Daily Immigration News Clips – August 29, 2019

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on August 29, 2019.


Washington Post Trump administration ends automatic citizenship for some children of military, federal workers born abroad
By Maria Sacchetti

Reuters Trump Administration Tightens Citizenship Rules for Children of U.S. Military Abroad

The New York Times Federal Workers' Children Born Abroad May Not Receive Automatic Citizenship
By Zolan Kanno-Youngs

MSNBC Trump Sparks Panic Chaos Targeting Sick Immigrant Children

Politico USCIS changes automatic citizenship for children of overseas service members
By Ian Kullgren

Axios Trump to make it harder for children born overseas to become citizens
By Stef W. Knight

Associated Press Immigrants in US Military Face New Citizenship Rule for Kids

The Hill Trump officials say children of some service members overseas will not get automatic citizenship
By Rafael Bernal and Morgan Chalfant

USA Today Trump administration policy alters automatic citizenship for some children of US military, government workers
By Kristin Lam

CNN Citizenship will no longer be automatic for children of some US military members living overseas
By Priscilla Alvarez, Geneva Sands and Ryan Browne

The San Diego Union-Tribune Trump policy creates citizenship challenge for children born to some military and other Americans abroad
By Kate Morrissey

Associated Press Questions after US turns away Palestinian Harvard freshman
By Philip Marcelo

Associated Press US, Mexico Widen Asylum Crackdown to Push Back All Migrants

The Wall Street Journal Local Leaders Criticize Plans for New Child-Migrant Shelters
By Alejandro Lazo

The New York Times International Students Face Hurdles Under Trump Administration Policy
By Anemona Hartocollis

ABC News Families shielded from deportations due to medical issues told to leave US in 33 days
By Quinn Owen

NBC News Without notice, U.S. is rejecting requests to defer deportations
By Julia Ainsley

LA Times Trump administration appears to violate law in forcing asylum seekers back to Mexico, officials warn
By Molly O'Toole

The New York Times Trump Tells Aides 'Take the Land' as Impatience Grows on Border Wall
By Katie Rogers and Zolan Kanno-Youngs

The New York Times Trump Is Having Tent Courthouses Built Along the Border. Here's What They Look Like.
By Haley Willis, Christoph Koettl, Caroline Kim and Drew Jordan

The Washington Post Democrats alarmed by Trump's promise of pardons to build border wall
By Seung Min Kim and Mike DeBonis

BuzzFeed News An Asylum-Seeking Mom Who Applied For A Special Visa For Victims Of Violence Is About To Be Deported Anyway
By Adolfo Flores

Mother Jones Immigration in America Is Increasingly Asian, Female, and Middle-Class. Why Don't We Talk About It?
By Laura Thompson

Mother Jones A Father and Daughter Tell Their Story of the Terrifying Immigration Raid in Mississippi
By Nuria Marquez Martinez

The Washington Post Trump's worst 2020 poll yet
By Aaron Blake

Reuters U.S. to Pay for Thousands of Doses of HIV Drugs for Venezuelan Migrants

The Hill McAleenan signals potential cooperation with El Salvador on migration, gangs
By Rachel Frazin

Associated Press Motel 6 Guests Can File Claims Over Info Shared With ICE

Associated Press Shelter Data Pinpoints US Destinations of Asylum Seekers

Bloomberg Yogurt Billionaire's Solution to World Refugee Crisis: Hire Them
By Ezra Fieser

The Hill Trump reignites Puerto Rico feud amid Hurricane Dorian
By Brett Samuels and Rafael Bernal

El Semanario (Opinion) Hispanics In The Face Of A Maelstrom Of Hate
By David Torres

The Washington Post (Opinion) Behind Trump's craziness, there's always corruption. Here's the latest.
By Greg Sargent

USA Today (Opinion) Trump's immigration policy would've turned my great-grandfather away
By Andrew Tisch

The Washington Post (Opinion) Why can't we use nuclear weapons against bedbugs?
By Dana Milbank

The Washington Post (Op-Ed) Why anti-immigration politics hurt white workers
By Inés Valdez

The Hill (Op-Ed) Impending 'public charge' rule underestimates refugees
By Julia C. Frankenbach


WBUR Feds Can't Agree On Which Agency - If Any - Handles Medical Deportation Deferrals
By Shannon Dooling

Associated Press (California) Lawyer: Slain immigrant likely didn't understand police
By Stefanie Dazio

Associated Press (Michigan) Officer Involved in Veteran Arrest Serves Short Suspension

NJ.com(New Jersey) Don't allow ICE to use our city's shooting range. We don't trust them, residents say.
By Chris Franklin