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  • Letter from AILA Chapters to the Obama Administration on the Need for Children and Families to Receive Due Process(557 KB - 9/29/2014)
    All of AILA’s U.S.-based chapters signed on to this open letter which calls for the Obama Administration to immediately review its current inhumane and unconstitutional detention and removal policies towards children and families with children.
    AILA Doc. No. 14092900.
  • Letter to President Obama Opposing Family Detention(784 KB - 9/26/2014)
    On 9/25/14, AILA joined 167 organizations in urging President Obama to close the Artesia and Karnes detention centers and to halt plans to open a new family detention facility in Dilley, Texas.
    AILA Doc. No. 14092640.
  • Letter to Vice President Biden on Pro Bono Representation(591 KB - 9/24/2014)
    A 9/19/14 letter from AILA and other legal services organizations urging the Administration to take action to remove impediments to access to counsel for children and families.
    AILA Doc. No. 14092440.
  • AILA Letter to Congress on Artesia(693 KB - 9/16/2014)
    A 9/16/14 AILA letter to members of Congress urging action on the Artesia, NM family detention center.
    AILA Doc. No. 14091649.
  • AILA Letter to President Obama on Artesia(692 KB - 9/16/2014)
    A 9/16/14 AILA letter to President Obama urging the closing of the Artesia, NM family detention center.
    AILA Doc. No. 14091648.
  • AILA Letter to White House on Administrative Fixes(737 KB - 9/3/2014)
    On 8/6/14 AILA Executive Director Crystal Williams sent this letter to Cecilia Munoz, Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council at the White House outlining the key areas where AILA hopes the administration will pursue improvements as they consider administrative action.
    AILA Doc. No. 14090349.
  • National Sign-On Letter on Supplemental Funding(542 KB - 7/29/2014)
    On 7/29/2014 AILA joined over 190 other organizations in a sign on letter to the House and Senate urging the passage of a clean supplemental funding bill and opposing changes to the TVPRA that would water down protections for children.
  • Sign-on Letter to Senate Appropriations on Counsel for Children(589 KB - 7/22/2014)
    On 7/22/14, AILA joined 48 organizations in a sign-on letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee on the need for adequate funding for legal representation for all children.
    AILA Doc. No. 14072244.
  • National Sign-on Letter Opposing Family Detention(520 KB - 7/15/2014)
    On 7/7/14 AILA joined over 100 other organizations in a sign-on letter to President Obama urging him to end plans to open new immigrant detention centers for families.
    AILA Doc. No. 14071550.
  • National Sign-On Letter on UACs(513 KB - 7/3/2014)
    On 7/3/14, AILA joined over 190 other organizations in a sign-on letter to President Obama urging him to reconsider the plan to expedite the deportation of Central American children to the dangers they escaped in their home countries.
    AILA Doc. No. 14070346.
  • AILA Letter to the Attorney General Asking for Certification(589 KB - 5/8/2014)
    A 5/6/14 letter from AILA to Attorney General Eric Holder urging certification of several cases pending before the BIA and the related case of Matter of Aguilar-Aquino on the issues of prolonged detention and the definition of "custody."
    AILA Doc. No. 14050790.
  • National Sign on Letter on Child Tax Credit(592 KB - 1/17/2014)
    On 1/15/14 AILA joined over 50 other national organizations in a sign on letter to United States Senators opposing any proposals to pay for the cost of extending unemployment insurance by changing the eligibility requirements for the Child Tax Credit.
    AILA Doc. No. 14011756.
  • National Sign on Letter on Enforcement(481 KB - 1/16/2014)
    On 1/16/14 AILA joined 17 other national organizations in a sign on letter to DHS Secretary Johnson and Deputy Secretary Mayorkas on immigration enforcement.
    AILA Doc. No. 14011644.
  • Letter to CBP on Access to Policy and Complaint System(498 KB - 1/14/2014)
    On 12/12/13, AILA joined 16 other groups in a sign on letter to CBP Acting Commission Winkowski requesting access to CBP policy, action on an improved complaint system, and improved training on fear-based protection claims.
    AILA Doc. No. 14011440.
  • AILA Letter to DHS Sec. Johnson(679 KB - 1/2/2014)
    A 12/20/13 letter to newly confirmed Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson outlining suggested priorities for DHS for the coming year.
    AILA Doc. No. 14010246.
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