Daily Immigration News Clips – August 19, 2019

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on August 19, 2019.


CNN They're US citizens and shouldn't fear deportation. But they're carrying their passports anyway
By Catherine E. Shoichet

Allure As ICE Raids Ramp Up, These Organizations Provide Crucial Legal Aid for Immigrants

The New York Review of Books The Fight Against Trump's Other Family Separation Policy
By E. Tammy Kim

Al Jazeera Life After The Biggest Immigration Raid In A Decade

The Hill Trump aides pushed for states' ability to block migrant kids from enrolling in public schools: report
By John Bowden

Bloomberg White House Mulled Ways to Block Migrant Children From Schools
By Jennifer Jacobs and Justin Sink

Axios Fear in America

The New York Times Julián Castro's Obama Moment
By Amy Chozick

Associated Press Court: US can reject asylum along parts of Mexico border
By Nomaan Merchant

The Wall Street Journal Appeals Court Bars Trump Asylum Restrictions for California, Arizona
By Brent Kendall and Louise Radnofsky

The New York Times U.S. Can Block Migrants Seeking Asylum, but Only in Some States, Appeals Court Rules
By Michael D. Shear

The Washington Post Federal court issues split decision, allowing Trump's latest asylum restrictions to continue in Texas, New Mexico
By Maria Sacchetti

Politico Trump scores partial win on asylum ban as court narrows injunction
By Ted Hesson

The New York Times Women Are Fleeing Death at Home. The U.S. Wants to Keep Them Out.
By Azam Ahmed

The New York Times How Trump's Policies Are Leaving Thousands of Asylum Seekers Waiting in Mexico
By Jason Kao and Denise Lu

The Hill Senate Dem seeks answers from DHS on reports of pregnant asylum seekers sent back to Mexico
By Rafael Bernal

LA Times Trump is stripping immigrant children of protections, critics say. Supporters say he's closing loopholes
By Andrea Castillo

The New York Times How Stephen Miller Seized the Moment to Battle Immigration
By Jason DeParle

By Nick Miroff and Josh Dawsey

Daily Beast This Teenager Escaped Repression in West Africa. ICE Claimed He Was an Adult, and Jailed Him Anyway.
By Max Siegelbaum

Associated Press Doctors say new rule will mean sicker immigrants
By Sophia Tareen

The Wall Street Journal New Trump Administration Rule Will Look at Immigrants' Credit Histories
By AnnaMaria Andriotis

CNN After Mississippi ICE raids, some affected children still are without a parent, official says
By Dianne Gallagher and Jason Hanna

Slate After ICE
By Henry Grabar

Associated Press After Amash dumped Trump, his district may do same to him
By Sara Burnett

Associated Press O'Rourke visits town targeted by 'terrifying' ICE raids
By Emily Wagster Pettus and Will Weissert

Reuters For Trump, Appeals to White Fears About Race May Be a Tougher Sell in 2020

Politico Beto O'Rourke says El Paso shooting was a 'consequence' of Trump
By Ian Kullgren
August 18, 2019

Politico Kamala Harris launches Spanish-language organizing program
By Laura Barron-Lopez

Associated Press Mexico is busing asylum-seeking migrants to southern border

Associated Press Claims: Migrant children molested in US-funded foster care
By Garance Burke, Juliet Linderman and Martha Mendoza

The Washington Post Guard resigns from private prison after driving his truck into ICE protesters in Rhode Island
By Reis Thebault

Arizona Republic After El Paso, Latinos across America voice a new kind of fear
By Dianna M. Náñez, Kinfay Moroti, Sarah Warnock, Thomas Hawthorne, Monsy Alvarado, Mitsu Yasukawa, Victoria Camarillo, Courtney M Sacco, Michael Chow, Nick Oza, Danielle Parhizkaran and Omar Ornelas

Forbes (Opinion) USCIS May Court Disaster With Untested H-1B Visa Registration System
By Stuart Anderson

The Wall Street Journal (Opinion) Opinion: Trump's Challenge to Immigrants and Welfare

The Wall Street Journal (Op-Ed) Trump Isn't the One Dividing Us by Race
By Heather Mac Donald

The New York Times (Op-Ed) The Tired and Poor Who Make America Great
By Anastasia Edel

The Washington Post (Opinion) Don't waste your breath trying to convince Trump supporters he's repugnant
By Colbert I. King

The Washington Post (Opinion) Just how bad was Trump's 'public charge' move?
By Jennifer Rubin

The Washington Post (Opinion) Donald Trump is terrified, and he wants you to be, too
By Paul Waldman

The Washington Post (Opinion) Yes, undocumented immigrants take jobs from Americans. Here's the proof.
By Henry Olsen

The Hill (Op-Ed) New green card restrictions likely would've excluded Trump and Cuccinelli's ancestors
By Gregory J. Wallance

The Hill (Op-Ed) The US shouldn't make Cameroonians on the border wait in vain
By Alexandra Lamarche

The Hill (Op-Ed) Latinos are not invading Texas - they settled here long before Europeans landed on Plymouth Rock
By Estuardo Rodriguez

The Hill (Op-Ed) Objections to Trump's new immigration rule wildly exaggerated
By Nolan Rappaport

Salon (Op-Ed) Does anyone understand the 2020 race? This scholar nailed the blue wave - here's her forecast
By Paul Rosenberg


WNPR Cases Of Connecticut Detainees Scheduled Hours Away In Boston Immigration Court

Associated Press (Arizona) 2 Shuttered Arizona Shelters for Immigrant Kids Could Reopen

The New York Times (Texas) A Summer Camp on the Border, Where the Border Crisis Feels Far Away
By Manny Fernandez

Miami Herald (Florida) Member of anti-immigration 'hate group' joined Lt. Gov. Núñez at Miami event
By Samantha J. Gross

Cleburne Times-Review New rules to deny green cards to many legal immigrants
By Matt Smith


Penn Live (Opinion) Immigration is America's strength | Opinion
By Mark S. Singel