Daily Immigration News Clips – November 27, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on November 27, 2017


The Nation A Growing Lawyer 'Army' Is Banding Together to Protect Immigrants
By Tania Karas

CNN Graham, Durbin suggest tacking immigration policy onto government spending bill
By Maegan Vazquez

The Hill Graham on government shutdown over DACA fix: 'Anything is possible'
By Brett Samuels

McClatchy California businesses push for 2017 immigration fix in Congress, but hopes fade
By Franco Ordonez, Emily CAdei, and Andrea Drusch

Associated Press Full slate of unfinished business will test lawmakers
By Andrew Taylor

Wall Street Journal Congress Prepares for Year-End Legislative Sprint
By Kristina Peterson

Washington Post Congress confronts jam-packed December with shutdown deadline looming
By Mike DeBonis and Ed O'Keefe

Politico Trump and congressional leaders to hold talks to avoid shutdown
By Seung Min Kim, Heather Cayge, and Andrew Restuccia

The Hill Congress returns to nightmare December
By Jordain Carney

Associated Press Congress Coming Back to Crush of Business in a Fraught Time

The Hill Celebrities urge Ivanka Trump to push for DREAM Act with Instagram posts
By Jacqueline Thomsen

Jezebel Celebrities Fill Ivanka Trump's Instagram Feed With Dream Act Reminders
By Whitney Kimball

The Advocate Ellen DeGeneres Offers Support to Dreamers
By Trudy Ring

Reuters Police in Trump-supporting towns aid immigration officials in crackdown
By Mica Rosenberg and Reade Levinson

New York Times Being Deported From Home for the Holidays
By David Gonzalez

New York Times 'Please, God, Don't Let Me Get Stopped': Around Atlanta, No Sanctuary for Immigrants
By Vivian Yee

Boston Globe Fear of Trump crackdown haunts undocumented immigrants
By Matt Viser

Buzzfeed Another Immigrant Father Has Accused US Authorities Of Taking Away His Son
By Adolfo Flores

HuffPost Undocumented Immigrant Whose Wife Has Cancer Finally Granted Temporary Stay
By Kimberly Yam

Politico Philly mayor calls Trump 'a bully' and 'punk' over curbed immigration protections
By Cristiano Lima

The Hill Philly mayor calls Trump a 'bully' and 'punk' after decision to end residency program for Haitians
By Rafael Bernal

The Intercept Canada Prepares for a New Wave of Refugees and Haitians Flee Trump's America
By Naomi Klein

NBC News Haitian family 'terrified' as Trump administration moves to end protected status
By Daniel Arkin

Boston Globe Haitian immigrants vow to continue fight for protected status
By Meghan Irons and Cristela Guerra

Associated Press Murals send message of love to immigrants past and present
By Philip Marcelo

Associated Press Sheriff Arpaio Pursued Case to Hurt Sen. Flake, Lawsuit Says

Associated Press ACLU Says Teen Detained Over Suspected Gang Ties Released

Sacramento Bee Court rules feds can't hold group of immigrant minors on gang allegations without access to a judge
By Anita Chabria nad Nashelly Chavez

New York Times Why 'Made in America' Is Stitched Into the Law, but Not the Uniforms
By Ana Swanson

Washington Post National Security While eyes are on Russia, Sessions dramatically reshapes the Justice Department
By Matt Zapotosky and Sari Horwitz

Washington Post Undocumented immigrants in Baltimore seek refuge in soccer
By Jeff Barker

Washington Post Trump says mosque attack in Egypt proves U.S. needs border wall with Mexico. Is he right?
By Amanda Erickson

Washington Post Spanish-language video game aims to teach students about civil rights
By Drew Gerber

Politico Republicans flee from McConnell in 2018 primaries
By Kevin Robillard

WNYC Backlog in NY Immigration Court Leaves Most Undocumented Children Without Lawyers
By Monica Cordero, Clarissa Sosin, and Annie Nova

Chicago Tribune (Illinois) Chaotic year in immigration policy challenges Chicago
By Jeff Coen

Associated Press (Texas) Advocates say Texas exploiting day laborers after Harvey
By Nomaan Merchant

New York Times (Editorial) What America Celebrates on Thanksgiving

Washington Post (Editorial) The fates of 700,000 'dreamers' hang in the balance. This one should not be hard for Congress.

