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National Day of Action Priority Issues

With the U.S. economy still recovering, all of America is thinking about how best to create jobs and jumpstart the economic engine. In his State of the Union address, President Obama called for more innovation, more competition, and greater investment in business to grow our economy and "win the future." On Capitol Hill, the first five hearings held in the new House Immigration Subcommittee addressed the issue of jobs and employment.

As America rebuilds our economy, now is also the right time for our leaders to look seriously at reforms to the immigration system. America has always attracted the "best and the brightest" from around the world. Immigrants and immigrant-owned businesses are proven engines that help drive economic growth. If done right, immigration reform can spur business innovation and economic development in regions or sectors where growth is most needed while still protecting American workers. Indeed, immigration reform is good for American businesses and workers, and all of America.

Although the politics of Washington have changed dramatically, AILA's principles for smart immigration reform-drawn from the unparalleled expertise of our members-have held steady. AILA calls upon our nation's leaders to push for solutions premised on sound policy principles.

On April 7th, AILA will call upon our nation's leaders to push for real solutions-not band-aids or slogans-to fix our immigration system. Our reform framework, drawn from our experience representing clients in every facet of immigration law, consists of the following:

  1. Require all undocumented immigrants to register with the government and earn permanent legal status by paying stiff fines and back taxes, undergoing rigorous background checks, and learning English
  2. Provide fair and lawful ways for American businesses to hire much-needed immigrant workers while protecting U.S. workers from unfair competition and all workers from exploitation
  3. Reduce the counterproductive backlogs in family-based and employment-based immigration
  4. Ensure the immigration system provides adequate visas to meet the future needs of American families, businesses, and communities
  5. Preserve and restore the fundamental principles of due process and equal protection while protecting our national security

AILA's framework for reform is described in greater detail in Solutions That Work: A Policy Manual for Immigration Reform.

Talking Points

With the arrival in DC of the newly elected 112th Congress this is an especially important year for immigration advocates to talk to national policy makers about the consequences of Congressional inaction on immigration reform. We are acutely aware that, on an issue as controversial as immigration, there is always the possibility that inflammatory rhetoric rather than reasoned debate will control the discourse. In the first few months of 2011, we have already seen proposals that focus exclusively on enforcement, or that eliminate major parts of the family visa system, or that even attack the 14th Amendment. As immigration experts, AILA plays an important role in helping dispel myths and misunderstandings about immigration law and policy.

AILA's NDA talking points, which are now available for you to download and review, will help you and your colleagues talk about our legislative priorities. They include:

  • Immigration reform is good for American businesses and workers
  • What's wrong with "enforcement-only"?
  • Expanding E-verify without legalization would hurt our economy
  • Congress must protect and restore due process and fairness
  • Families cannot be compromised
  • Attacks on the 14th Amendment
  • State and local enforcement of immigration laws

Download the NDA talking points now.

Meeting with Legislators, Media, and Community Advocates

Learn how to set up and prepare for National Day of Action meetings with AILA's new guide on how to: Talk to Congress, Talk to the Media, and Collaborate with Community Advocates.

For more information on your elected officials, visit Contact Congress.

New Media Tools

This year AILA will be using social media tools to spread our message for sensible immigration reform farther than ever.

NDA Mobile App

This year, all the information you'll need for the National Day of Action will be in the palm of your hands, literally. If you have an iPhone or an Android 2.0 smartphone you can take advantage of the NDA 2011 mobile app. Just go to in your phone's browser and you'll have instant access to maps, talking points, staff contact information, event schedules, and AILA's Contact Congress action alerts.


For those of you who use Twitter, we encourage you to tweet your NDA updates throughout the day. Make sure you include the hashtag #nda11 in your tweet.

If you can't make it to NDA, but would like a real-time glimpse into the NDA experience, check out our NDA Twitter feed (no Twitter account needed). You'll be able to follow what members are saying, get updates from the staff, and even see pictures of the day's events.


If you're on Facebook, follow AILA National and check out the National Day of Action page for updates and information on NDA 2011.

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