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Administrative Appeals Office (AAO)

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  • AAO Sustains Appeal on “Doing Business” in I-140 Multinational Executive/Managerial Petition(672 KB - 4/7/2014)
    AAO sustains appeal of an I-140 EB-1C multinational executive/managerial petition, finding that the regulations on “doing business” does not require the petitioner be a direct party to contracts or a direct provider of goods and services to an unaffiliated third party. Courtesy of Alan Lee.
    AILA Doc. No. 14040741.
  • AAO Sustains Appeal of I-601 Waiver for Pakistani Petitioner(618 KB - 3/4/2014)
    Unpublished AAO decision sustaining appeal of an I-601 waiver, finding that the applicant’s spouse would suffer extreme hardship and warranted a favorable exercise of discretion, in light of the criminal conviction and fraudulent asylum application. Courtesy of Usman B. Ahmad.
    AILA Doc. No. 14030449.
  • AAO Withdraws CSC Revocation of J-2 to H-1B Petition(571 KB - 1/27/2014)
    The AAO withdrew revocation, finding no basis in the record for revoking the approval of the underlying H-1B petition where CSC’s revocation was based solely on the determination that the beneficiary was ineligible to change status from J-2 to H-1B. Courtesy of Jan Pederson and Ganesh Kalyanaraman.
    AILA Doc. No. 14012742.
  • AAO Remands After Finding Focus Should Be on “Mere Presence,” Not “Agent”(1308 KB - 1/14/2014)
    Unpublished AAO decision remanding after finding that the I-140 for a multinational manager or executive denial incorrectly interpreted 8 CFR 204.5(j)(2) to mean that any U.S. business that meets the definition of “agent” is excluded from “doing business” in the U.S. Courtesy of Derek Strain.
    AILA Doc. No. 14011448.