Your AILA8 for April 12, 2013

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April 12, 2013

  1. Q&As from Yesterday's AILA Liaison Meeting with USCIS HQ

    Topics from these official questions and answers from the 4/11/13 AILA Liaison meeting with USCIS HQ include provisional unlawful presence waivers, DACA, Adam Walsh Act cases, the USCIS Policy Manual, petition revocation, change of status for J-2s, and relocation of the EB-5 unit.

  2. Fraud Updates--What Do You Need to Know?

    Join us on April 16th for an AILA audio seminar on immigration fraud and fraud investigations in the employment-based context. Register before the 4/15/13 11:59 pm ET deadline or download the recording if you cannot make the live audio seminar.

  3. USCIS Asylum Division Memo on "Credible Fear" Checklist Pilot Program

    This USCIS Asylum Division memorandum from Acting Chief Ted Kim, dated 1/14/13, establishes a pilot program for the use of a credible fear determination checklist in place of the brief written assessment currently required.

  4. DOS Notice on Disclosure of Visa Records in Certain Situations

    This Federal Register notice allows the State Department to disclose certified copies of visa records to a court that certifies the need for such documents and to provide to a foreign government information and other related records pertaining to the issuance and refusal of visas or permits.

  5. USCIS Teleconference on Ethiopia Pre-Adoption Immigration Review (PAIR)

    USCIS will host a 4/15/13 stakeholder teleconference to discuss implementation of Pre-Adoption Immigration Review (PAIR), should the government of Ethiopia require PAIR in its adoption process. RSVP information is included.

  6. How to Make Social Media Work for Your Law Firm

    This instructive 40-minute video is aimed at lawyers who are beginners (or skeptics) in the new media world of social networks. Learn how to expand your marketing reach with this week's free practice success tip.

  7. H-2B Suspension by DOL and USCIS: Where Do We Go From Here?

    Join us on April 23rd for an AILA web seminar covering the recent federal court actions and basics of H-2B processing, including definitions and the requirements for compliance with DOL, DHS, and DOS. You can view AILA's monthly calendar of events for more seminars and activities.

  8. NY Times: Immigration Bill Is Expected to Open Opportunities Based on Work Skills

    The New York Times reports that the Senate's bipartisan immigration bill will include a major new merit-based program for foreigners to become permanent legal residents based on their work skills, and will include both high-skilled and blue collar workers. You can view more stories in AILA's daily immigration news clips here.

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