AILA Spokespeople by Geographic Area

AILA National Office Spokespeople: Washington, DC

  • Benjamin Johnson, AILA Executive Director
  • Legislation/Congress: Greg Chen, Esq., AILA Director of Advocacy


  • William A. Stock, Philadelphia, PA, President
  • Anastasia Tonello, New York, NY, First Vice President
  • Allen Orr, Washington, DC, Secretary
  • Evangeline Chan, New York, NY, Member, Media Advocacy Committee
  • H. Ronald Klasko, Philadelphia, PA, EB-5 Investor Committee
  • Matthew Maiona, Boston, MA, Member, Media Advocacy Committee
  • Stephen Yale-Loehr, Ithaca, NY, Chair, Asylum & Refugee Committee


  • Victor D. Nieblas Pradis, City of Industry, CA, Immediate Past President (English, Spanish)
  • Annaluisa Padilla, La Habra, CA, President-Elect (English, Spanish)
  • Mark Barr, Denver, CO, Chair, Amicus Committee
  • Maurice H. Goldman, Tucson, AZ, Chair, Media Advocacy Committee
  • Catherine Haight, Los Angeles, CA, Chair, Athletics, Culture, Entertainment, and Science Committee
  • Tammy Lin, San Diego, CA, Member, Media Advocacy Committee
  • John Marandas, Portland, OR, Member, Media Advocacy Committee
  • Alma Rosa Nieto, Los Angeles, CA, Member, Media Advocacy Committee
  • Katie Sarreshteh, Los Angeles, CA, Member, Media Advocacy Committee


  • Marketa Lindt, Chicago, IL, Second Vice President
  • Robin Dalton, Madison, WI, Co-Chair, VAWA, U's & T's Committee
  • Michael Jarecki, Chicago, IL, Vice Chair, Media Advocacy Committee
  • Cecelia Friedman Levin, Des Moines, IA, Co-Chair, VAWA, U's & T's Committee


  • Jennifer Minear, Richmond, VA, Treasurer
  • Susan Bond, Dallas, TX, Member, Media Advocacy Committee
  • Vic Goel, Reston, VA, Chair, Business Immigration Committee
  • David Ware, Chair, Healthcare Professionals Committee