Take Action Tuesday: Join the #FreetheFamilies Campaign

The Immigration Justice Campaign, an initiative of AILA and the American Immigration Council, is demanding the release of nearly 80 mothers and children incarcerated in Dilley, Texas, who had previously separated by the government.

Join the #FreetheFamilies Campaign to demand the release of families in prolonged detention and ensure the government doesn’t continue in this inhumane practice. Currently the administration is considering a proposal that would force parents to choose between being detained with their children throughout removal proceedings or be separated from their child.

Take Action Today

  1. Send an email urging Acting Director of ICE to #FreetheFamilies.
  2. Submit a comment to the government on the administration’s proposed Flores regulations, which, if implemented, could result in the indefinite detention of thousands more immigrant children before November 6.
  3. Spread the word on social media using the hashtag #FreetheFamilies.

Sample Social Media Posts

  • 38 families are currently being held in detention in Dilley, TX after being forcibly separated. Family detention is NOT a solution to #familyseparation. Join the @AILANational, @immcouncil, & @amnestyusa movement to #FreetheFamilies! http://bit.ly/2OGkZtY
  • The Trump administration has skirted regulations put in place to restrict indefinite detention, leaving immigrant families who pose no threat behind bars. Join the @AILANational, @immcouncil, & @amnestyusa movement to #FreetheFamilies! http://bit.ly/2OGkZtY
  • Join @amnestyusa, @AILANational, and @immcouncil in our effort to #FreetheFamilies currently detained in Dilley, TX after forcible separation at the border. Send an email and join the movement: http://bit.ly/2OGkZtY
  • Months have passed and there are still 38 previously-separated families detained in Dilley, TX. Take action with @amnestyusa, @AILANational, & @immcouncil to #FreetheFamilies http://bit.ly/2OGkZtY
  • The Trump administration wants to bulldoze protections put in place to protect immigrant children in detention. Take action today by submitting a public comment: http://bit.ly/2q7Ar3J #Flores
  • Undoing the protections put in place by the #Flores settlement will put children at risk of prolonged detention. We cannot allow this! Make your voice heard by submitting a public comment today: http://bit.ly/2q7Ar3J
  • Despite the trauma inflicted by detention, the Trump administration wants to hold immigrant children even longer. Submit a public comment today to say no to more detention: http://bit.ly/2q7Ar3J #Flores
  • Thousands of immigrant parents were forcibly separated from their children this summer. Nearly 80 remain detained indefinitely in Dilley, Texas. #FreetheFamilies #ImmigrationJustice @CNN https://cnn.it/2Iri95P
  • Read @CNN’s spotlight on separated parents now detained with their children indefinitely. The government must #FreetheFamilies. https://cnn.it/2Iri95P