Daily Immigration News Clips – September 8 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on September 8, 2017


Associated Press Trump tweet unlikely to calm anxious immigrants
By Elliot Spagat

Mother Jones Administration Isn't Sharing Dreamers' Information With ICE, But Another Threat Looms
By Noah Lanard

Associated Press Pentagon: Trump order to end DACA raises issues for military

Associated Press Politics Trump tweets reassurance about DACA at Pelosi's urging
By Erica Werner

Reuters Trump DACA Decision Followed Months of Meetings Involving Senior Democrat
By Richard Cowan

Reuters Ryan Hopes to Combine DACA, Border Security in Immigration Bill: NYT Interview

Washington Post Ryan: The U.S. doesn't have control over its borders and 'DACA is a symptom'

Washington Post How many people will Trump's DACA rollback affect? About 100,000 fewer than initially reported.
By David Nakamura

Wall Street Journal Bannon Criticizes Catholic Church Over Response to Trump's 'Dreamers' Move
By Eli Stokols

Wall Street Journal DACA Currently Enrolls About 690,000 Immigrants, Homeland Security Says
By Laura Meckler

Los Angeles Times DACA brought 'Dreamers' out of the shadows. Now, some plan to only get louder
By Sonali Kohli , Cindy Carcamo and Corina Knoll

Politico Immigration advocates: Schumer, Pelosi dissed Dreamers
By Heather Caygle, Seung Min Kim, and Elana Schor

Politico Cardinal Dolan rips into Bannon for 'insulting' remarks about Catholic Church and immigrants
By Nolan D. McCaskill

The Hill Bannon: 'The guys on the far right' are not happy with Trump's DACA decision
By Mallory Shelbourne

The Hill Senate GOP whip: No vote on stand-alone bill for 'Dreamers'
By Alexander Bolton

The Hill GOP lawmaker drops effort to force vote to extend DACA protections
By Cristina Marcos

Crain's One 'Dreamer' vows to finish med school in the face of DACA chaos
By Robin D. Schatz

The Guardian Airbnb vows to be first company to defy Trump and keep employing 'Dreamers'
By Sam Levin

Daily Beast Koch Brothers Will Push Congress to Protect DREAMers
By Lachlan Markay

Daily Beast 200K Kids Could Lose Their Parents if DREAMers Are Deported
By Betsy Woodruff

Splinter Obama Gave These Kids DACA. Here's How They Plan to Survive.
By Melissa Pandika

Associated Press Appeals court: Grandparents not part of Trump's travel ban
By Gene Johnson

New York Times Appeals Court Limits Trump Travel Ban and Allows More Refugees
By Miriam Jordan

Washington Post Grandparents, refugees with formal assurances can enter under Trump's travel ban, appeals court rules
By Matt Zapotosky

Wall Street Journal Appeals Court Deals Blow to Trump's Travel Ban
By Jess Bravin

NBC Homeland Security Cancels Massive Roundups of Undocumented Immigrants
By Julia Ainsley and Andrew Blankstein

The Hill ICE denies plan for nationwide immigration raids
By Josh Delk

Daily Beast ICE Wrongly Imprisoned an American Citizen for 1,273 Days. Judges Say He's Owed $0.
By Harry Siegel

Associated Press Senate passes $15B disaster aid measure, debt limit increase
By Andrew Taylor

Associated Press Trump nominates White House lawyer to important court seat
By Sadie Gurman

Associated Press It's a 'great thing' to deal with Democrats, Trump now says
By Jonathan Lemire and Erica Werner

Associated Press Justice Department: Sanctuary cities lower on grant priority

Associated Press For Trump and Ryan, a tortured relationship grows more so
By Jonathan Lemire and Erica Werner

Associated Press Intel official: Terror plots often raise concerns early
By Deb Reichmann

Associated Press Ex-Trump strategist: White House aides must defend president
By Catherine Lucey

New York Times Trump Reaches Out to Make More Deals With Congressional Democrats
By Peter Baker and Sheryl Gay Stolberg

New York Times Using Silicon Valley Tactics, LinkedIn's Founder Is Working to Blunt Trump
By Katie Benner

Washington Post Republicans jolted by, and Democrats wary of, Trump's overtures to opposing party
By Robert Costa, Sean Sullivan and Mike DeBonis

