Daily Immigration News Clips – August 29, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on August 29, 2017


Associated Press Already-pardoned Arpaio asks judge to undo conviction
By Jacques Billeaud

Associated Press Trump defends decision to pardon Arizona's Arpaio

Reuters Trump Defends Arpaio Pardon, Calls Former Sheriff a 'Patriot'
By Mohammad Zargham

Washington Post Trump defends Arpaio pardon, assumed 'ratings would be far higher' by announcing during hurricane
By Ashley Parker

Wall Street Journal Trump Defends Decision to Pardon Arpaio
By Peter Nicholas

Politico Arpaio considering run against Flake
By Louis Nelson

Politico Arpaio moves to dismiss racial profiling case
By Ted Hesson

The Hill Arpaio: I 'didn't do anything wrong'
By Tristan Lejeune

The Hill Steve King defends Arpaio: 'I don't agree that profiling is wrong'
By Mallory Shelbourne

The Hill Arpaio could challenge Flake in Arizona primary
By Ben Kamisar

The Hill Trump: I pardoned Arpaio during hurricane because I thought TV ratings would be higher
By Brandon Carter

The Hill Eugene Robinson on "Morning Joe": Arpaio 'viciously racist'
By Joe Concha

The Hill Arpaio thought Trump's pardon was 'fake' at first
By Robin Eberhardt

The Hill Chicago Tribune columnist: Trump's Arpaio pardon a signal to snitches, 'gangsta politics'
By Joe Concha

The Hill Enraged Dems vow to protect 'Dreamers' program
By Rafael Bernal

Associated Press Justice Department faces tough questions over travel ban
By Sudhin Thanawala and Gene Johnson

New York Times Appeals Court Appears Inclined to Exempt Relatives From Travel Ban
By Adam Liptak

Associated Press The Latest: Trump insists Mexico will pay for border wall

Reuters Tough Choice for Trump if Congress Refuses Border Wall Financing
By David Morgan

Washington Post Trump: Wall with Mexico may be funded 'through the United States'

New York Times Trump Eyed 'Far Higher' Ratings in Pardoning Joe Arpaio as Hurricane Hit
By Glenn Thrush and Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Washington Post Cost of cleaning up Harvey will bring new test of governance for Trump and GOP
By Mike DeBonis and Damian Paletta

Washington Post For Houston's many undocumented immigrants, storm is just the latest challenge
By Maria Sacchetti

Politico Harvey highlights Texas city-state divide
By Renuka Rayasam

Politico Trump: 'There's probably never been anything like' Hurricane Harvey
By Nolan D. McCaskill

The Hill GOP rep warns Texas residents: Start thinking about tetanus shots
By Olivia Beavers

The Hill Houston mayor to immigrants: If you face deportation for seeking safety, I'll represent you
By Mallory Shelbourne

The Hill Illinois governor signs immigration, automatic voter registration measures
By Rafael Bernal

The Hill Rep. King: NY won't 'abandon' Texas despite 'hypocrite' Ted Cruz
By Olivia Beavers

All Things Considered Immigrants Learn How To Respond to SB4; Undocumented Students And College Admissions
By Norma Martinez

The Guardian Texas set for protests over SB4 law and Trump threat to Dreamer protection
By Tom Dart

Daily Kos Read a Dreamer's open letter to Donald Trump explaining why DACA must stay

Fosters Support grows for Indonesians facing deportation
By Judi Currie Associated Press Driver accused of human smuggling in Texas pleads not guilty

Politico Religious leaders march in protest of Trump and racism
By Madeline Conway

The Hill Bannon books first post-White House public appearance with pro-Israel group
By Jacqueline Thomsen

New York Times (Editorial) 'The President Speaks For Himself'

Washington Post (Editorial) The Arpaio pardon displays Trump's disdain for the rule of law

USA Today (Editorial) Joe Arpaio didn't deserve a pardon

Wall Street Journal (Editorial) The Arpaio Pardon

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Editorial) Trump sends worst possible message with the pardoning of Joe Arpaio

Washington Post (Opinion) Arpaio reminds us: Trump's team enables evil behavior
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump abuses his power to help the cause of bigotry
By Michael Gerson

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump is dragging us toward a full-blown crisis. Here's what has to happen now.
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Op-Ed) Why are so many white men so angry?
By Steven M. Gillon

Washington Post (Opinion) Does it matter to the rest of the world if President Trump is racist?
By David Rothkopf

Washington Post (Opinion) 'I assumed the ratings would be higher': Trump's flagrant Friday night news dump just got more flagrant
By Amber Phillips

Washington Post (Opinion) Why did Trump pardon Arpaio? Because he sees himself in the former sheriff.
By Catherine Rampell

Washington Post (Op-Ed) The Trump administration's stealth attack on legal immigration
By David Bier

Washington Post (Opinion) Fox News initially failed to disclose full involvement of pro-Arpaio op-ed writer
By Erik Wemple

Washington Post (Opinion) Will Trump end protections for the dreamers? A new study shows how foolish this would be.
By Paul Waldman

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump now wants to militarize the police, at exactly the wrong moment
By Sarah Posner

Washington Post (Opinion) Harvey shows the anti-government crowd's utter hypocrisy
By Jennifer Rubin

Wall Street Journal (Opinion) Are Trump's August Controversies Careless-Or Calculated?
By Gerald F. Seib

The Atlantic (Op-Ed) 'We Are Living Through a Battle for the Soul of This Nation'
By Joe Biden

The Hill (Op-Ed) Will Congress exploit Hurricane Harvey to pass pork-barrel spending?
By Rachel Bovard

The Hill (Op-Ed) Trump, strike a deal: Trade border wall funding for DACA protections
By Nolan Rappaport

The Hill (Op-Ed) It's time to stop the growing fear of ICE in American schools
By Katherine Culliton-Gonzalez

Huffpost (Op-Ed) Is the Dream Dying?
By Michael Wildes

Huffpost (Op-Ed) Mr. President: I am a DACA Recipient
By Pierre R. Berastain


Associated Press Governor signs law limiting Illinois police on immigration
By Sophia Tareen

Los Angeles Times Dreamer gets glimpse of homeland as DACA deadline looms
By Kate Morrissey

Associated Press Denver passes immigrant protections amid White House threats

Denver Post Denver's new stance on immigration could draw blowback from the feds - but other cities have gone further
By Jon Murray

ABC 7 DACA recipients fear deportations, Trump administration will dissolve program
By Carlos Granda

Miami Hurricane DACA students statewide applying to UM now eligible for UDreamer program

Associated Press Phoenix official wants review of post-rally police actions

Legal Reader Immigration Activists in Texas Prepare to Protest SB4 and Possible DACA Repeal
By Ryan J. Farrick

WUSF Republican Lawmaker Refiles Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill
By Kate Payne

Patch.com Illinois Mom Of 6 Facing Deportation
By Shannon Antinori

Albuquerque Journal ABQ family of Iraqi man fears for his safety if he's deported
By Olivier Uyttebrouck

Cleveland Plain Dealer (Ohio) Man charged in Cleveland hate crime arrested
By Adam Ferrise

WCLV (Ohio) Unsettled: Immigration In Ohio

Austin American Statesman (Op-Ed) Commentary: Texas DACA threat neither cost-effective, wise nor humane
By Barbara Hines

State Press (Opinion) ASU students should fight for DACA students
By Madeline Snarr