House is inciting fear
By Raj Haldar

Washington Post: (Opinion) Why are we hearing crickets from the GOP on Steve King's ugly Tweet?
By Sarah Posner

Washington Post: (Op-Ed) Professor: I know firsthand how an American education helps foreign students, and how they help make America great
By Jessica Trisko Darden

Christian Post: (Op-Ed) 4 Reasons Evangelicals Should Oppose Trump's Muslim Ban 2.0
By Richard Cizik

Huffington Post: (Op-Ed) Decoding America's Immigration Sentiment
By Chris Jackson

The Hill: (Op-Ed) Communities of color must work together in resisting Trump's agenda
By Jason Nichols


PennLive: ICE agents are racial profiling, persecuting families needlessly, say immigration advocates
By Ivey DeJesus

Politico: (Florida) Bill cracking down on 'sanctuary cities' clears first committee stop
By Daniel Ducassi

WKSU: (Ohio) After Nearly a Dozen Years in Akron, a Family is Abruptly Sent Back to Colombia
By M.L. Schultz

Politico: (Texas) Mayor: Immigration ban, sanctuary city crackdown harm Austin
By Aidan Quigley