Wall Street Journal More Design Proposals Coming for a Mexican Border Wall
By Alicia A. Caldwell

Wall Street Journal Poll Highlights Lingering Divisions in the GOP
By Janet Hook

Politico McCaul emerges as a leading candidate for DHS secretary
By Elana Johnson and Anna Palmer

Politico Key conservatives oppose Trump debt ceiling deal

New York Times JR's Latest: A Child Caught Between the U.S.-Mexico Border
By Melena Ryzik

Washington Post (Editorial) Trump's deal with the Democrats saves us from disaster - but not for long

New York Times (Op-Ed) It's the DACA Decision, Not Hurricane Harvey, That May Tear Houston Apart
By Lacy M. Johnson

New York Times (Opinion) Dreamers, Liars and Bad Economics
By Paul Krugman

Washington Post (Opinion) 'Go home and get in line': Fact-checking Kris Kobach on DACA
By Christopher Ingraham

Washington Post (Opinion) Appeals court rejects Trump's enforcement of travel ban order against grandparents and refugees with formal resettlement assurances
By Ilya Somin

Washington Post (Opinion) 'Dreamers' aren't just coming from Latin America
By Eugene Scott

Washington Post (Op-Ed) Yes, DACA is 'amnesty.' Let's just call it that, and then let's make it happen.
By Matt Welch

Washington Post (Op-Ed) I was shocked to learn I was undocumented. And shocked to learn DACA was ending.
By Leezia Dhalla

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump teaming up with 'Chuck and Nancy' was foretold by Michael Steele in November
By Jonathan Capehart

Washington Post (Opinion) The military looked to 'dreamers' to use their vital skills. Now the U.S. might deport them.
By Alex Horton

Washington Post (Opinion) What does Trump really want for the 'dreamers'?
By Allison Michaels

Washington Post (Opinion) This is the DACA deal Congress should make
By Michael Gerson

Washington Post (Opinion) The economics favor the DACA 'dreamers.' But there's a lot more to them than that.
By Jared Bernstein

Washington Post (Op-Ed) How DACA pits 'good immigrants' against millions of others
By Joel Sati

Washington Post (Opinion) Steve Bannon says his media image is 'pretty accurate'
By Callum Borchers

Washington Post (Op-Ed) Don't assume the militias at the Charlottesville rally were white supremacists. This is what they believe now.
By Sam Jackson

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump just sided with Pelosi and Schumer. Will he systematically sell out the GOP?
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Op-Ed) Five myths about DACA
By David Bier

Washington Post (Opinion) Hey, 'dreamers': Who are you gonna believe, the president or his administration?
By Philip Bump

Washington Post (Opinion) Democrats can look on the bright side
By Jennifer Rubin

Wall Street Journal (Opinion) Maybe The Obama Era Really Is Ending
By James Freeman

Boston Globe (Opinion) A special prosecutor should challenge Joe Arpaio's special pardon
By Andrew Manuel Crespo

The Hill (Op-Ed) DACA repeal will have a terrible impact on our military
By Todd A. Weiler

Slate (Op-Ed) No Good Reason
By Daniel Hemel

Vox (Opinion) All the relief money in the world won't rebuild Houston. Undocumented workers will.
By Alexia Fernández Campbell


Associated Press Maryland officials criticize Trump's immigration plan

Texas Tribune See where Texas' congressional delegation stands on Trump's DACA decision
By Abby Livingston, Claire Allbright, and Chris Essing

Cleveland Plain Dealer Candlelight vigil held in support of immigrants, DACA, DREAMers in downtown Cleveland
By Justin Madden

The Chronicle-Telegram Protest on Tappan Square targets DACA decision
By Jon Wysochanski

FOX 8 Hundreds rally in Cleveland to support DACA
By Matt Wright

Dayton Daily News Area 'dreamer' rallies to support DACA after Trump announcement
By Max Filby

New York Daily News Long Island Teamster with no criminal record deported to Guatemala days after immigration check-in - with no notice to his family
By Ginger Adams Otis

10TV Columbus mother facing deportation allowed to go home
By Kevin Landers

Deseret News (Opinion) Op-ed: When it comes to DACA, why is amnesty a political dirty word?
By David Wilks

Houston Chronicle (Op-Ed) Texas shuns immigrants the moment they're needed most
By Stan Marek