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Types of Membership

Private Practice Lawyers and Law Professors
Any U.S.-licensed attorney that is a member in good standing of a State Bar and in private practice or serving as a law professor may apply for membership in AILA. Please note that attorneys who are employed by the U.S. Federal government, the Department of Labor, Employment Service or like body are not eligible for membership in AILA. The only exception to the ban on Federal government employees is that Federal Public Defenders are eligible to be members of AILA. Regarding local government employees, please note that state, county, municipal and other local government employees who are not affiliated with the Department of Labor, Employment Service or a like body are eligible for membership in AILA. Private Practice Lawyers and Law Professors must remit both national and chapter dues with their application for membership.

Nonprofit Lawyers
Attorneys that are U.S.-licensed and employed on a full-time basis by a registered 501(c)3 (nonprofit organization) and earn less than $61,644 per annum can apply for reduced membership dues. Nonprofit applicants must attach a Request for Nonprofit Status form to their applicationPlease note! You must complete both the regular AILA Membership Application and the Request for Nonprofit Status form.

Non-U.S. Based Lawyers

U.S. licensed attorneys that reside and work outside of the United States may apply for At-Large membership.

Non-U.S. licensed attorneys that reside, work, and are licensed to practice law outside of the United States may not apply for membership. Persons residing and practicing outside the United States who are otherwise ineligible for membership in the Association may apply for International Associate status. For more detailed information, please visit the International Associates page or contact AILA’s Membership Department at

At-Large applicants must include a current Certificate of Good Standing issued by a bar association or court in the country where the attorney is licensed and practicing law. At-Large applicants pay national dues only. Non-U.S.-licensed attorneys that reside and/or work in the United States are not eligible for membership in AILA. NOTE: Foreign legal consultants are not eligible for membership.

Retired AILA Member Lawyers
Persons who are already Members of the Association and who are retiring from the practice of law may apply for Retired Membership by contacting the Membership Dept. by e-mail at or by phone at 202-507-7600. Retired Members pay reduced national dues and retain full membership benefits, excluding (1) the right to vote in any AILA election and (2) the right to retain membership in any AILA chapter.

Law Students
Law student membership is open to full-time law students that attend an accredited law school. Please note that law students must attach proof of full-time student status with their application for membership such as a letter from the Registrar or a transcript.

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