Daily Immigration News Clips – May 24, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on May 24, 2018


CNN Trump calls for sweeping changes to US immigration legal process
By Allie Malloy and Tal Kopan

Vox Trump made an immigration crackdown a priority. Jeff Sessions made it a reality.
By Dara Lind

Washington Post 'Astounding ignorance of the law': Civil rights groups slam DeVos for saying schools can report undocumented students
By Moriah Balingit

AP Trump: No Cooperation on Immigration, No Aid

Reuters Trump threatens aid cut to countries that do not stop MS-13 gang migrants
By Steve Holland

New York Times Trump, Visiting Epicenter of MS-13 Killings, Demands Tougher Immigration Laws
By Liz Robbins and Michael D. Shear

Wall Street Journal Trump Suggests Withholding Aid to Curb Illegal Immigration
By Louise Radnofsky

CNN Trump claims Democrats are 'sticking up for MS-13,' but his example misleads
By Maegan Vazquez

AP Trump: No immigration deal unless 'real wall,' good security

Washington Post 'A real wall' must be part of any immigration bill in the House, Trump says
By John Wagner

CNN The US border is bigger than you think
By Catherine E. Shoichet

The Hill Trump: 'No approvals from me' on immigration bill unless it improves a 'real wall'
By John Bowden

Texas Observer The Surge
By Melissa del Bosque

FactCheck.org Fact check: Trump wrongly blames Democrats for his border policy of separating families
By D'Angelo Gore

Washington Post Three reasons moderate Republicans are backing an immigration vote
By Kevin Schaul and Kevin Uhrmacher

Politico GOP scrambles to quell immigration revolt
By Rachael Bade

CNN Another Republican signs the petition to force an immigration vote in the House
By Tal Kopan and Lauren Fox

The Hill Republicans fear retribution for joining immigration revolt
By Melanie Zanona

The Hill GOP centrists threaten to use conservative's weapon against them
By Scott Wong

The Hill Top GOP donor threatens to stop giving to lawmakers over DACA battle
By Avery Anapol

Roll Call Trump Says All or Nothing on Immigration Bill
By John T Bennett

HuffPost House Republicans Report Progress On An Immigration Deal
By Matt Fuller and Elise Foley

AP Senate hopeful Joe Arpaio mum on details of Trump policies
By Jacques Billeaud

FiveThirtyEight.com What Happens If Republicans Keep Control Of The House And Senate?
By Perry Bacon Jr.

FiveThirtyEight.com What Went Down In Tuesday's Southern Primaries
By Nathaniel Rakich

The Verge Twitter will label election candidates with new badges on their profiles
By Ashley Carman

Washington Post Inside a tractor-trailer pulled over in Texas: Loads of avocados and 88 immigrants
By Christine Phillips

The Verge The ACLU is suing ICE for more information on its license plate reader contract
By Russell Brandom

Miami New Times Video: Guard Threatens to Arrest Activist Recording Conditions at Miami ICE Facility
By Jeryr Ianelli

AP Migrant remittances a big business in cash-starved Venezuela
By Christine Armario

AP Ryan returns to Capitol to calm restless House Republicans
By Lisa Mascaro

Washington Post A man posed for months as an ICE agent. A traffic stop led his girlfriend to unravel the truth.
By Marwa Eltagouri

The Hill Trump on MS-13: 'These are not people, these are animals'
By Jordan Fabian

The Hill ICE director supports Trump's 'animals' remark: 'MS-13 kills for sport'
By Aris Folley

Washington Post Trump's 'animal' instincts toward immigrants go beyond MS-13
By Ruben Navarette

The Hill (Op-Ed) Immigrant women, children abused by gangs need our protection
By Sharon Phillips

The Hill (Op-Ed) Trump, Dems can solve the DACA problem by redefining it
By Nolan Rappaport

New York Times (Op-Ed) The Rising Racial Liberalism of Democratic Voters
By Sean McElwee

Wall Street Journal (Op-Ed) Immigrant-Bashing Helps MS-13
By Representative Tom Suozzi

Forbes (Op-Ed) Reagan Versus Trump On The Free Movement Of People
By Stuart Anderson

Forward (Op-Ed) Our Synagogue's Custodian Is A Member Of Our Family - And ICE Just Deported Him
By Aaron Brusso


Dallas Morning News (Nebraska) Even as Trump tightens immigration, Lincoln situation shows U.S. labor shortage is becoming a crisis
By Alfredo Corchado

Ohio Ag Connection Steps Outlined for the Next Farm Bill Vote

WTOL Giving Up and Holding Out: The Plight of the Unemployed in America Today
By Bill Stoller

WOSU (Ohio) Rep. Jordan's Move to Block Farm Bill Has Tepid Support Among Constituents Who Rely On It
By Nick Evans

Dallas Morning News Policy or political theater? Texas Rep. Will Hurd takes heat in push to force DACA vote
By Nicole Cobler and Katie Leslie