Complete List of Proposed Immigration Legislation

Are you looking for a comprehensive list of federal immigration bills? AILA maintains a list of all current immigration-related legislation on our Contact Congress site. You can also find Key Votes, urgent Action Alerts, and info on your Elected Officials on Contact Congress.

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AILA’s Tools of Engagement

Tools of Engagement
AILA’s Tools of Engagement is a new workbook for AILA members who want to work with Congress, the media, and community groups to advance pro-immigration laws and policies.
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Advocacy Made Easy

  • Current Advocacy Efforts (1/25/2012)
    Find out what advocacy efforts you can get involved in now. AILA Doc. No. 12012569.
    AILA Doc. No. 12012569.
  • Media (1/25/2012)
    Work with the Media and ace print, radio & TV interviews. AILA Doc. No. 12012570.
    AILA Doc. No. 12012570.
  • Lobbying (1/25/2012)
    Talking to Members of Congress and other elected officials. AILA Doc. No. 12012567.
    AILA Doc. No. 12012567.
  • Community Organizing (1/25/2012)
    Working with grassroots partners is an important part of the immigration reform movement. AILA Doc. No. 12012566.
    AILA Doc. No. 12012566.
  • Guides & Manuals (1/25/2012)
    AILA Resource Guides and Policy Manual to help make your case for fair immigration policy. AILA Doc. No. 12012565.
    AILA Doc. No. 12012565.
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