Daily Immigration News Clips – August 22, 2019

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on August 22, 2019.


Time: Trump Administration Moves to End Rule Limiting Detention of Migrant Children

Associated Press: Trump Moves to End Limits on Detention of Migrant Children

Reuters: Trump Imposes Rule Allowing U.S. to Detain Migrant Families Indefinitely

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Seeks Longer Detentions for Migrant Families
By Michelle Hackman

The New York Times: Migrant Families Would Face Indefinite Detention Under New Trump Rule
By Michael D. Shear and Zolan Kanno-Youngs

The Washington Post: Trump administration moves to terminate court agreement, hold migrant children and parents longer
By Maria Sacchetti

The Hill: Trump officials unveil rule allowing indefinite migrant family detentions
By Chris Mills Rodrigo and Rafael Bernal

The Hill: Mexico 'evaluating' legal action against migrant minor detention rule
By Rafael Bernal

Time: Body Cavity Searches, Indefinite Detention and No Visitations Allowed: What Conditions Were Like for Migrant Kids Before the Flores Agreement
By Jasmine Aguilera

USA Today: Trump administration announces plan that would let it detain undocumented children indefinitely
By Bart Jansen

CNN: Trump administration to allow longer detention of migrant families
By Geneva Sands and Sam Fossum

NBC News: Migrant children face more serious health risks with longer detentions, groups warn
By Nicole Acevedo

ABC News: Trump administration proposes longer-term detention of migrant families
By Anne Flaherty, Katherine Faulders and Quinn Owen

ABC News: Trump is proposing internment camps for migrants detained at the border: Sen. Merkley
By Bobby Gehlen

NPR: Immigration Advocate Weighs In On Trump Administration's Move To End Flores Agreement

BuzzFeed News: The Trump Administration Wants To Hold Undocumented Children In Detention Indefinitely
By Adolfo Flores

Vox: A new Trump rule could hold migrant families indefinitely in detention
By Catherine Kim

Associated Press: Trump Revives Suggestion He'd End Birthright Citizenship

Reuters: Trump Says He Is Seriously Looking at Ending Birthright Citizenship

The Hill: Trump says administration looking 'seriously' at ending birthright citizenship
By Brett Samuels

The Washington Post: U.S. seeks deal to send asylum seekers from Africa and Asia to Panama
By Nick Miroff

CNN: Indictments of workers mount after the Mississippi immigration raids, but no employers have been charged
By Ray Sanchez

NBC News: Trump admin weighs letting states, cities deny entry to refugees approved for resettlement in U.S.
By Julia Ainsley

CBS News: Soldier's immigrant mother could be among the last to benefit from program
By Camilo Montoya-Galvez

Rewire News: How a Mother in Sanctuary Became the Center of ICE’s ‘Crackdown on U Visas’
By Tina Vasquez

NBC News: Families, lawmakers urge Trump administration to give TPS status to Venezuelans
By Gwen Aviles

Associated Press: Lawsuit: US Citizen Held for Skin Color, Latino Name

Associated Press: Trump’s fake accent angers Asian Americans as they veer left
By Terry Tang

Associated Press: Inquiry Ongoing After Truck Drives Into Immigration Protest

The New York Times: Economic Antidote for a Shrinking America: Immigrants
By Patricia Cohen

The New York Times: Fact-Checking Trump’s Claim That He Didn’t Start Family Separations at Border
By Linda Qiu

The Washington Post: This chef wants U.S. citizens to fall in love with immigrants — so he brings them together for dinner
By Lisa Bonos

The New York Times (Opinion): A Lust for Punishment
By Charles M. Blow

The New York Times (Op-Ed): A Heartbreaking Choice for Moms: Food or a Family’s Future
By Sarah Bowen, Sinikka Elliott and Annie Hardison-Moody

The Washington Post (Opinion): Trump just bought himself months of court frustration with his latest immigration rule
By Harry Litman

The Washington Post (Opinion): Trump claims he’s the messiah. Maybe he should quit while he’s ahead.
By Dana Milbank

The Washington Post (Op-Ed): The Trump administration’s new rule could prove devastating for migrant children at the border
By Marshall Fitz

The Washington Post (Op-Ed): White evangelicals once admitted they were wrong about Nixon. Will Trump come next?
By Anja-Maria Bassimir and Elesha J. Coffman

The Washington Post (Op-Ed): America, please look beyond your self interest and do your duty
By Lisa Monaco and Ken Wainstein

CNN (Opinion): The Supreme Court has an immigration disaster on its hands
By Elie Honig


WBUR: Local Asylum Seekers Face Longer Wait Times As Boston Immigration Officials Head To Border
By Shannon Dooling

WVPR: Are Undocumented Immigrants in W.Va. Afraid to Seek Citizenship? This Immigration Lawyer Says Yes

The Wall Street Journal (North Carolina): North Carolina Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Sheriffs to Cooperate With ICE
By Arian Campo-Flores

The Wall Street Journal (Arizona): Arizona Colleges Consider Expanding Special Tuition Rate for Illegal Immigrants
By Talal Ansari

The Washington Post (Florida): In a small farming town, thrill of football season has been replaced by fear of ICE raids
By Eric Adelson

The Hill (Illinois): Illinois enacts law barring landlords from evicting tenants over immigration status
By John Bowden

Miami Herald: In latest crackdown, new policy makes it easier to deny work permits to immigrants

Truthout (New York): New York Court Directive May Violate Rules Protecting Families From Deportation
By Aura Bogado

The Oregonian (Oregon): Roughly 450 migrants received free legal help from Portland to fight deportation, seek asylum
By Gordon R. Friedman

The Texas Tribune: State leaders are looking for solutions after El Paso. Texas Latinos say they can start by changing the words they use.
By Alexa Ura

LA Times (Editorial): Editorial: Trump’s new plan to incarcerate migrant families isn’t just cruel, it’s unjustifiable

Chicago Sun Times (Editorial): EDITORIAL: Caging kids indefinitely is indefensible plan to stop border crossings

LA Times (Opinion): Column: I’ve got some immigrants I’d like Donald Trump to meet
By Steve Lopez

Chicago Sun-Times (Opinion): In discussing immigration, we talk little of the courage and faith it requires
By Harry Mark Petrakis