Cerenade EIMMIGRATION Case Management Solution

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The only solution capable of managing your practice using Mac, Pc, iPad, Microsoft Surface, or Android running IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

"eimmigration continues to be the best solution to handle the volume and diversity of clients and matters handled by ASLG." – Ira Azulay, AZULAYSEIDEN LAW GROUP

No Per-Case Fee. Cases created in EIMMIGRATION cost less than any competing product. Read More…

"Using eimmigration, we are handling more cases than ever, providing better than ever status and reporting service to our corporate clients." – David Kussin, Managing Partner MUKAI & KUSSIN LLP

No other solution offers what EIMMIGRATION offers. No other vendor offers what Cerenade offers. Read More…

“In the end, the choice was relatively easy”, said T.J. Furlong, director of the State Department's Office of Directives Management. “None of the other companies we looked at could do it."

We now import data from these legacy solutions: EILA, IDS, Immigrant Pro and LawLogix, Tracker, INSZoom. Read More…

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