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U.S. Supreme Court

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  • Supreme Court Reverses Ninth Circuit, Upholds BIA’s Narrow Interpretation of CSPA Provisions(758 KB - 6/9/2014)
    The Court reversed and remanded the Ninth Circuit’s decision in De Osorio v. Mayorkas, holding that the CSPA under INA §203(h)(3) is ambiguous and that a court must defer to the BIA’s narrow interpretation in Matter of Wang. (Scialabba v. De Osorio, 6/9/14)
    AILA Doc. No. 14060942.
  • Supreme Court on Definition of “Domestic Violence”(629 KB - 3/31/2014)
    In a footnote on page 7, the Court’s stated that its view that “domestic violence” encompasses acts that might not constitute “violence” in a nondomestic context does not extend to the more limited definition of domestic violence at INA 237(a)(2)(E)(i). (U.S. v. Castleman, 3/26/14)
    AILA Doc. No. 14033148.
  • Supreme Court Denies Cert in Hazleton Immigration Ordinances Case(524 KB - 3/3/2014)
    The Court denied certiorari in City of Hazleton v. Lozano, in which the Third Circuit held that Pennsylvania local ordinances which would deny permits to businesses that hire undocumented individuals and fine landlords who rent to them, were unconstitutional on federal preemption grounds.
    AILA Doc. No. 14030342.
  • Supreme Court Denies Cert in Housing Ordinance Case(543 KB - 3/3/2014)
    The Court denied certiorari in City of Farmers Branch v. Villas at Parkside Partners, in which the Fifth Circuit had held that the ordinance, aimed at preventing undocumented individuals from renting housing in the city, conflicted with federal immigration law and was unconstitutional.
    AILA Doc. No. 14030341.
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