Daily Immigration News Clips – July 27, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on July 27, 2017


NPR Advocates Say Agents Are Unlawfully Turning Away Asylum Seekers At The Border
By Richard Gonzales

Washington Times ICE chief considers smuggling charges against leaders of illegal immigrant 'sanctuaries'
By Stephen Dinan

Associated Press US-Mexico border mayors convene amid high-stakes debates
By Elliot Spagat

NBC Border Wall Push Creates Flap in House - and at the National Butterfly Center
By Suzanne Gamboa

Wisconsin Gazette House Republicans sneak $1.6 billion into defense package for border wall

NBC Dreamers Block Traffic in Texas Protest Against Trump Deportations
By Suzanne Gamboa

Washington Post A history lesson for Trump: Transgender soldiers served in the Civil War
By Steve Hendrix

Politico Inside Trump's snap decision to ban transgender troops
By Rachel Bade and Josh Dawsey

Politico Trump escalates clash with LGBT community
By Madeline Conway

Associated Press Mexican government reuniting smuggling victims with families
By Nomaan Merchant

New York Times Survivors of Smuggling Trip Could Gain Entry to U.S. by Becoming Witnesses
By Caitlin Dickerson

Washington Post Prosecutors ask immigrants from stifling truck to be witnesses in smuggling case
By Maria Sacchetti

Associated Press Alabama GOP says Trump mistreats Sessions, their native son
By Kim Chandler

Reuters Trump Criticism Prompts Questions Over Attorney General's Future
By Julia Edwards Ainsley

New York Times Allies Warn Trump of Conservative Revolt Unless He Backs Off Sessions
By Peter Baker and Jennifer Steinhauer

Washington Post Trump talks privately about the idea of a recess appointment to replace Sessions
By Carol D. Leonnig, Ashley Parker and Philip Rucker

Wall Street Journal In Trump-Sessions Impasse, Aides Urge President to Back Off
By Peter Nicholas and Byron Tau

Politico Pence stands behind 'candid' Trump remarks on Sessions
By Cristiano Lima

Politico Sessions' powerful friends stand up to Trump
By Josh Gerstein and Josh Dawsey

The Hill Mo Brooks would leave Senate race to reinstate Sessions
By Max Greenwood

The Hill GOP senator on Trump's attacks: Sessions 'deserves better'
By Rebecca Savransky

Associated Press Mother Who Took Sanctuary in Church Granted Deportation Stay
By Pat Eaton-Robb

Reuters From a Church Sanctuary, Colorado Woman Resists Deportation
By Lucy Nicholson

Buzzfeed LA Mayor Says He Will Defy Trump Administration On Immigration
By Adolfo Flores

The Hill LA mayor vows to defy Trump administration on immigration: report
By John Bowden

FOX Connecticut man asks Trump to halt imminent deportation to Jamaica
By Cristina Corbin

Newsweek Trump Says Immigrant Gang Members 'Slice and Dice' Young, Beautiful Girls
By Graham Lanktree

Boston Herald Donald Trump claims immigration victory: 'We're liberating our towns'
By Owen Boss

WBUR Baker Administration Drafting Bill To Allow State Police To Cooperate With ICE Detainers

Commercial Appeal Activists race federal agents as 'surge' in immigration arrests continues
By Ryan Poe

Westword ICE Hotline Used to Report Five Immigration Raids This Week
By Chris Walker

Reuters Massachusetts Immigrant Ruling Could Guide Other States: Official
By Scott Malone

New York Times Woman in Charge at Border Patrol Hopes to See More in Ranks
By Ron Nixon

Wall Street Journal Jeff Sessions Says Anti-Crime Task Force Helping to Shape Justice Department Policies
By Bath Reinhard

The Hill Sessions acting on violent crime task force recommendations
By Lydia Wheeler

Wall Street Journal Violence Can Be As Powerful As Economics in Driving Immigration
By Ben Leubsdorf

ABC State attorneys general challenge Trump to end DACA

The Hill GOP rep. says McConnell is 'head of the swamp'
By Rafael Bernal and Ben Kamisar

New York Times (Editorial) Donald Trump's Assault on Jeff Sessions

Youngstown Vindicator (Editorial) Ohio case illustrates what ails US immigration policy

Washington Post (Opinion) In a city that epitomizes the white working class, Trump reminds us that his racial politics haven't evolved
By Philip Bump

Washington Post (Opinion) The overwhelmingly white White House intern class photo, and why it matters
By Nicole Lewis

Washington Post (Opinion) The GOP's cowardice invites Trump to fire Sessions
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Op-Ed) Pence's voter fraud commission will almost certainly 'find' thousands of duplicate registrations that aren't duplicates. Here's why.
By Stephen Pettigrew and Mayya Komisarchik

Washington Post (Opinion) The norms of government are collapsing before our eyes
By E.J. Dionne Jr

Washington Post (Opinion) If the Democrats' new messaging sounds familiar it's because it's Trump's, FDR's and Papa John's
By Nicole Lewis

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump just kicked transgender troops out of the military. This one ugly quote says it all.
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Opinion) The frightful state of the GOP
By Jennifer Rubin


MLive Ann Arbor man facing deportation to Iraq fighting to stay with his family
By Ryan Stanton

WHAS Bardstown father faces deportation after 20 years in the U.S.
By Ana Rivera

ABC 7 Immigrant Sanctuary Movement Grows With Trump as President
By Noreen O'Donnell

PIX 11 ICE arrests 114 undocumented immigrants in New York enforcement action
By Aliza Chasan

Texas Tribune Immigrants arrested near Capitol during DACA protest
By Julian Aguilar

Houston Chronicle Texas stands to lose $6 billion annually if DACA ends
By Ileana Najarro

Austin American Statesman 15 DACA recipients, protesters detained after pro-immigrant rights sit-in outside Texas Capitol
By Ali Linan

KVUE 15 arrested after pro-DACA protesters march through Downtown Austin

Politico (New York) Malliotakis looks to expand list of crimes that lead to deportation
By Azi Paybarah

New York Times (New York) As Democrats Lay Into Trump, Cuomo Takes a Different Tack
By Shane Goldmacher

Wall Street Journal (New York) Long Island Leaders Call for Changes to Migrant-Youth Program
By Joseph De Avila

Mercury News (Op-Ed) Eric Swalwell and Jackie Speier let down their pro-immigrant base
By Rev. Deborah Lee and Bob Lane