Daily Immigration News Clips – September 6, 2019

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on September 6, 2019.


By Alex Ellerbeck and Susan Ferriss

Reuters Fed's Evans says limits on trade, immigration could slow U.S. growth
By Ann Saphir

Mother Jones ICE Office Must Stop Keeping All Asylum Seekers Locked Up, Federal Judge Orders
By Noah Lanard

The Wall Street Journal Trump’s Return-to-Mexico Policy Overwhelms Immigration Courts
By Alicia A. Caldwell

Miami Herald Immigration officials deport 120 Cubans to Havana — and that’s just the beginning
By Monique O. Madan

The San Diego Union-Tribune Fed up with lack of space, migrants build their own shelter in Tijuana
By Gustavo Solis

Houston Chronicle ‘The right way’: Teens who came to Houston with legal status face deportation after Trump killed program
By Lomi Kriel

The Daily Beast As Trump Looted FEMA and the Military for His Border Policies, DHS Bought High-End Chairs With Taxpayer Funds
By Scott Bixby

Associated Press In Arizona, Pentagon-Funded Border Fence Already Underway

Reuters Pentagon Chief Suggests European Allies Replace Funds Diverted to Border Wall

The New York Times Military Base Loses Funding for New School to Trump’s Border Wall
By Helene Cooper

PBS Newshour Behind Trump’s ‘unprecedented’ reallocation of DOD money for border security

Snopes Will Graves of US Veterans Be Dug Up for Trump’s Border Wall?
By Bethania Palma

Associated Press Mexico claims success in stopping migrants; activists say no
By Maria Verza

Reuters Mexico Prepares for Migration Meeting as U.S. Deal Expires

Vox Border arrests dropped in August. That doesn’t mean the crisis is over.
By Nicole Narea

Associated Press Lawsuit Challenges End of Immigrant Medical Relief Program

CNN Civil rights groups file lawsuit against end to deportation relief for medical conditions
By Geneva Sands

LA Times Supreme Court may again fast-track a legal dispute over Trump’s immigration plans
By David G. Savage

Associated Press Kansas' Pompeo Could Swing Senate Race, but Will He Run?

Bloomberg (Editorial) Indefinite Detention of Families Is Not OK: Editorial (Podcast)

The Wall Street Journal (Op-Ed) End Nationwide Injunctions
By William P. Barr

The New York Times (Opinion) Dare We Dream of the End of the G.O.P.?
By Michelle Goldberg

The Washington Post (Opinion) We’re in the midst of Trump’s War on Children
By Catherine Rampell

The Washington Post (Opinion) Opinion | This is how authoritarian-style leaders divide us. It doesn't have to be this way.
By Joshua Carroll, Danielle Kunitz and Kate Woodsome

The Washington Post (Opinion) Why Democratic ideas will dominate the 2020 campaign
By Paul Waldman

The Washington Post (Opinion) Sun Belt or Rust Belt? Democrats, go for both!
By Greg Sargent

The Washington Post (Opinion) Trump’s border wall is now a monument to his failure
By Paul Waldman

The Washington Post (Opinion) Trump isn’t even good at lying anymore
By Jennifer Rubin

The Washington Post (Op-Ed) The Pentagon is moving money to pay for Trump’s border wall. Here are the consequences.
By Alice Hunt Friend

The Washington Post (Op-Ed) I’m a tech CEO, and I don’t think tech CEOs should be making policy
By Alex Karp

The Washington Post (Op-Ed) The case for fleeing Trump’s America
By Audrey Edwards

The Hill (Op-Ed) Trump's 'death sentence' for immigrant who followed the law merits private bill
By Nolan Rappaport

Time (Op-Ed) Two Years After DACA Was Rescinded, Hundreds of Thousands of Dreamers Remain in Limbo. Even the Supreme Court Can't Fix the Problem
By Julissa Arce


The Texas Tribune Two years after Trump announced an end to DACA, "Dreamers" look ahead with hope and anxiety
By Julian Aguilar

Palm Springs Desert Sun Where does DACA stand now? What you need to know about undocumented students' rights in California
By Rebecca Plevin

The San Diego Union-Tribune 11 migrants at San Diego immigration detention center tested positive for mumps
By Gustavo Solis

Associated Press (Tennessee) Confrontation Between ICE and Suspect Leads to Shots Fired

The Hill (New Hampshire) New Hampshire Border Patrol checkpoint earns backlash
By Justine Coleman

LA Times (Editorial) Editorial: The common thread through all the Trump administration’s immigration policies is cruelty

The Charlotte Observer (Editorial) Thom Tillis’ terrible, no good and totally predictable bad day