Daily Immigration News Clips – May 30, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on May 30, 2018


NBC News Transgender migrant from Honduras dies in U.S. custody
by Annie Rose Ramos

New York Times Trump Officials, Moving to Break Up Migrant Families, Blame Democrats
by Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Ron Nixon

Wall Street Journal Trump Administration Defends Its Immigration Policies
by Louise Radnofsky and Laura Meckler

Reuters Trump and Mexican president spar over border wall again

Washington Post Trump is blaming Democrats for separating migrant families at the border. Here's why this isn't a surprise.
by Seung Min Kim

Washington Post Trump's 'zero tolerance' at the border is causing child shelters to fill up fast
by Nick Miroff

Politico Trump blasts critics over outdated Obama-era photo of detained immigrant kids
by Louis D. Nelson

CNN Here's what's really happening with the 1,500 'missing' immigrant children
by AJ Willingham

CNN HHS official offers new explanation for missing immigrant children
by Emanuella Grinberg, Angela Barajas and Rosa Flores

The Hill Trump knocks Dems for tweeting 2014 images of children in cages at border
by Max Greenwood

The Hill HHS official: Immigrant children are not 'lost'
by Max Greenwood

NPR Following Up On 1,500 Missing Immigrant Children In The U.S.
by Steve Inskeep

MSNBC MSNBC - May 25, 2018

The Independent What really happened to the 1,500 immigrant children the Trump administration 'lost'?
by Emily Shrugeman

The Hill GOP rep on forcing immigration vote: 'Ultimately we have to find a solution'
by Josh Delk

Roll Call 5 Obstacles to a House Republican Immigration Deal
by Lindsey McPherson

Vox Republican moderates are close to forcing an immigration fight in the House
by Tara Golshan and Ella Nilsen

HuffPost These Indian Women's Lives Are Frozen By American Immigration Laws
by Carol Kuruvilla

Politico Trump's new midterm strategy: Outrage
by Matthew Nussbaum and Christopher Cadelago

USA Today Exclusive: Immigration dominating GOP candidates' TV ads in House contests across the country
by Deirdre Shesgreen and Eliza Collins

CNN David Leopold on CNN

AP Trump, critics trade angry immigration charges, falsehoods
by Jill Colvin

Reuters Trump administration will fingerprint child migrants' parents
by Yeganeh Torbati

New York Times Trump Exaggerates Record on MS-13
by Linda Qiu

Washington Post Trump ties Republican midterm strategy to immigration, claims Mexico will pay for border wall
by Seung Min Kim and Anne Gearan

Washington Post Fact-checking immigration spin on separating families and 1,500 'lost' children
by Salvador Rizzo

CNN Fact checking the Trump administration on immigration
by Tal Kopan

Roll Call Trump Nominee Has Blasted Lawmakers, Mormons, Immigrants
by John T. Bennett

The Atlantic Trump's Right-Hand Troll
by McKay Coppins

New York Times (Opinion) Democrats Are Running a Smart, Populist Campaign
by David Leonhardt

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump's ugly spin about separated children gives away his game
by Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Opinion) Will Trump finally pay a price for his abject cruelty?
by Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion) If Democrats are having a civil war, nobody told the voters
by Dana Milbank

Washington Post (Opinion) Republicans' inhumanity at the border reveals their grand scam
by Catherine Rampell

CNN (Op-Ed) At the border, my son was taken from me
by Mirian G.

Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed) After pointlessly groping countless Americans, the TSA is keeping a secret watchlist of those who fight back
by Jim Bovard


Arizona Central Transgender woman from migrant caravan dies in ICE custody
by Daniel Gonzalez

Sacramento Bee Is 'sanctuary state' the best political issue for the GOP in years? Not in California, experts warn
by Taryn Luna

AP Border agents arrest 13 after New Hampshire checkpoint

Las Vegas Review-Journal Immigration case against undocumented Las Vegas woman dismissed
by Jessie Bekker

AP (Tennessee) Tennessee GOP governor front-runners go right on immigration
by Jonathan Mattise

Dallas Morning News (Editorial) The U.S. probably didn't lose 1,500 immigrant kids, but the possibility tells us the system is broken

San Francisco Chronicle (Editorial) How Trump's immigration policy is harming children

Kansas City Star (Editorial) Will Kansas and Missouri Republicans in Congress stand up for Dreamers?

Charlotte Observer (Editorial) Donald Trump isn't the first president to harshly treat undocumented immigrants. He is the cruelest.

Texas Tribune (Op-Ed) Mother's Day in Dilley
by Clara Mendoza