Daily Immigration News Clips – April 21, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on April 21, 2017.


The Guardian: Torn apart: the American families hit by Trump's immigration crackdown
Ed Pilkington

The Atlantic: Trump's Immigration Crackdown Is Overwhelming a Strained System
By Priscilla Alvarez

Associated Press: Central America worries about more gang deportations from US

Associated Press: Report: ICE does bad job of overseeing deportable immigrants
By Alicia A. Caldwell

Associated Press: Mexico says deportation of 'dreamer,' mother violated rules

Politico: USA Today: Top federal immigration official recommends end to TPS for 50,000 Haitians in U.S.
By Sergio Bustos

USA Today: Trump agency wants to end temporary protection for 50,000 Haitians in U.S.
By Alan Gomez

NBC: ICE Deportation Officers Overburdened, Undertrained: Inspector General
By Nikita Biryukov

Los Angeles Times: Trump wants to ramp up deportations, but ICE probably won't be able to keep up

Wall Street Journal: Watchdog Finds Immigration Enforcement Agency Lacks Manpower to Properly Track Immigrants
By Dan Frosch

Daily Beast: Government Watchdog: Trump's Deportation Force Is Not Ready
By Betsy Woodruff

The Hill: Trump team brings tough talk to border
By Rafael Bernal

Politico: Judge attacked by Trump to oversee 'Dreamer' deportation lawsuit
By Madeline Conway

Politico: DREAMers status gets murkier
By Ted Hesson

BBC: Trump-targeted judge gets high-profile immigration case

AOL: Judge attacked by Trump to rule on 'DREAMer' immigration case

CBN: Inaugural Preacher says He's Alarmed at Dreamer Deportation
By Heather Sells

The Hill: Mexico: Recent deportations 'a violation' of US immigration rules
By Rafael Bernal

Huffington Post: This Mom Of 4 With No Criminal Record Was Deported After Following ICE's Rules
By Carol Kuruvilla

MarketWatch: Trump's fight against immigration could hurt this American company
By Tom Kilgore

TC: 162 tech companies file brief against the latest immigration executive order
By Devin Coldewey

Associated Press: Trump budget chief: Spending bill must have money for wall
By Andrew Taylor

Washington Post: White House could provoke a spending showdown over funding for border wall
By Kelsey Snell and Damian Paletta

The Hill Budget chief: Funding for wall must be included in spending bill
By Nikita Vladimirov

Associated Press: Prison company struggles to get license for family center
By Meredith Hoffman

Associated Press: Busy year for protests could cost Washington millions
By Ben Nuckols

Associated Press: Q&A about detaining immigrant parents and children together
By Claudia Lauer

Associated Press: The Latest: Trump calls 100-day assessment 'ridiculous'

Reuters: Trump Administration May Change Rules That Allow Terror Victims to Immigrate to U.S.
By Mica Rosenberg

New York Times: Theater in the Trump Era: A Broadway Revival of 'An Enemy of the People' Is Planned
By Michael Paulson

Washington Post: Hawaiians to Jeff Sessions: 'We're not just some island'
By Samantha Schmidt

Washington Post: Nearing the 100-day mark with limited accomplishments, Trump calls it a 'ridiculous standard'
By John Wagner

Wall Street Journal: Jeff Sessions Criticizes Hawaii Judge Who Opposed Trump Travel Ban
By Aruna Viswanatha

Politico: White House demands disrupt shutdown negotiations
By Burgess Everett, Heather Caygle and Rachael Bade

Politico: Paul Ryan praises Trump's 'get it done' personality
By Louis Nelson

Governing: Why Kris Kobach Is Being Ordered to Reveal the Immigration Plan He Pitched Trump in November
By Bryan Lowry

The Hill: Trump: 'Media will kill' success of first 100 days
By Max Greenwood

The Hill: Hawaii senators fire back at Sessions' 'island in the Pacific' comment
By Rebecca Savransky

New York Times (Editorial): Fearmongering at Homeland Security

New York Times (Editorial): Torn From Their Families for No Good Reason

Washington Post (Editorial): The Trump administration may be deporting 'the good ones'

Washington Post (Opinion): Why Trump's plan to 'Hire American' must start with more rights for immigrant workers
By Vivek Wadhwa

Washington Post (Opinion): Anti-immigration arguments, ruined
By Radley Balko

Washington Post (Opinion): Working-class whites can't handle their status as 'the new minority'
By Jonathan Capehart

Washington Post (Opinion): Voters acknowledge the awfulness of Trump
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion): Jeff Sessions doesn't think a judge in Hawaii - a.k.a. 'an island in the Pacific' - should overrule Trump
By Aaron Blake

The Hill (Op-Ed): America's biggest enemy isn't North Korea or Iran - it's Steve Bannon
By Mark Feinberg

Daily Kos (Opinion): ICE clerical error leads to ICE telling Dreamer with DACA to prepare for deportation
By Gabe Ortiz


NPR: Immigrants Make This Farm Town Work. Now They're Applying For Citizenship
By Luke Runyon

Baltimore Sun: Advocates announce $500,000 legal defense fund for undocumented immigrants in Baltimore
By Luke Broadwater

NJ.com: N.J. grandpa at risk of deportation 'very happy' to get relief from ICE
By Karen Yi

News-Press.com: In North Naples, U.S. Rep. Francis Rooney discusses health care, immigration
By Patrick Riley

GeorgiaPoll.com: Contractors Discuss Immigration with Rep. Mark Sanford
By Lawton Sack

Yakima Herald Immigration reform, dairies two major issues U.S. Rep. Dan Newhouse discussed with residents
By Kaitlin Bain

KTIV: Ernst addresses health care, immigration & presidential travel during town hall
By Tiffany Lane

Foreign Policy: Iraqi Christian Veteran Fears Deportation After Serving Prison Sentence
By Kavitha Surana

Detroit News Sterling Heights man among Iraqis deported on flight
By Kim Kozlowski

Idaho Press-Tribune: Concerns over Trump administration dominate Labrador town hall in Meridian
By Holly Beech

Charlotte Observer: Immigrant groups target CMPD, demand police money cuts and ending road checkpoints
By Mark Price

Phoenix New Times (Opinion): Lemons: Dropping the Mic, Heading South, and Some Parting Shots
By Stephen Lemons

Poughkeepsie Journal (Editorial): Trump's immigration stance undermines community policing: Editorial

El Tecolote (Editorial): Gov. Brown it's time to make CA a sanctuary state