Daily Immigration News Clips – March 30, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on March 30, 2018.


San Diego Union-Tribune New ICE policy makes detention more likely for pregnant women
By Kate Morrissey

USA Today ICE to hold more pregnant women in immigration detention
By Alan Gomez

Rewire Trump Administration's Latest Attack on Immigrants: Detaining Pregnant People
By Tina Vasquez

Time ICE Will Now Detain Pregnant Women Because of President Trump's Executive Order
By Abigail Abrams

Associated Press US paves way to hold more pregnant women in immigration jail
By Elliot Spagat

Reuters Trump officials end policy exempting pregnant immigrants from detention

CNN White House reviewing plan to restrict immigrants' use of government programs
By Tal Kopan

Associated Press The State Department Wants to Require Visa Applicants to Submit Five Years of Social Media Details
By Matthew Lee

CNN US to require would-be immigrants to turn over social media handles
By Tal Kopan

Bloomberg Lawsuit Against Trump's DACA Policy Can Proceed, Judge Says
By Patricia Hurtado

The Guardian A Dreamer's impossible dilemma: where to die?
By Lauren Gambino

CNN How Trump is quietly rewriting US immigration policy
By Tal Kopan

The Marshall Project The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant
By Anna Flagg

Washington Post (Opinion) Do we really want 16 million children without parents?
By Jack Markell


WBUR An Asylum Seeker Answered Interview Questions At An Appointment. Government Officials Say She Never Showed Up
By Shannon Dooling

Washington Post (Virginia) She coached her team to the NCAA tournament. Then she quit, for her daughter.
By Maria Sacchetti