Boston Globe (Editorial) Haitian and Central American refugees deserve to stay in the land of the Pilgrims

Salt Lake Tribune (Editorial) Love's support of Haitian immigrants embodies Utah values

The Denver Post (Editorial) Congress must stop dawdling on help for Dreamers

The Hill (Op-ed) A vote to pass year-end budget is a vote to deport Dreamers
By David Leopold

Wired Tech as We Know It Would Not Exist Without Immigrants
By Alexis Sobel Fitis

New York Times (Op-ed) ICE's Courthouse Arrests Undercut Democracy
By Cesar Cuauhtemoc Garcia Hernandez

New York Times (Op-ed) Is Anyone Good Enough for an H-1B Visa?
By Frida Yu

Wall Street Journal (Op-ed) Immigrants Need Better Protection-From Their Lawyers
By Benjamin Edwards

Washington Post (Op-ed) Losing so much he may get tired of losing - Trump suffers setback in yet another sanctuary city case
By Ilya Somin

CNN (Op-ed) If Trump can change his mind on hunting, why not on Haiti?
By Peniel Joseph

The Hill (Op-ed) Congress must protect Dreamers after Trump's failure to lead
By Vanita Gupta

The Hill (Op-ed) Border Patrol defends Americans - we must take responsibility for defending them
By Matt O'Brien

The Hill (Op-ed) Texas sanctuary city crackdown should go nationwide
By AJ Louderback

HuffPost (Op-ed) Saving America Starts With DACA: Pass A Clean DREAM Act
By Katie Sgarro

Salon (Opinion) Progressives should do more than defend immigration - we should celebrate it
By Amanda Marcotte


Star Tribune (Minnesota) Minnesota employers of skilled immigrant workers say Trump aims to shame, not reform
By Mila Koumpilova

New England Public Radio Immigration Attorney Says Ending TPS For Haiti Makes No Sense

Star Tribune (Minnesota) Minnesota's Mexican Consulate responds to Trump's immigration changes
By Mila Koumpilova

WABC Immigrant family makes Thanksgiving plea to ICE officials
By Joe Torres

New Haven Register Undocumented immigrant in sanctuary at New Haven church receives temporary reprieve
By Esteban Hernandez

WNPR Stamford Mother Defies Deportation Order, Supporters Rally In Her Defense
By Dan Katz

Arkansas Online Woman arrested in Arkansas after reporting domestic violence set to leave immigration jail
By Eric Besson

ABC22 Englewood mom says she's waiting for a miracle as she continues fight to halt deportation
By Nathan Edwards

WKSU Two Men Allowed to Enter Ohio After Immigration Battle
By Mark Arehart

WMAR Young Immigrant Fears Losing Protected Status He's Had For 18 Years
By Ben Schamisso and Jamal Andress

Miami Herald Don't kick out Haitians who fled quake, Miami's Archbishop Wenski urges Congress
By Caitlin Ostroff

Washington Post With Democratic sweep in Virginia, progressives hopeful
By Fenit Nirappil

Washington Post Historic turnout of young voters in Virginia election poses problem for Republicans
By Greg Schneider

Washington Post What Virginia's Governor-elect Ralph Northam (D) promised during his campaign
By Fenit Nirappil

Loudoun Times (Op-ed) Analysis: Loudoun swinging to blue as it grows and becomes more diverse
By Dale Peskin

Detroit Free Press (Op-ed) Consider the trauma immigration raids cause for children
By Rebekah Diamon

Alabama.com (Op-ed) Undocumented immigrants face inhumane and unconstitutional mistreatment in ICE custody
By Alan Howard