Daily Immigration News Clips – July 21, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on July 21, 2017


By Ted Heasson

Washington Post Durbin, Graham file Dream Act, hoping to ward off legal challenge to DACA
By Maria Sacchetti

Washington Post Democratic state attorneys general urge Trump to keep DACA, say it has boosted economy
By Maria Sacchetti

McClatchy Here is the draft of a new 'DREAM Act' that Trump is already rejecting
By Franco Ordonez

CBS Graham tells Republicans "moment of reckoning" is coming on Dream Act
By Kathryn Watson

Huffington Post Trump's Sympathy For Dreamers Doesn't Extend To Actual Legislation To Help Them
By Elise Foley

Huffington Post Seventy-Five Percent of Trump Voters Want Legal Status for Dreamers
By Matthew La Corte

Tampa Bay Times A new 'Dream Act' lacks a prominent backer: Marco Rubio
By Alex Leary

Greenville Online Lindsey Graham seeks to protect DREAMers
By Nathaniel Cary

Law360 Immigration Court Case Backlog Hits Record 610,000
By Nicole Narea

NPR Teen Girls In Quinceañera Dresses Protest Texas Immigration Law
By Vanessa Romo

Houston Chronicle National Latino group pulls convention from Texas over SB4
By Paul Cobler

KSAT Uncertain future awaits bill trying to repeal SB4
By Jessie Degollado

Associated Press Judge refuses to reinstate Trump sanctuary cities order

Reuters Judge Refuses to Remove Block on Trump Sanctuary City Order
By Dan Levine

Politico Judge declines to remove block on Trump sanctuary cities order
By Cristiano Lima

SF Gate Judge refuses to dismiss SF, Santa Clara Co. sanctuary cities case
By Bob Egelko

Slate How Trump's Travel Ban Hobbled a Libyan High School Robotics Team
By Aaron Mak

Newsday Mixed ruling keeps Trump travel ban on its legal trek
By Dan Janison

The Hill Bachmann: Muslim immigrants trying to undermine Western civilization
By Jacqueline Thomsen

New York Times A Broader Sweep
By Jennifer Medina and Miriam Jordan

New Yorker A Deportation at M.I.T., and New Risks for the Undocumented
By Steve Coll

The Hill Johnson: Illegal immigration down because Trump rhetoric 'scared off' women, children
By Rebecca Savransky

New Haven Register Connecticut woman who was to be deported takes refuge in New Haven church
By Mary O'Leary

WCVB Supporters rally to save MIT janitor from deportation
By Todd Kazakiewich

Houston Public Media A Houston Family's Struggle After Deportation
By Allison Lee

Associated Press Attorney general has no plans to resign despite Trump rebuke
By Julie Pace and Jonathan Lemire

Associated Press DHS chief says arresting parents may quell human trafficking
By Michael Balsamo

Associated Press Australia Disappointed by Delay in US Refugee Resettlement

New York Times In a Cruel Summer for the G.O.P., 'Things Are Starting to Feel Incoherent'
By Jennifer Steinhauer

The Hill Republicans rally around Sessions after Trump criticism
By Katie Bo Williams and Scott Wong

The Hill Trump has confidence in Sessions, White House says
By Niall Stanage

The Hill Graham and Kushner met to discuss immigration differences: report
By Rafael Bernal

The Hill House votes to reauthorize Department of Homeland Security
By Cristina Marcos

New York Times (Opinion) Trump, Six Months in
By David Leonhardt

New York Times (Op-Ed) Traveling to America While Muslim
By Ismail Einashi

Washington Post (Opinion) 6 months of President Trump, in 7 issues
By Amber Phillips

Washington Post (Opinion) In his quest to demonize immigrants, Fox News's Tucker Carlson misses a good story
By Erik Wemple

Washington Post (Opinion) Kobach is a 'useful idiot' for Russia
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Op-Ed) Deporting people made Central America's gangs. More deportation won't help.
By Daniel Denvir

Washington Post (Opinion) Right and left unite against Jeff Sessions's latest outrage
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion) Donald Trump's lost opportunity
By Fareed Zakaria

The Hill (Op-Ed) Congress needs to provide Dreamers with permanent protection
By Matthew La Corte and Melanie Huettman

The Hill (Op-Ed) Mounting nationwide immigration enforcement costs
By Marc Schindler and Jeremy Kittredge

The Hill (Op-Ed) The America I love is far better united than it is divided
By Shermichael Singleton

The Hill (Op-Ed) Trump's attack on one class of immigrants won't make America great
By Pablo Alvarado and Martha Arevalo

The Hill (Op-Ed) Trump's chaos, mixed messages more dangerous than his policies
By Marco Lopez


Cleveland Jewish News Leopold advocates for immigration reform
By Alyssa Schmitt

Associated Press (Missouri) Missouri businesses raided for alleged human trafficking

Politico (New York) Quietly, Cuomo huddles with Senate Democrats
By Jimmy Vielkind

ABC 7 Alliance San Diego Launches Campaign to Help DACA, Undocumented Immigrants
By Llarisa Abreu

KRWG (Op-Ed) Dream Act of 2017 lives up to our core American values
By Lily Eskelsen García

KRWG (Op-Ed) Trump Administration Promises More Terrorizing Immigration Raids

Austin American Statesman (Op-Ed) Paxton should consider the harm of ending DACA's success
By Angelica Rodriguez