AILA’s Tools of Engagement

Tools of Engagement
AILA’s Tools of Engagement is a new workbook for AILA members who want to work with Congress, the media, and community groups to advance pro-immigration laws and policies.
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  • AILA Quicktake #70: DACA Renewals (4/18/2014)
    As many of the first young immigrants who applied for DACA are looking at renewal, AILA Immediate Past President Laura Lichter shares important information about the upcoming process.
    AILA Doc. No. 14041850.
  • Video: AILA's National Day of Action 2014 (4/14/2014)
    Thursday, April 10th, hundreds of AILA members from around the country descended on Washington D.C. for our 2014 National Day of Action. Hear what members have to say as they took on the House to fight for comprehensive immigration reform.
    AILA Doc. No. 14041446.
  • AILA Quick Take #69: H-1B Visa Cap (4/11/2014)
    AILA Director of Liaison Betsy Lawrence discusses the H-1B visa cap. Yesterday, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that on the first day it can count petitions, USCIS has received more than enough to reach the 85,000 maximum H-1B visas that are available in fiscal year 2015.
    AILA Doc. No. 14041146.
  • Video: Introducing the New and Improved AILALink! (4/11/2014)
    This week, AILA released a revamped version of its online research database. AILA's Executive Director, Crystal Williams, shares the new features.
    AILA Doc. No. 14041145.
  • AIM: Mental Health and Detention (4/11/2014)
    For April's AILA Interview of the Month (AIM), immigration attorney and AILA member Rebecca Rojas joins us on Skype from Atlanta, Georgia, to discuss mental health and detention.
    AILA Doc. No. 14041144.
  • Video: Join Us for AILA's National Day of Action (4/3/2014)
    Hear why AILA members from around the country are coming to Washington D.C. for our 2014 National Day of Action. Join us as we call on the House of Representatives to have a vote on immigration reform and work to create a commonsense immigration policy.
    AILA Doc. No. 14040346.
  • AILA Quick Take #68: Answering Questions on Asylum for Venezuelan Nationals (3/11/2014)
    Dree Collopy, AILA member, asylum expert, and author of the upcoming 7th edition of AILA’s Asylum Primer, answers some questions regarding Venezuelan nationals and asylum proceedings.
    AILA Doc. No. 14031140.
  • AILA Quick Take #67: Report on 2/26/2014 House Hearings (2/27/2014)
    AILA Director of Advocacy Greg Chen reports back on the immigration issues that came up in two House hearings held February 26, 2014.
    AILA Doc. No. 14022743.
  • AILA QuickTake #66: House Republican Standards for Immigration Reform (2/3/2014)
    Last week House Republicans released their "Standards for Immigration Reform." We're joined by Greg Chen, AILA Director of Advocacy, who discusses what they are and what next steps might look like.
  • AILA Quicktake #65: Immigration and the State of the Union (1/29/2014)
    AILA Second Vice President Bill Stock discusses what the President said in his State of the Union 2014 address and also previews what might be in the set of principles that will reportedly be discussed by House Republicans later this week.
    AILA Doc. No. 14012908.
  • Take the AILA Pro Bono Pledge! (1/6/2014)
    Listen to AILA members explain why they do pro bono work and learn how to take the pro bono pledge yourself. Resolve to make a difference in your community this year!
    AILA Doc. No. 14010648.
  • AIM: The Family Separation Penalty (1/6/2014)
    For January's AILA Interview of the Month (AIM), immigration attorney and AILA member Brent Renison joins us on Skype from Portland, Oregon, to discuss his New Year's resolution.
    AILA Doc. No. 14010647.