Daily Immigration News Clips – March 28, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on March 28, 2017


Wall Street Journal: Sanctuary Cities to Be Barred From Justice Department Funds, Sessions Says
By Laura Meckler

Associated Press: Sheriff: ICE arrests immigrants reporting for labor detail

Wall Street Journal: For Trump Administration, 'Extreme Vetting' Has Wide Scope
By Laura Meckler

New York Times: White House to States: Shield the Undocumented and Lose Police Funding

Washington Post: Do 80 percent of Americans oppose sanctuary cities?
By Michelle Ye Hee Lee

Politico: Senate Democrats to meet with Homeland Security chief on immigration
By Seung Min Kim

The Hill: Gorsuch has moderate record on immigration: analysis
By Rafael Bernal

Fusion: ICE rounds up 26 parolees showing up for court-ordered community service
By Jorge Rivas

Associated Press: Immigrant's bid to avoid deportation comes to Supreme Court
By Mark Sherman

Associated Press: Homeland Security secretary stresses keeping US safe
By Mike Householder

Associated Press: Murder case against Border Patrol agent to move forward

Associated Press: Judge won't release Mexican man jailed near Seattle
By Gene Johnson

Washington Post: California chief justice blasts immigration crackdown, says rule of law is 'being challenged'
By Derek Hawkins

Washington Post: ICE agent shoots man in Chicago while attempting to arrest someone else
By Mark Berman

Associated Press: Lawyer disputes circumstances of shooting by federal agent

Chicago Tribune: Man shot by ICE agent serving arrest warrant on Northwest Side
By Elvia Malagon and Peter Nickeas

New York Daily News: Immigration agents shoot Chicago man during raid, reportedly acknowledge they targeted wrong person
By Chris Sommerfeldt

Wall Street Journal: Hartford, ICE in Dispute Over Agents Posing as Local Police
By Joseph De Avila

Boston Globe: Hundreds in Boston will protest Vermont ICE arrests
By Milton J. Valencia

Fusion: Another DACA recipient was arrested by ICE in Portland
By Jorge Rivas

The Gazette: Iowa's hometown to the world: Postville immigration raid leaves lingering fears, new hopes
By Alison Gowans

Associated Press: City leaders defy White House threat on "sanctuary" policies
By Steve Peoples

Associated Press: Attorney General: Sanctuary cities are risking federal money
By Sadie Gurman

Associated Press: Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Sanctuary cities must end

Reuters: U.S. Attorney General: Sanctuary Cities May Lose Justice Department Grants
By Ayesha Rascoe

Washington Post:Attorney General Jeff Sessions repeats Trump threat that 'sanctuary cities' could lose Justice Department grants
By Sari Horwitz and Maria Sacchetti

Los Angeles Times: Sanctuary city leaders vow to remain firm, despite threats from U.S. attorney general
By Ruben Vives and Cindy Carcamo

Wall Street Journal: Sanctuary City Mayors Vow to Protect Immigrants
By Alejandro Lazo and Shibani Mahtani

The Hill: Perez: Trump 'trying to bully law enforcement' over sanctuary cities
By Mark Hensch

Associated Press: Lawsuit seeks data over searches of electronics at US border
By Jack Gillum

Associated Press: 13 states urge appeals court to OK Trump travel ban
By Alanna Durkin Richer

Associated Press: Trump asks appeals court to let travel ban take effect

The Hill: 12 state AGs back Trump travel ban
By Mark Hensch

Associated Press: Q&A: Who'd gain from a Trump border wall? Hint: Not Mexico
By Alex Veiga

Politico: Congress may stiff Trump on wall funding
By Burgess Everett and Rachel Bade

The Hill: Trump wants $1B for 62 miles of border wall: report By Mark Hensch

Reuters: 'Religious Left' Emerging as U.S. Political Force in Trump Era
By Scott Malone

New York Times: Indian-Americans Reward Man Who Intervened in Kansas Shooting
By Daniel Victor

ABA Journal: Legal logjam in immigration court grows to more than 540,000 cases
By Lorelei Laird

Washington Post (Opinion): Trump is looking more and more like a man without a plan
By Dana Milbank

Washington Post (Opinion): 'They've survived untold horrors': Undocumented teens don't deserve to be demonized
By Petula Dvorak

Daily Beast (Op-Ed): Undocumented Mom With Brain Tumor: I Came Seeking Safety & ICE Locked Me Up
By Sara Beltran Hernandez

The Hill (Op-Ed): Trump undermines own border goals by gutting Coast Guard
By Col. Wes Martin

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): Bill Clinton Laid Groundwork for Trump's Ugly Immigration Policies
By Bill Blum


Columbus Dispatch (Ohio): Trump order has Ohio's undocumented immigrants scrambling
By Earl Rinehart and Encarnacion Pyle

Cleveland Plain Dealer (Ohio): New statewide survey shows Ohio remains politically divided
By Andrew J. Tobias

Associated Press (Mississippi): Mississippi governor approves outlawing of sanctuary cities
By Jeff Amy

Associated Press (Virginia): McAuliffe vetoes anti-sanctuary cities bill

New York Times (Maine): Lacking E.M.T.s, an Aging Maine Turns to Immigrants
By Katharine Q. Seelye