AILA Stands with Immigrants Campaign

Pushing Back on Myths Regarding Family Immigration

Help us push back on the Trump administration's attack on the family-based immigration system with the following tweets. You can use the hashtags #ValueOurFamilies and #NoFamilyBan in addition to #AILAStandsWithImmigrants.

  • Family is an American value, but the Trump administration is seeking to drastically cut family immigration. Tell Congress to #ValueOurFamilies.
  • The White House proposes to end family sponsorship of siblings & adult children. The US must continue to #ValueOurFamilies. #NoFamilyBan
  • Immigrants who come as family are workers, entrepreneurs, caregivers, teachers, and neighbors. #ValueOurFamilies #NoFamilyBan
  • All work is valuable. The latest attacks on #immigration ignore the fact that our economy needs ALL kinds of workers. #ValueOurFamilies #NoFamilyBan

For more social media resources to lift up family-based immigration, including graphics and a blog post, check out this AILA announcement.


We encourage you to participate in this social media campaign to show that you and AILA stand with immigrants. Use #AILAStandsWithImmigrants when posting on Twitter and Facebook. Also, use this opportunity to encourage your social media followers to call their senators and representatives on various immigration issues. This campaign and hashtag can be used on its own or in conjunction with other campaigns led by other stakeholders!

Facebook: IMPORTANT: Call your senators and representatives today and tell them you stand with immigrants and support policies that limit local law enforcement cooperation with ICE, protect asylum seekers, and welcome immigrants. (Or insert another immigration issue)

Twitter: Tell your Senator to stand with immigrants and support [INSERT ISSUE HERE] #AILAStandsWithImmigrants [INSERT GRAPHIC]

Targeting Muslims and Refugees Betrays American Values #AILAStandsWithImmigrants

Posted by American Immigration Lawyers Association on Saturday, January 28, 2017

Call and let your Senators and Representatives know you support immigrants and refugees. #AILAStandsWithImmigrants

Posted by American Immigration Lawyers Association on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Push back against DACA rescission by encouraging Congress to pass a clean Dream Act. You can use the hashtags #DreamActNow, #AILAStandsWithDreamers, and #heretostay


  • The Trump administration has stripped legal status of young immigrants who make America strong. Congress must pass the #DreamActNow. #AILAStandsWithDreamers
  • Congress holds the fate of Dreamers in their hands. Tell them to pass the #DreamActNow. #AILAStandsWithDreamers
  • Congress, protecting Dreamers is the right thing to do. Pass the #DreamActNow. #AILAStandsWithDreamers
  • #Dreamers are American in every way except immigration status. They deserve a pathway to the American Dream. #DreamActNow #AILAStandsWithDreamers
  • #Dreamers are educators, engineers, nurses, and leaders in their field. They help make America great. #DreamActNow #heretostay
  • #Dreamers came here as children. Squandering their talents by deporting them to countries they barely remember makes no sense. #DreamActNow
  • Deporting #Dreamers would cost the US billions of dollars in lost economic growth in the next decade. #DreamActNow #AILAStandsWithDreamers
  • Without #Dreamers, our economy will suffer. We need to pass the #DreamActNow. #AILAStandsWithDreamers
  • #Dreamers help Make America Great. They're giving back to their communities & driving economic growth. #DreamActNow
  • [Insert Member of Congress Twitter handle], protecting Dreamers is the right thing to do. Pass the #DreamActNow. #AILAStandsWithDreamers
  • I called my Senators to ask them to protect Dreamers & pass the #DreamActNow. Have you? #AILAStandsWithDreamers
  • $433.4 billion. That's how much it will cost our economy if Congress doesn't pass the #DreamActNow. Call Congress today. #AILAStandsWithDreamers
  • #AILAStandsWithDreamers. It's time for Congress to stop playing politics with the lives of #Dreamers. Pass the #DreamActNow.
  • Use CAP's state-by-state guide to find out the economic benefits of passing Dream for your state:
  • Fact: Passing the #DreamActNow would benefit our state's economy. #AILAStandsWithDreamers

Facebook Posts

  • Congress holds the fate of Dreamers in their hands. Join me in urging them to pass the Dream Act. #AILAStandsWithDreamers
  • Today, I joined AILA members across the country and called my Senators and Representatives across the country to urge the passage of the Dream Act. Have you called yet? #AILAStandsWithDreamers
  • Fact: Deporting Dreamers would cost the United States billions of dollars in lost economic growth in the next decade. Tell Congress to pass the Dream Act. #AILAStandsWithDreamers

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Protect Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

Sample tweets, you can use the hashtag #ProtectTPS:

  • Congress, don't let Trump change the rules in the middle of the game for TPS holders! #ProtectTPS
  • In 25 years, TPS holders have created businesses, paid U.S. taxes, and raised citizen children. Don't leave them unprotected! #ProtectTPS

Sample Facebook posts:

  • Congress established Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to provide work permits and defer deportation for immigrants who cannot safely return to their home countries because of civil strife or natural disaster. Now TPS is under attack from the Trump administration. TPS is a proven program and lets immigrants contribute to this country's economy and society. Immigrants help build up this country. That's why we say #ProtectTPS.
  • TPS beneficiaries participate in the workforce at levels at least 20 points higher, on average, than the U.S. population. The United States needs these hard workers and should not turn them away. #ProtectTPS
  • The more than 300,000 TPS holders in this country are its essential caretakers: they tend to our children, they clean our homes and offices, they prepare our food, they make our clothes. Without their labor, our society would suffer. #ProtectTPS

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