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Talking Points

These talking points are meant to give AILA members a quick and easy way of staying on message when they head into an interview – the material is consistent with what AILA spokespeople are saying publicly and can help you avoid wandering off topic.

Media Talking Points for AILA Members on Administrative Reform

Media Talking Points for AILA Members on UACs

Talking Points on Immigration Reform

These points are not meant to be read word-for-word like a script but should help you focus in on the core message you want to relate on a specific topic or issue—try to work your core messages in as often as possible during an interview.

Don’t just use these for interviews though: you can also use them as the framework or as seed material to create other types of media and public outreach tools such as letters-to-the-editor, speeches, blogs, op-eds, editorials, and press releases.

We’ll be updating these in response to changing press interest. If you have ideas about new subjects you’d like to see us cover, please to reach out to the AILA communications team via A limited number of printed talking points booklets are available.

  • Media Talking Points for AILA Members on Administrative Reform(824 KB)
    AILA Members can use these Talking Points when asked by the media or other stakeholders what the President can and should do to reform our broken immigration system through administrative reform.
    AILA Doc. No. 14090460.
  • Media Talking Points for AILA Members on UACs
    As AILA Members are asked about unaccompanied children, they may find these brief talking points of use for interviews, particularly those focused on the proposed changes to the TVPRA. These will be updated as the issue continues to develop in the news and on the Hill.
    AILA Doc. No. 14071048.
  • Basic Background About the EB-5 Program(2165 KB)
    Offering some data on the economic benefits of the EB-5 program, this basic backgrounder may be of use for press inquiries about the program.
    AILA Doc. No. 14021247.
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