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Press Releases and Statements

AILA: Six-Month Extension of Protection for Haitians Is Not Enough

AILA welcomed the extension of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitian nationals through January 22, 2018, but is disappointed that the Department of Homeland Security opted for a short extension given the overwhelming evidence that many of the conditions in Haiti that prompted TPS persist.
AILA Doc. No. 17052237

AILA Releases New Edition of INA and CFR

AILA is proud to release the 2017 editions of the Immigration & Nationality Act (INA) and the Immigration Regulations (CFR). AILA President Bill Stock noted, “Both of these references form the cornerstone of U.S. immigration law and no practice is complete without them.”
AILA Doc. No. 17051802

AILA Urges House Committee to Move Away from Cruel, Costly, and Ineffective “Enforcement-Only” Immigration Legislation

AILA President Bill Stock urges the House Judiciary Committee to move away from cruel, costly, and ineffective “enforcement-only” immigration reform that completely misses the mark “on the kind of reform our country needs in order to build a 21st century immigration system that benefits us all.”
AILA Doc. No. 17051703

AILA Condemns Enactment of Texas “Sanctuary City” Bill

AILA condemns the enactment of Texas Senate Bill 4, which will encourage unacceptable profiling of people based on immigration status and will undermine the public safety of local communities.
AILA Doc. No. 17050840

AILA Gravely Concerned by Reports that USCIS Recommends Ending Protections for Haitian Nationals

AILA expressed grave concern regarding reports that USCIS is recommending that the United States end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitian nationals in January 2018.
AILA Doc. No. 17042044

AILA: Impact of “Hire American” Provisions in New Executive Order Remains to Be Seen

AILA President Bill Stock noted, “Any reforms proposed by the Trump Administration as a result of this Executive Order should be based on facts and data, not innuendo and anecdote, and must ensure that our immigration system, including the H-1B program, remain viable tools for U.S. businesses.”
AILA Doc. No. 17041850

AILA: Job Creators Again Stymied by Outdated Cap

AILA Executive Director Ben Johnson responded to the USCIS announcement that the H-1B cap had been surpassed within the first five business days of the FY 2018 filing period noting, “Each year that we limit these visas with an artificial cap, we stifle economic growth and all of us lose out.”
AILA Doc. No. 17040735

AILA: Revised Muslim and Refugee Ban Halted by Federal Courts

AILA welcomed the issuance of two temporary restraining orders halting implementation of key parts of President Trump’s revised Executive Order, issued March 6, 2017, which would temporarily ban Muslims and refugees from travel and admission to the United States.
AILA Doc. No. 17031609

New State-by-State Interactive Shows How Much Federal Funding Sanctuary Cities Could Lose at the Hands of President Trump’s Administration

AILA partnered with CAP and NILC on a new interactive resource which calculates the amount of funding in sanctuary jurisdictions in 32 states that could be targeted by President Trump’s January 25 executive order.
AILA Doc. No. 17030731

AILA: No Matter How Written, a Muslim and Refugee Ban Won’t Make U.S. Safe

AILA denounced President Trump’s rewritten Executive Order, effective March 16, 2017, which is again based on the false premise that barring Muslims and refugees from coming to America will make the country safer.
AILA Doc. No. 17030635

State-by-State Guide Sheds Light on Laws Governing Legitimate Immigration Law Practices

CLINIC and AILA share details about their freely available state-by-state guide to the laws governing the unauthorized practice of immigration law and how legal service providers can protect their clients and recover damages.
AILA Doc. No. 17030331

AILA: Ramped Up Enforcement Will Trample Due Process and Harm Families and Communities

AILA condemned the recently released DHS memos that set forth a series of aggressive enforcement tactics to be rolled out on a massive scale. These policies, if implemented as written, will trample due process.
AILA Doc. No. 17022136

AILA: Court Rules in Favor of American Values in Refusing to Reinstitute Travel Ban

AILA welcomed the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling to keep in place the temporary restraining order barring implementation of President Trump’s Executive Order banning Muslims and refugees from entering the United States.
AILA Doc. No. 17020900

AILA: Targeting Muslims and Refugees Betrays American Values and Will Not Make Us Safer

AILA denounced President Trump’s Executive Order targeting Muslims and refugees, calling the policies antithetical to core American values.
AILA Doc. No. 17012701

AILA: President’s Border and Immigration Enforcement Policies Will Undermine Rights and Weaken Public Safety

AILA condemns President Donald Trump’s Executive Orders on border security and immigration enforcement and calls for an end to these divisive policies that undermine rights and weaken public safety.
AILA Doc. No. 17012533

Complaint Filed as Customs and Border Protection Turns Away Asylum Seekers

AILA and other immigrant and civil rights groups called on the DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and the DHS Office of the Inspector General to investigate reports that asylum seekers were denied entry despite having asserted a fear of returning to their home countries.
AILA Doc. No. 17011802