Daily Immigration News Clips – March 2, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on March 2, 2018


AP Congress' immigration push sputters as guns grab attention
By Alan Fram

The Washington Post With no more deadline, Congress has stopped talking about immigration
By Paul Kane

Vox New statistics show the government is sitting on tens of thousands of DACA applications
By Dara Lind

WSHU Top Democrat Says Election Will Decide DACA's Fate
By Scott Detrow

AP $20 million in scholarships offered to DACA students
By Michael Casey

Vox The right-wing effort to paint DREAMers as a nightmare
By Dara Lind

AP 232 people arrested during immigration sweep in California
By Elliot Spagat

The Washington Post Oakland mayor who tipped-off immigrants to ICE raid draws Justice Department scrutiny
By Meagan Flynn

Politico 'Outrageous' for Oakland mayor to preemptively warn of ICE raid, White House says
By Cristiano Lima

Washington Times Justice Department looking into bringing charges against Oakland mayor
By Stephen Dinan and Dave Boyer

Washington Times White House defends ICE, Border Patrol from California attacks
By Stephen Dinan

CNN How Trump changed the rules to arrest more non-criminal immigrants
By Tal Kopan

Salon Not even Army veterans' spouses are safe from Trump's deportation wave
By Charlie May

International Business Times Military Veteran Bob Crawford's Immigrant Wife Faces Deportation, DHS Refuses To Help
By Pritha Paul

Star Tribune Efforts underway to block deportation of Somalis
By Mila Koumpilova

New York Times Trump Targets MS-13, a Violent Menace, if Not the One He Portrays
By Ron Nixon, Liz Robbins, and Katie Benner

Wall Street Journal 'This Is Your Daughter? When Was She Born?' U.S. Border Agents Test Migrants' Claims of Family Ties
By Laura Meckler, Alicia A. Caldwell, and Dudley Althaus

Wall Street Journal Pushed From the U.S., They Find Hope in Mexico's 'Silicon Valley'
By David Luhnow

The Washington Post A Trump ally is likely to replace a career diplomat as U.S. ambassador, and Mexicans are worried
By Joshua Partlow and Philip Rucker

CNN Plan to end rule that allows spouses of H-1B holders to work is delayed
By Sara Ashley O'Brien

CNN She wanted her classmates to talk about immigration -- so she brought the border to them
By Mercedes Leguizamon and Saeed Ahmed

NBC News Trump immigration policies stress out parents and kids alike
By Maggie Fox

Vox Trump's biggest mistake on immigration: his belief that something so complex can be "fixed"
By Nicole Hemmer

By Carlos Ballesteros

By Jessica Kwong

U.S. News and World Report Deportation Fears Putting Mental Strain on Hispanic Families
By Robert Preidt

Yahoo Finance Cuban-American tech pioneer: Trump's immigration stance is 'sad in two ways'
By Michael B. Kelley

Philadelphia Inquirer Anti-immigrant vitriol kicks off anxiety in children of immigrants
By Alfred Lubrano

The Hill (Op-Ed) Rewarding bad behavior is the worst approach to illegal immigration
By Matt O'Brien

The Hill (Op-Ed) Real immigration reform would halt family separation and mistreatment of asylum seekers
By Mary Gardner

HuffPost (Op-Ed) A Piece Of Paper Is Controlling My Students' Lives
By Anne Belden

New Yorker (Opinion) How D.H.S. Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Became One of President Trump's Fiercest Loyalists
By Jonathan Blitzer

Bloomberg View (Opinion) A Deeply Flawed Argument Against Immigration
By Noah Smith

Bloomberg View (Opinion) How Polls Mislead on Guns and Immigration
By Ramesh Ponnuru

Teen Vogue (Op-Ed) Young People Everywhere Can Be Activists and Advocates
By Gaby Pacheco

Daily Beast (Op-Ed) It's Not Just Trump: The Law Is Designed to Deny Immigrants Their Basic Rights
By Jay Michaelson

Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed) There are echoes of the Fugitive Slave Act in today's immigration debate
By Harold Meyerson


KCUR Another Local Immigrant OK'd To Live And Work In U.S. Now Faces Deportation
By Dan Margolies

AP Judge permanently bars Indiana from blocking Syrian refugees

Big Island Now Sen. Hirono Introduces Bill to Help Minors Appearing in Immigration Court

WFAE In Carolinas, DACA Recipients Press On Despite Uncertainty
By Alex Olgin

San Francisco Chronicle (California) SF mayor now supports legal fund for immigrants facing deportation
By Rachel Swan

NBC New York (New Jersey) Conditions at Three New Jersey Immigration Detention Centers Are 'Harsh and Inhumane,' Report Says

SF Weekly (California) S.F. Requests Millions to Support Immigrants Facing Deportation
By Nuala Sawyer

The Underground (Pennsylvania) PENN STATE STANDS BY DACA STUDENTS
By Isabella Langston

Sauk Valley (Illinois) Candidate: It's time to fix 'nonsensical and ineffective' immigration system
By Rachel Rodgers

ABC 30 (California) Immigrants scramble to apply for citizenship as ICE cracks down in Central California
By Christina Fan

Merced Sun-Star (Editorial) Immigration divides us just as it hurts us

Modesto Bee (Op-Ed) Denham abandons Dreamers; I won't when elected to Congress
By Josh Harder