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Daily Immigration News Clips – January 11, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on January 11, 2017


USA Today: Building a wall not enough to secure border, DHS nominee John Kelly says
by Donovan Slack

ABC: DACA Beneficiary Shares Concerns During Confirmation Hearing for Gen. John Kelly

Associated Press: Homeland Security pick cites securing border as top priority
by Alicia A. Caldwell

New York Times: John Kelly, Trump's Pick for Homeland Security, Cruises in Hearing
by Ron Nixon and Emmarie Huetteman

Reuters: Kelly says just building a wall won't be enough to secure southern border

Washington Post: Homeland Security nominee John Kelly stresses military and border experience at his confirmation hearing
by Jerry Markon and Dan Lamothe

Wall Street Journal: Trump's Pick for Top Homeland Security Post Faces Senate Panel
by Beth Reinhard and Aruna Vaswanatha

Vox: Retired Gen. John Kelly is Trump's pick to run immigration enforcement. Here's why Dems aren't fighting him.
by Dara Lind

The Hill: Trump's Homeland Security pick against Muslim registry
by Joe Uchill

The Hill: DHS nominee: Border wall alone 'will not do the job'
by Joe Uchill

The Atlantic: Jeff Sessions's Unqualified Praise for a 1924 Immigration Law
by Adam Serwer

New York Times: Jeff Sessions Says He Would Be Independent and Stand Up to Trump
by Matt Apuzzo and Eric Litchblau

New York Times: Hearing Highlights: Sessions Questioned on Links to Xenophobia
by Matt Apuzzo, Eric Litchblau and Emmarie Huetteman

Associated Press: Black lawmakers to speak out against Sessions in hearing
by Eric Tucker and Mary Clare Jalonick

Associated Press: NAACP Continues Protests Outside Office of Sen. Sessions

Reuters: Trump's Choice for U.S. Attorney General Says He Can Stand Up to Him
by Julia Edwards Ainsley

Washington Post: Sessions: Immigration should serve 'the national interest'
by David Weigel

Washington Post: Jeff Sessions has made his case to be the attorney general. Now the Senate will hear from supporters and detractors.
by Matt Zapotosky

Salon: Jeff Sessions has bad news for Dreamers: Trump plans to throw DACA immigrants to the wolves
by Simon Maloy

New York Times: Transgender Women Fear Abuse in Immigration Detention
by Fernanda Santos

New York Times: Women's March on Washington Opens Contentious Dialogues About Race
by Farah Stockman

Washington Post: Sen. John Hoeven says money spent on border security must yield results
by Jenny Starrs

Wall Street Journal: Homeland Security Looks To Blockchain To Track People, Goods Across Borders
by Kim S. Nash

NBC: Cecilia Muñoz, White House's Top Latina: Obama's Work Will Endure
by Suzanne Gamboa

BuzzFeed: Hispanic Leaders Push Trump Team For A Latino Cabinet Pick In Private Meeting
by Adrian Carrasquillo

KPBS: Trump Team's Meeting With Latino Leaders Gets Mixed Reviews
by Adrian Floro

The Guardian: John McCain passes FBI dossier alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts
by Julian Borger

La Opinión (Editorial): Undocumented Immigrants in the Bull's Eye

Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed): Did Latino voters actually turn out for Trump in the election? Not really
by Francisco I. Pedraza, Bryan Wilcox-Archuleta

The Hill (Op-Ed): A fair, responsible approach to the U.S.-Mexico border
by Ali Noorani

The Hill (Op-Ed): Recent attacks underscore need to rethink refugee resettlement
by Melissa Hooper

The Hill (Op-Ed): Sessions-led DOJ will reform immigration law, put Americans first
by Ian Smith and Michael Hethmon


Associated Press (California): Brother of San Bernardino shooter guilty in immigration case

Reuters (California): San Bernardino Gunman's Brother Pleads Guilty to Immigration Fraud
by Dan Whitcomb

Wall Street Journal (New York): New York Developer Lobbies Against Changes to Immigrant Investor Program
by Eliot Brown

Huffington Post (Texas): Texas Republicans Urge Trump-Style Immigration Crackdown
by Roque Planas

Seattle Globalist: Frozen by ICE: Detention centers hold thousands of legal immigrants
by Agatha Pacheco