Immigration Law Today-Nov/Dec 2007

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President's Page
Enforcement Only Fallout: On-the-Ground Report from Reno

Pro Bono
Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights: Building on a Tradition of Social Justice

Practice Pointers
Preparing a Successful VAWA Self-Petition

Practice Management
Passion and Perseverance Amid Immigration Crises

Legal Action
Third Circuit Adopts "Reasonable Likelihood" Standard for Ineffectiveness of Counsel Claims in Removal Proceedings

Reader's Corner
Nolo Press Tackles Immigration in Self-Help Books

Status Checks


Chavez World

Pro Bono Profile: Meet Alan Goldfarb

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We Asked for Workers but Families Came: Time, Law, and the Family in Immigration and Citizenship
by Hiroshi Motomura

Preaching to the Unconverted: America's Need for Skilled Foreign Workers
by Michele Pistone and John Hoeffner

Marital Disharmony: Immigration Consequences of Separation and Divorce
by Jonathan S. Greene, Cheryl R. David, and Suzanne Tomatore

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