Daily Immigration News Clips – May 15, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on May 15, 2018


AP 1st appeals court to weigh Trump's decision to end DACA
By Sudhin Thanawala

AP Immigration crackdown shifts to employers as audits surge
By Elliot Spagat

Wall Street Journal Workplace Inspections Increase in Pursuit of Illegal Hirings
By Laura Meckler

New York Times National Guard Has Eyes on the Border. But They're Not Watching Mexico.
By Manny Fernandez

CNN Migrant mom Gabriela Hernandez just got to California after weeks in caravan and detention
By Leyla Santiago

Politico Wilbur Ross: 'I don't think the sky will fall' with census citizenship question
By Eli Okun

The Hill Dem tears into Kelly over immigrant comments: 'He eats the vegetables that they pick'
By Morgan Gstalter

The Hill McCain memoir says immigration reform 'a harder disappointment than other defeats'
By Max Greenwood

AP Asian Americans Turn Angst over Trump into Political Activism
By Janie Har

The Washington Post Trump's improved standing, energized GOP voters worry Democrats
By Sean Sullivan and Seung Min Kim

AP Facebook Ads Show Russian Effort to Stoke Political Division
By Mary Clare Jalonick

The Washington Post (Opinion) America's president is the bully of children
By Michael Gerson

New York Times (Op-Ed) Trump's Wall: A Conservative Conceptual Art Installation
By Hector Tobar

The Washington Post (Opinion) 'Real' Americans are a myth. Don't you dare buy it.
By Eugene Robinson

The Hill (Op-Ed) Trump's TPS decision undercuts US goals in Honduras
By Elizabeth Olgesby

By Alexis Tovar

The Week (Opinion) Why Republicans will never reform immigration
By Paul Waldman

Univision (Op-Ed) Questions for John Kelly, from one Marine to another
By John Feeley

Chicago Tribune (Opinion) With undocumented immigrants, it's not about crime
By Steve Chapman

Chicago Tribune (Op-Ed) How Trump is really changing immigration: Making it harder for people to come here legally
By Alex Nowrasteh


AP Candidate forum seeks cultural preservation for Hispanics

AP Immigration agent gets 6-month jail term in Kansas leak case
By Roxana Hegeman

AP GOP Gov. Kasich to share Ohio plan to help legal immigrants

Reuters Pennsylvania primaries could herald shift of power in U.S. House
By James Oliphant

Wall Street Journal Women Target Pennsylvania's All-Male House Delegation
By Reid J. Epstein and Janet Hook

CNN Pennsylvania drowned Democratic hopes in 2016, but 2018 looks far different
By Harry Enten

Politico A GOP surprise: House midterm hope in California
By Rachael Bade

FiveThirtyEight.com Missouri's Claire McCaskill Has Been Savvy and Lucky - Can She Do It Again?
By Perry Bacon Jr.

WNYC Caught in Trump's Immigration Crackdown, N.J. Family Marks Mothers' Day Without Mom
By Matt Katz

Splinter The Brooklyn Comedian Whose Joke About ICE Got Him a Visit From Homeland Security
By Katherine Kruger

The Washington Post Legislative town hall in Arlington dissolves into chaos over immigration
By Patricia Sullivan

Detroit News Immigration advocates to march 90 miles from Detroit to Lansing
By Dana Afana

LimaOhio.com Immigration activist claims police harassment
By J Swygart

St Louis Dispatch (Editorial) Absent a border wall, Trump opts to punish migrant parents by seizing their kids.

Salt Lake Tribune (Editorial) Bigotry against immigrants never seems to end

New York Daily News (Op-Ed) Let undocumented immigrants drive: Cuomo can act right now
By Peter Markowitz

Youngstown Vindicator (Opinion) Slave labor in America
By Joe Guzzardi